Personal Training Studios - Best Flooring Options

Personal Training Studios - Best Flooring Options

When you think of great gym or fitness studio design, you probably don’t immediately think of the flooring. But, your gym flooring is key to enhancing your decor and creating a safe and high-performing fitness environment.

Whether it’s a home or commercial gym space, your flooring creates a solid foundation for fitness at all levels and requirements. It’s worth investing in the right gym flooring and getting it right the first time.

In this article:

  • P.T. Studio Design: Lay a Strong Foundation 
  • 5 Reasons Why You Need Great Gym Flooring for P.T. Studios
  • Top Flooring Options for Your P.T. Studio

P.T. Studio Design: Lay a Strong Foundation 


With any type of fitness area, it’s important that your layout makes the most out of the space you have. Your studio design involves several different elements. Your layout and design can have a huge impact on how you can use the space and what you can use it for. 

Although it’s not as exciting as choosing brand new gym equipment, a crucial part of your gym design is the flooring you choose. Your entire gym design needs a strong foundation and that starts with the floor. Above all, your gym needs to be safe and support optimum performance. 

commercial gym and home studio have slightly different needs in terms of design. With one, you’re catering to a wide public, and the other is a much smaller user base. But there tends to be a lot of crossover with flooring as the best gym flooring suits multiple scenarios. The key difference is the space you need to cover. For example, rubber fitness flooring rolls are ideal for covering larger areas for heavy equipment but are not as thick or shock absorbent while rubber tiles are usually available up to 50mm thick and accommodate high impact activities and weights.

5 Reasons Why You Need Great Gym Flooring for P.T. Studios

Your gym flooring can elevate your studio design and enhance your overall functional usage.  When you cater for many different clients with varying requirements you want their fitness sessions to feel unique and have all the benefits of a commercial gym space.  Here are five reasons why your flooring plays a big role in studio design.

Create a Safe Surface for Exercise

If you’re lifting weights, sprinting, stretching, or doing a HIIT workout; naturally, your body needs more protection. Without the right surface, it’s far too easy to slip and fall over. This not only results in a potential injury but hinders your ability to perform well. Gym flooring is an essential part of creating a safe space for exercise and fitness. 

Reach Fitness Goals 

Features like shock absorption, non-slip qualities, and bounce allow you to perform safely at an optimum level. When you feel supported by your foundation, you can reach your fitness goals without worrying about slips and falls. 

Protect Your Flooring 

Gym flooring helps to protect your sub flooring. Depending on your situation, your needs will vary. For a commercial gym, you may need to maintain the quality of your flooring and will worry that you may damage the flooring when you install heavy gym equipment. Or perhaps you’re using a spare room at home and want to protect the flooring from any dents. 

Ensure High Performance 

Good gym flooring is durable, shock absorbent, and has plenty of traction. It should feel like it supports your movement and allows you to hit those high-performance levels. When using a gym, you probably don’t even think twice about the stable surface. But without good traction, resistance training, HIIT, and other workouts would seem much more difficult. 

Add Colour and Vibrancy to Your Gym 

Finally, your flooring can add a splash of colour and energise your fitness space. It's a great way to upgrade your home gym and if you want something bright or with a fleck, you can make a real impact on the look and feel of your gym.

Top Gym Flooring Options for Your P.T. Studio  

Sometimes it’s tempting to leave your flooring choice until the very last moment. But gym flooring is a speciality that is a crucial element of your gym design. It’s always a good idea to match your fitness needs and goals to your flooring choice. Here are some of the top flooring options for your gym design.  

20mm Lightly Flecked Rubber Tiles

The 20mm Sprung fleck EPDM rubber tiles are a classic choice for gyms. The tiles have a gentle dusting of colour for an interesting and flecked appearance for a more subtle look. Available in four different colours, these tiles provide maximum protection and shock absorption. They are suitable for anything from heavy gym equipment to functional training as well as free weights up to 140kg. This flooring is perfect for free weight training, CrossFit, and Strength and Conditioning.

20mm Sprung Rubber Heavy Duty Gym Tile 


For quality, affordability, and endurance, the  standard 20mm Sprung rubber heavy-duty gym tiles feature plenty of traction, sound insulation, and non-slip properties for medium to heavy impact activity.  The great thing about this range is it starts at 11mm for light weight exxercise all the way up to 50mm , support for heavy duty Olympic weightlifting.

Sprung Konnecta Fleckz Coloured Fitness Self-Locking Tiles 


The Sprung Konnecta 20mm tiles feature a self-locking system using quality HD rubber. The tiles remain fully in place even during high impact activity. Available in five colours, you can add a splash of colour and texture to your facility easily with the Sprung Konnecta range. These are ideal for functional training as well as medium and heavy weights. 

Sprung Fleckz Premium Rubber Fitness Roll 



The Sprung rubber fitness rolls are a major favourite for both gyms, studios and sport enthusiasts. The rolls go from 4mm to 10mm in thickness and are suitable for a range of applications including yoga, cardio training, fitness studios, martial arts and even indoor golf. These offer a massive range of functionality, and the flecked appearance looks fantastic in a variety of spaces.

In Summary 

Your studio flooring should be part of the early gym design process. It can add a splash of colour for vital motivation , create a safe foundation for exercise, and enhance performance. In an environment where it’s more common to experience injuries, it’s important to develop a strong foundation so that you can maximise your studio space. Whether it’s fitness rolls, gym mats, or self-interlocking tile solutions, you can find something to optimise studio users fitness experience.

September 21, 2021 — Michael Geraghty
5 Home Gym Styles - Gym Flooring Customer's Feedback

5 Home Gym Styles - Gym Flooring Customer's Feedback

The home fitness market is booming. With rising awareness of health and fitness, more people are creating personal fitness spaces at home and work. Before the coronavirus pandemic, some people worked out at home, but most would fit in the gym around the workday. Now, a new sense of flexibility and convenience is apparent. A personal fitness space and home were once seen as a luxury. Nowadays, a home fitness space is a necessity that helps you stay fit and healthy while coping with the stress of everyday life. 

In this article:

  • Benefits of Home Gym Spaces
  • Basic Requirements of a Home Gym
  • 5 Home Gym Styles 
  • Create a Home Gym on Any Budget  

Benefits of Home Gym Spaces


Since March 2020, just over half of UK consumers have done some sort of home workout. A large chunk of those doing home workouts, plan to continue well into the future. With more people working from home at least part of the week, home gym spaces will only increase in popularity. It’s clear that fitness is good for mental wellbeing and physical health. 

A huge benefit of a home gym is that there is no commute. You can squeeze in a quick workout in between Zoom meetings or head straight to the gym as soon as you finish work. There’s no need to sit in traffic or waste time commuting as you can integrate a gym space into your home layout.

Your home gym could be a purpose-built outdoor garden gym, or it could be a few dumbbells in the corner of the living room. You can create a fitness space for your needs with a little or big budget. 

If you’re on the fence as to whether to create a home gym, other benefits include:

  • Eliminate hurdles to exercise 
  • Save time and skip the travel 
  • Complete freedom to exercise whenever you want 
  • Get privacy when you exercise 
  • The whole family can join you 
  • Pandemic-proof fitness space
  • Design your gym to your personal taste 

Basic Requirements of a Home Gym

The basic pieces of equipment for a home gym can look a little different depending on your overall fitness goals and space. But, in general, you can invest in a few essential pieces of gym equipment to create your home gym. What’s great about a personal workout space is that you can build it slowly. By investing in pieces of equipment and buying home gym upgrades slowly, you don’t need to have one big outgoing. 

Here are some of the basic requirements of a home gym:

  • Dumbbells and Kettlebells - small pieces of equipment that add versatility to workouts. 
  • Home gym flooring - strong gym flooring needs to be shock absorbent and non-slip. 
  • Barbell and weight plates - essential pieces of equipment for strength training 
  • Jump rope - a portable and affordable way to get your heart pumping. 
  • Resistance bands - small bands ideal for starting resistance training. 
  • Workout bench - a bench is a good option for weight lifting and strength training.  

5 Home Gym Styles

When you think about home gym styles, there are a vast amount of options. Every person has their own unique style and taste. A massive benefit of a home gym is that you can put your mark on it. You can tailor it to your own style and make it work perfectly for your workout and fitness goals. We look at real home gym’s from our customers who share their thoughts on home gym styles. 

1. Classic Spare Room Home Gym


"We decided to get the Gym Flooring mats for peace of mind that we were not doing any potential damage to ourselves with our home workouts, and the difference has been amazing. This has also helped to visually transform the space into an area that feels totally prioritised to health and fitness. Now that we have optimised this home workout space, we won't be rejoining a public gym, which saves us time and money in membership and travel in the long run!"

50mm Sprung Antishock Tiles

"Received good delivery, fixed a rubber floor in my flat so i can have some nice gym sessions with no bothering the neighbours, thick floor and very strong, highly recommended."

2. P.T. Studio

20mm Sprung HD Tiles

"Here is my workout space. We have built it down the end of our garden, and with lockdown encouraging people to go online, it seemed like the perfect time to build a designated area for this. I was previously based in our attic, so for me, this space is a dream. Gym Flooring has been so worth it and gives that elite touch that clients love."

3. Garage Gym

"Converted our garage due to covid, price of gym memberships and being able to fit it in any time of day. My family has some mental health issues, which the gym really helps with. So to have this on our doorstep is just amazing. Thanks so much!!"

15mm Sprung HD Rubber Tiles

4. Basement Gym

15mm Sprung HD Rubber Tiles

"Having an adequate and suitable space to perform my workouts has meant that I am able to really make optimal use of my training. I am passionate about space that I have created and always eager to get the chance to use it every day."

5. Summerhouse or Garden Room Gym

20mm Sprung HD Rubber Tiles

"Since we are new parents travelling to a gym isn't practical anymore, so we converted our old garage into a gym, and it's perfect since we can use it in-between naptimes and can maximise our time working out without having to travel."

Create a Home Gym on Any Budget 

From a personal workout space and garage gym to a home gym for personal training clients, a home gym can serve many purposes and functions. The bottom line is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money or time creating a great home gym space. Yes, you can spend thousands. At the same time, you can spend very little and still build a perfect home workout space. By investing in the basic requirements and thinking creatively about the space available, you can build a home gym on any budget.

September 13, 2021 — Katie McKay
3 Most Popular Strength Training Gym Mats

3 Most Popular Strength Training Gym Mats

If you’re looking to upgrade your home free weight area or integrate strength training into your routine, buying the right gym mat is a great place to start. The foundation you create for strength training plays a role in your workout. As with most fitness or exercise, safety and proper form are crucial. 

In this article: 

  • What Equipment Do You Need for Strength Training?
  • How Can You Add Strength Training to Your Routine?
  • 3 Most Popular Strength Training Gym Mats 


What Equipment Do You Need for Strength Training?

When it comes to strength training, the equipment you need can vary. The one thing that all strength training involves is suitable free weights flooring. For strength training, you work out using just your body or adding weights to your exercise routine. Equipment that’s useful for strength training include: 

  • Thick strength training gym mats 
  • Dumbbells 
  • Resistance bands 
  • Barbells and weight plates 
  • Weight machines 

You can strength train in a variety of different ways. Whatever you choose to use, weightlifting or machines, they tend to be heavy. That means that equipment can easily mark your flooring if you don’t have the right foundation. Your gym flooring products set you up for safe exercise as rubber flooring is shock absorbent, anti-fatigue, and non-slip. 


How Can You Add Strength Training to Your Routine?

A well-balanced workout routine includes strength training. Regular strength training can benefit your bones, joints, muscles, and overall longevity. Strength training is also known as resistance or weight training. During an exercise session, you target specific muscle groups using external resistance. 

Strength training isn’t just for bodybuilders and those lifting extremely heavy weights. It’s something that everyone can incorporate into their fitness routine. Here are a few ideas on how you can add strength training to your fitness regime:

  • Bodyweight exercises like push-ups, planks, pull-ups, and squats. 
  • Start lifting weights with a barbell and weight plates 
  • Invest in a weights machine 
  • Head to your nearest gym for a strength training session 
  • Try a strength training workout with resistance bands 


3 Most Popular Strength Training Gym Mats 

The good thing about strength training gym mats is that they support weight machines, free weights, and bodyweight exercises. However you like to incorporate strength training into your workouts, strength training gym mats can support your workout type


1. 40mm and 60mm Sprung Antishock Rubber Gym Mats 

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of affordability and durability, then the Sprung Antishock Rubber Gym Mats are ideal. Although they range in thicknesses, 40mm and 60mm are the best sizes for strength training. Basically, the heavier the weights, the thicker the mat. These gym tiles are shock absorbent, non-slip, and great for sound insulation. 


2. Heavy Duty Rubber Gym Flooring

Another strength training gym mat option is our Heavy Duty Rubber Gym Flooring. These tiles are 30mm thick and are ideal for weightlifting, strength training, and a variety of workout types. Rubber gym flooring is perfect for home gyms and commercial settings, depending on your needs. 


3. Sprung Konnecta Self-Locking Gym Tiles  

Sprung Konnecta Self-Locking Gym Mats come in 20mm and 30mm. As a premium flooring solution for professional gym and training areas, the quality HD rubber offers maximum structural support. These tiles are super easy to install with a self-locking mechanism. The Konnecta gym tiles can handle medium to heavy weights, functional training, and strength and conditioning workouts. 

Whether you invest in dumbbells, barbells, or weights machines, it’s important that you find a strength training gym mat to support your workout. If you plan on starting heavy weightlifting or Olympic weightlifting, opt for a thick gym tile as this will help to reduce sound and absorb shock from regularly dropping weights.  

September 09, 2021 — Margaret-Anne Leckie
How to Add Sprint Track Training to Your Workout

How to Add Sprint Track Training to Your Workout

Often, the best way to see fitness results and stay motivated is to add variety to your workout. When you introduce more variety to your workout regime, you challenge multiple muscle groups to increase strength and flexibility in various areas. One way to add variety to your workout routine is to add a sprint track and take your fitness to a new level. 

In this article: 

  • The Benefits of Sprint Tracks 
  • What Exercises Can You Do On Sprint Tracks
  • 3 Top Sprint Tracks to Enhance Your Training 

The Benefits of Sprint Tracks 

Sprint tracks are a strip of artificial grass that you can use for indoor or outdoor fitness. On the track, you can perform a range of exercises. The benefits of the sprint track are that it provides optimal traction, shock absorption, and resilience to add variety to your workouts. 

One of the type of exercises you can perform on sprint tracks are plyometric movements. These involve quick, powerful, and jumping movements. They are designed to increase power, muscular strength, and dynamic gains.

As a commercial gym, sprint tracks not only give your members more versatility but also attract personal trainers to your gym. Trainers can then use your gym for clients, which in turn adds another stream of income. 


What Exercises Can You Do On Sprint Tracks

Indoor sprint track workouts are ideal for training all year-round. There are several types of exercises you can try on sprint tracks. You can adapt exercises to your own fitness levels and abilities. 


Plyometric Exercises 

Plyometric training supports sprint track training. These types of exercises can help to develop speed and explosive strength that you use for sprinting. Examples of plyometric movements include: 

  • Box jumps 
  • Tuck jumps 
  • Burpees 
  • Scissor jumps 


Sled Pulling and Tyre Work 

Sled pushing and pulling requires explosive movement and strength in quick bursts. You can also load a sled with additional weight to keep building muscle and strength. Push the sled or attach a harness and pull behind you. Tyre work is another exercise that requires explosive movement and is great for adding versatility to your workout. 


Sprint and Running 

Sprinting is a total body workout that requires explosive movement. It targets multiple muscle groups, including the buttocks, thighs, abs, quads, calves, and hamstrings. Adding sprinting to your workout routine can help to create long, lean muscles. 


3 Top Sprint Tracks to Enhance Your Training 

Sprint tracks are easy to install and are ideal for enhancing your gym. Create another layer of versatility in fitness and training by adding a sprint track to your home or fitness facility. Here are three of the top sprint tracks to elevate your gym.



1. Custom Sprint Track 

For gyms that want to put their own branding and marking on their sports turf, our range of custom sprint tracks are ideal. The tracks are specifically made for functional training and sled workouts. They feature short pile artificial turf that’s super resilient and durable. 


2. Sprung Gym Grass

You can use Sprung gym grass in the gym or even in outdoor living areas. It’s plain artificial grass that comes in a range of colours, including red, blue, white, green, and red. Available in four sizes, you can make an impact with a bold colour or keep it simple with a basic green turf. 


3. Sprung Essential Sprint Track 

The Sprung Essential Sprint Track features markings of one to ten to create a new layer of versatility. This track is similar to the custom print track but comes with standard markings. If you want to track your distance, then this sprint track with markings is a great solution. 

Switching up your workouts and adding more versatility can help to challenge different muscle groups and reach your fitness goals. By adding sprint track training to your workout, you can perform explosive movements with speed to create long, lean muscles and hit new personal bests.

September 07, 2021 — Margaret-Anne Leckie
How Important is Fitness to You? - Our Gym Floor Customers Tell Us

How Important is Fitness to You? - Our Gym Floor Customers Tell Us

When you define fitness, it has such a broad meaning. Everyone has their own unique goals, strength, abilities, and methods to stay fit and active. In general, fitness has become an increasingly important part of many people’s lives. Staying fit doesn’t just mean being in shape; it’s a way of dealing with stress, relaxing, and staying present. This article looks at the main reasons why so many people have adopted a more active lifestyle, the key benefits of regular fitness, and how to start your fitness journey. Our Gym Flooring customers share their views on just how fitness is so important to them. 

In this article: 

  • Why Do We Keep Fit?
  • 3 Benefits of Regular Exercise 
  • What Does Fitness Mean To You? 
  • How to Start Your Own Fitness Journey
  • Regular Fitness Benefits Mental and Physical Health 

Why Do We Keep Fit?


A significant body of evidence tells us that regular physical activity and high fitness levels are associated with a reduced risk of early death. Being physically active and moving your body each day has numerous benefits. It can boost your mood and feel-good hormones and help you to manage your weight. In addition, exercise can help you to create balance in your routine, socialise with friends, and increase your self-confidence. 

Another reason for the recent upsurge in fitness is the COVID-19 pandemic. Naturally, the coronavirus crisis has impacted many areas of our lives. Although it’s been a tough time, it has prompted many people to improve their general health and exercise more frequently. The pandemic has pulled focus on mental health. It’s no secret that regular exercise is closely linked to mental wellbeing. Being active and moving your body can improve your general perspective on life and sense of self. This is especially important during challenging times. 

3 Benefits of Regular Exercise 

It’s often easy to think about how fitness can benefit your physical health, but its benefits go beyond your body. It can have a considerable impact on your mind, how you feel, and your lifestyle. 

Physical Benefits of Exercise 


When you push your body regularly and get your heart pumping, it can have several physical benefits. Frequent fitness not only affects your body now but can help to keep you living a healthier life for longer. Proven physical benefits of exercise include: 

  • Reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Manage your weight 
  • Lower the risk of types 2 diabetes and some cancer
  • Improve bone and joint strength 
  • Increase flexibility and mobility 
  • Lower blood cholesterol level 
  • Tone muscles and build muscle mass 

Mental Health Benefits of Exercise 


Exercise can do wonders for your mental wellbeing as well. Regular physical activity can improve mental health by:

  • Reducing anxiety and depression 
  • Improve self-esteem 
  • Improve cognitive function and sleep 
  • Relieve stress 
  • Enhance mood 

Social Benefits of Regular Exercise


As well as fitness being good for mental wellbeing, regular physical exercise is the way it can impact your lifestyle and social life. When you participate in group exercise or workout with a partner, there are several benefits, such as: 

  • Develop better social skills 
  • Make new friends
  • Create a new social outlet 
  • Develop a routine 
  • Improve the balance of your daily life 
  • Spend time with friends and family  

What Does Fitness Mean To You? 

Fitness can mean something different to everyone. For some, it’s how they carve out some time for themselves. For others, it could be how they maintain a healthy weight. Our Gym Flooring customers reveal just what fitness means to them. 

Motivation & Good Role Model


"I've always been into fitness. I've previously run the London marathon along with other sports events. I enjoy the thrill of a race or achieving a new PB, and I love watching hard work pay off. I previously thought fitness just impacted my physical wellbeing, but since March 2019, I've realised it's so much more. First, the gyms closed, then I felt pregnant and trying to get back into fitness was hard. I had to force myself to go to the gym (I never understood when people said this, but I can now totally relate). 

Our son was in intensive care for a month and has been in and out of it over the past nine months, so fitness was not my top priority. However, I started to notice my mood and general wellbeing was very poor.

Getting back into the gym has been a game-changer. I'm motivated, fitter and a better person and mum. Even though I still have to build myself up to work out, I always feel better after and never regret it! I find doing some exercise first thing in the morning really sets me up for the day! Since we are new parents travelling to a gym isn't practical anymore, so we converted our old garage into a gym and it's perfect since we can use it in-between naptimes and can maximise our time working out without having to travel."

Fitness is an Investment in Health 

"Fitness has always been a key part of my life, but as I am now over 60 (both hips replaced due to arthritis), I realised how even more important it is as we get older. Older people must keep physically active, and it's no use using excuses that we aren't feeling as well, don't have as much energy, have lost mobility, and all other excuses you hear from older people. Most symptoms are because people don't do enough exercise and then start eating too much for their energy output. 

Challenge Yourself

"Fitness is has helped me lose weight and achieve more than I ever imagined. Travelling to new places both UK and world wide I now complete crazy challenges charity and have some amazing experiences whilst doing it. This year is Namibia for racetothewreck. This is a 5 day adventure in the desert covering nearly 200 miles on bike on foot all for ChildrenwithCancer"

Inspire the Kids & to Feel Good About Yourself

"Keeping fit is core to how I feel. I can start the day cycling; lifting weights; HIIT, or yoga. All of it makes me feel alive and in touch with my body. I also like how my children get inspired to also exercise and keep fit. Feeling fit makes me feel good about myself; relaxed, and with high energy levels. Over lockdown, I’m pleased to say that I invested in building a purpose-built room, but before that, I was training in the garage and garden. So make the most of what you have."

Balance a Personal Training Business and Family Life 

"Sport has always been a part of my life. From the age of 10, I started kayaking and turned professional at the age of 17. From training 3 times a week to 3 times a day, 6 days a week, it is part of me. My main drivers are my love for the movement of kayaking, that feeling of gliding on top of the water, that feeling when I hit a Personal Best in the gym/ Time trail and that proud feeling of putting on a Team GB kit. It made me who I was for 10 years, so when I retired after Rio 2016, I found myself lost. Becoming a mum made me realise that I wanted to be strong for my daughter so becoming a Personal Trainer allowed me to still have sport in my day to day life, support others hit goals and work around her naps!.

Here is my workout space. We have built it down the end of our garden, and with lockdown encouraging people to go online; it seemed like the perfect time to build a designated area for this. I was previously based in our attic, so for me, this space is a dream. Gym Flooring has been so worth it and gives that elite touch that clients love."

How to Start Your Own Fitness Journey

You can’t stress the importance of a personal workout space enough. As many of our customers have realised, you don’t need a massive amount of space to start your fitness journey. Investing in a personal space to exercise is about investing in your health and overall wellbeing. By creating an area where you can show up for yourself, work out, and feel good, you can remain consistent. 

Home Gym 


A home gym can be a spare bedroom, a nook in the living room corner, or a couple of gym mats with some dumbbells in your kitchen. You can begin to introduce a set routine into your day to start enjoying regular fitness. Depending on the space you have, here are a few essentials for setting up your home gym: 

  • Rubber flooring - invest in some quality rubber home gym flooring to create a strong foundation for fitness. Gym flooring helps to absorb shock and provide a non-slip surface. 
  • Free weights - equipment like barbells, dumbbells, and weight plates are a great place to start when setting up your gym. 
  • Resistance bands - these are affordable and space-saving pieces of equipment that create resistance in the body and work with a variety of exercises. 

Garage Gym 


You can turn a garage into the perfect home garage gym in a few key steps. Start by decluttering your garage so you can see what space you have available. Next, you can invest in equipment like free weights, a stationary exercise bike, a treadmill, and a weights bench. Garage flooring tends to be sturdy enough to handle any heavy equipment. But, it’s important that you install some gym flooring as concrete can be tough on bones and joints during exercise. 

Outdoor Gym 


If you’re short on space, you can benefit from outdoor fitness. You can create a purpose-built garden gym, an outdoor gym with a temporary cover, or just a collection of a few pieces of fitness equipment. You really can build a gym out of what you have. In addition, you can make the most out of the great outdoors by doing activities like walking, jogging, hiking, and cycling. Try joining an online class or workout session and follow along with the fitness instructor from your home or garden. 

To build an outdoor gym, some basic outdoor gym equipment to think about include: 

  • Thick rubber gym flooring 
  • Pull-up bar 
  • Free weights 
  • Skipping rope 
  • Agility ladder 

Regular Fitness Benefits Mental and Physical Health 

The great thing about fitness is that it can benefit all types of people. You can have various age groups, abilities, levels of fitness, and activities that all allow you to benefit from fitness. It’s these rewards that motivate us all to continue on the journey of fitness. The bottom line is that investing in the time and space for fitness pays off in the short term and well into the future. 

August 30, 2021 — Katie McKay
Summer Exercise at Home - Ways to create a Fitness Space

Summer Exercise at Home - Ways to create a Fitness Space

With the sun shining, or at least trying, it’s a good time to kickstart your summer exercise at home. While summer can be a great time to begin a workout routine, you can perform physical exercise all year round to help you stay fit and healthy. Whether you have a regular fitness routine or need a little inspiration, there are plenty of exercises and activities you can do over summer and autumn to enjoy the great outdoors, feel good, and soak up the sunshine. 

In this article:

  • The Benefits of Exercising in the Summer 
  • Summer Exercises to Try at Home
  • 6 Ways to Create a Fitness Space 

The Benefits of Exercising in the Summer


You can benefit from outdoor fitness this summer by going for a hike, a bike ride, or by doing a quick HIIT session in your garden. Often, the summer is a great time to figure out your exercise routine. The sunshine entices us outdoors and encourages us to move more. 

What’s great about exercising in summer is that you can enjoy some fresh air and get some vitamin D from the sunshine at the same time. When the weather is warmer, and the days longer, it’s natural for many people to be more active in the summer. The hard part is keeping that motivation strong throughout the year. Benefits of exercising in the summer include: 

  • Seeing others exercise motivates you 
  • Vitamin D can enhance your mood
  • Stress relief from exercise and nature 
  • Your body warms up quicker 
  • Less prone to injuries in warmer weather 

Summer Exercises to Try at Home


You can try plenty of summer exercises at home to make the most of the sunshine and move your body. You can adjust exercises to your abilities and fitness level to challenge yourself, but not overdo it. Here are four different types of workouts to try at home. 

Bootcamp Style Outdoor Workout 


If you love a bootcamp style workout where you do different exercises in one session, a bootcamp style outdoor workout is ideal. For this, you may need to buy some essential pieces of equipment like a skipping rope, agility ladder, and some free weights. Fortunately, you don’t have to come up with a workout by yourself. There are plenty of fitness apps you can download so you can follow a workout designed by an expert. FitOn and Peloton Digital are great places to start. 

Bodyweight Exercise Circuit 


Although gym equipment is useful for a workout, if you have a tight budget or don’t have the space, you can perform a workout without any equipment. A bodyweight exercise circuit involves exercises that only use your body’s weight as a form of resistance. Exercises to include in a bodyweight exercise circuit include: 

  • Push-ups 
  • Lunges
  • Glute bridge 
  • Squats 
  • Leg raisers
  • Mountain climbers 

HIIT Training 


HIIT training stands for high-intensity interval training. It’s an effective form of exercise that delivers results in a short amount of time. If you’re strapped for time, this is the workout for you. HIIT training can help to lower body fat, blood pressure, and heart rate. Great apps for HIIT workouts at home are Aaptiv and Daily Burn

Upper Body Workout 


If you want to work your upper body and build muscle mass, then an upper body workout is a no-brainer. For an upper-body exercise, invest in a barbell, weight plates, and dumbbells. A utility bench is also an excellent addition for training the upper body. You can start with lighter weights and gradually build your strength. 

6 Ways to Create a Fitness Space 


Creating a personal workout space can give you the motivation you need to work out. Fitness offers several benefits to your physical and mental wellbeing. There’s nothing quite like that mood-boosting feeling you get after completing a tough workout session. You can create your own fitness space with the space you have available. It doesn’t need to cost thousands, and anyone can craft an at-home fitness space they love. Here are six ways to create a fitness space to kickstart your exercise routine and develop healthy habits for the whole year. 

1. Weatherproof Gym Flooring

If you’re exercising outdoors, the first place to start is weatherproof gym flooring. You don’t want to invest in a product that falls apart after one rainfall. Our Sprung Antishock Outdoor Flooring Tiles in 40mm and 60mm are weighty enough for outdoor gyms. They are super robust and a great combination of quality, durability, and affordability. 

2. Add Some Storage


Don’t forget to add some storage to your home gym. This could be vertical shelving, a squat rack, or a bookshelf you have converted into a weights storage area. Try to keep the area clutter-free and put away all your equipment after use. Showing up to a clean workout area is essential to starting your workout on the right foot. 

3. Create a Workout Schedule 


Creating a fitness space is the first step to working out more consistently at home. But, other things can help you stay committed to fitness, like a workout schedule. If you create a workout schedule and share it with a friend, it helps keep you accountable. Perhaps you can craft your workout schedule with your partner and work out together. 

4. Stock Up on Gym Equipment Staples


Think about your goals and what you’re looking to achieve. If you want to increase strength and muscle mass, it makes sense to build a free weights training area at home. But, if you’re going to improve flexibility and cardio fitness, you may want a space you can do both yoga and HIIT workouts. 

5. Transform a Spare Room

Although many spare rooms have now become the home office, if you do have a spare room available, this is a great spot for a home gym. Simply invest in some home gym rubber flooring, buy some critical pieces of gym equipment, and get your lighting right. With a home gym, you can start small and gradually invest in more equipment over time. 

6. Use the Bedroom Corner

If you’re struggling to think of where you can create your fitness space, you can put it in the corner of a room. Use the bedroom corner or a living room nook. Invest in a set of home gym flooring tiles and create a separate area for fitness. You don’t need a whole room or garage to craft your personal workout space. 

There are several ways you can create a fitness space at home and kickstart your summer exercises. The bottom line is that it’s never a better time than the present to incorporate physical activity into your day. Whether you want to start walking more each day or add HIIT training to your workout regime, you can get creative and find ways to stay motivated and accountable.

August 28, 2021 — Katie McKay
5 Home Gym Upgrades to Boost Results

5 Home Gym Upgrades to Boost Results

If you’re working out at home and not seeing results, or maybe you have plateaued, it can be very frustrating. By staying consistent and switching up your home workouts, you can boost results, improve performance, and feel the benefits. Let’s dive into how fitness can benefit you and five home gym upgrades to boost results. 

In this article: 

  • How Home Fitness Can Benefit Your Overall Health 
  • 5 Home Gym Upgrades to Boost Results 

How Home Fitness Can Benefit Your Overall Health 

No doubt, you know that exercise is good for you. But, do you know how good regular physical activity is for you?  If you want to maintain a healthy weight, feel more energetic, and reduce the risk of several health conditions, exercise can help support your overall well-being. 

It’s recommended that you perform moderate-intensity exercise 150 minutes every week

Alongside this, you should add strength training to your workout at least twice a week. 

Regular exercise is often neglected and overlooked when it comes to our health. By incorporating more fitness into your routine, you can start to reap the benefits. Some of the health benefits of exercise include: 

  • Boost mood and help to ease anxiety, stress and even improve your confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Reduce the risk of health conditions like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, arthritis, and cancer.  
  • Increase energy as exercise delivers more oxygen and nutrients to your body, helping to improve your lung and heart capacity. 
  • Promote healthy sleep to help you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. 

There are several reasons why you may not be seeing fitness results, including:

  • Vague or unrealistic goals 
  • Not including a variety of workouts 
  • Forget to warm up 
  • Don’t give yourself enough time to recover 
  • Your diet isn’t quite right 

5 Home Gym Upgrades to Boost Results 

Sometimes motivation levels to work out can drop, and it can feel like you’re not seeing fitness results. To help add some more variety to your fitness routine to boost results, try these five home gym upgrades to kickstart your next training session. 


Add a Sled Track 

A sports or sled track is a strip of artificial turf to perform sprint workouts, tyre work, sled pulling, and plyo work. The turf uses short synthetic grass fibres that replicate the features of a natural field. Sprint tracks require zero maintenance, are resistant to harsh weather, and are easy to install. Depending on the amount of space you have, you can install a sled track indoors or outdoors.


Use Resistance Bands 

Resistance bands are an affordable piece of gym equipment that can add a lot of versatility to your workout. The most common types of resistance bands are flat and come in different thicknesses. You can perform a lot of different types of exercise with resistance bands to build strength, improve mobility and help with weightlifting and upper body exercises.


Upgrade Your Gym Flooring

It’s easy to forget about what you’re working on when the equipment or routine can feel much more exciting. But, it’s important to take the time to evaluate your home gym flooring set-up. Gym flooring has several features that benefit performance, like good shock absorption, plenty of traction, and sound insulation to support your workout type


Outdoor Gym Equipment 

One way to mix up your fitness and start seeing results is through challenging multiple muscle groups in your routine. You can add some more variety to your fitness sessions by enjoying outdoor fitness in summer. There are a few ways to enjoy outdoor fitness, like building an outdoor garden gym, joining a local yoga class in the park, or just going for a run or bike ride. Some of the top picks for outdoor gym equipment include an agility ladder, free weights, and outdoor pull-up bars.


Get Your Temperature Right 

If you have a garage gym, shed, or attic home gym, think about the temperature of your personal workout space. When the temperature is too cold or too hot, it can be hard to muster the motivation to work out in the first place. Consistency is key to seeing results in fitness. To stay consistent, you need to have the motivation to keep going. By creating a comfortable fitness environment, you are giving yourself the best opportunity to work out regularly and are more likely to see results. 

Regular exercise is not only great for your body but can do wonders for your mind. A fitness routine can help you to meet your goals, lose weight, and just feel good about yourself. If you find yourself not seeing results the way you want, try adding more versatility to your workout with these top home gym upgrades. 

August 26, 2021 — Margaret-Anne Leckie
Fitness For Good Mental Wellbeing - Gym Flooring Customers Insight

Fitness For Good Mental Wellbeing - Gym Flooring Customers Insight

There is a close link between fitness and mental wellbeing. That elated and happy feeling you get after exercise can help to ease stress and anxiety. Being physically fitter enhances your general mood, while having a positive mental attitude leads to a good relationship with personal fitness. The two feed off each other and allow you to stay committed to fitness. 

During lockdown, many people turned to fitness to structure their routine at home. While some people switched from the gym to home fitness, others increased their fitness activity during this time. It’s no secret that multiple lockdowns and the COVID-19 crisis have increased stress, anxiety, and feelings of isolation. A massive driver in fitness is the ability for exercise to help deal with anxiety and stress, especially during the unpredictable times of the pandemic. 

In this article:

  • What are the Physical Benefits of Daily Exercise?
  • Why is Fitness so Important to Many?
  • Quick Tips to Incorporate Daily Fitness 
  • 7 Key Mental Health Benefits of Fitness 
  • Small Changes Make a Big Difference  

What are the Physical Benefits of Daily Exercise?


Regular physical activity can have a profoundly positive impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. Taking part in exercise each week can do wonders for your health, not only in the present but for your future self as well. No doubt, you have heard many times how beneficial regular exercise is, but sometimes it can feel challenging to get into the habit.  

Exercise has long been neglected, but it can impact several areas of your health. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that shows that you need to be active if you want to live a healthy and long life. Studies show that regular exercise can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke, cancer, and coronary heart disease.

Here are the physical health benefits you can expect from daily exercise: 

  • Lose or maintain a healthy weight 
  • Reduce your risk of health conditions 
  • Improve brain function and increase concentration 
  • Increase cardiovascular health 
  • Tone and build lean muscle 
  • Strengthen bones and muscles 
  • Decrease risk of falls 

The NHS recommends that adults be physically active every day, with at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise every week. On top of this, they suggest that you do strengthening activities on at least two days of the week. 

Why Is Fitness So Important to Many?


There are several reasons why fitness is important to so many people. Nowadays, you can’t stress the importance of a personal workout space enough. While some people work out to keep their bodies in shape, others use it to cope with stress and anxiety. 

What’s great about exercise is that you can adapt it to your abilities and needs. Some people start to exercise after a health scare as a way to regain control of their life. At the same time, you might use fitness to lose weight healthily and sustainably. The reasons for incorporating fitness into your daily routine are practically limitless. Here’s why fitness is so important to many:

  • To improve overall health 
  • Manage health conditions 
  • Weight management 
  • Add structure and routine to the day 
  • Practice self-care and spend time on your own 
  • Distract from the bustle of everyday life 
  • Challenge yourself and grow 
  • Set a good example for the kids
  • Spend time with friends and family 

Quick Tips to Incorporate Daily Fitness

It doesn’t have to take a lot of effort, time, or money to incorporate daily fitness into your routine. You can work with what you have and still reap the rewards of regular exercise. 

To start working out from home, you can create a home gym. You don’t need to spend thousands on this; it can be as small or as big as you need it to be. The thought of a home gym sounds like a huge room with expensive gym equipment, but that doesn’t need to be the case. Think about adding a workout nook or corner in the living room or dining area. All you need is a fitness mat or home gym flooring in the corner of the room to separate your fitness zone. 

Another option is to create a fitness space in the garage or garden. Often, a garage is a perfect spot to convert into a home gym. You simply remove the clutter, install some gym flooring, and you’re good to go. You can take fitness outside and create an outdoor garden gym. If you have a spare room in the house, you can turn this into a place for family fitness. 

You don’t need to have a home fitness space; you can join a fitness class or go for a swim or a cycle. Something as simple as going for a walk a day is a great way to get movement into your daily routine. 

7 Key Mental Health Benefits of Fitness 

The link between physical exercise and mental health is strong. There is scientific evidence of the benefits of fitness and how it can ease symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. 

With the worst of the Coronavirus pandemic behind us, many of our customers tell us about how fitness has guided them through lockdown, their own personal experience of mental wellbeing and fitness. 

Read extracts from our customer’s about how their journey and lifestyle changes support physical and mental health. Our customers were also kind enough to share photographs and videos of their own personal fitness space.

Enhance Mood 

"Around four years ago, I suffered the biggest setback of my life when I was diagnosed with recurrent unipolar depression. In times of its grip, I would be unable to function - other than getting to the gym and doing SOMETHING. Some days were easier than others, but every time I forced myself to exercise as I knew it was the one time in the day that I would feel a little relief from the torment of depression.  I have come a long way since then, reinventing my life around fitness as I desperately wanted to share its unlimited benefits with others. I left my established career, and I am now a group exercise instructor and PT and help many people daily to feel a little lighter and brighter than when they arrived with me."

20mm Sprung Gym tiles

Practice Self-Care

"I discovered fitness after the birth of my son. I was suffering from postnatal depression (PND) and was struggling to even get out of the house. I got dragged to a CrossFit class by a friend and never looked back. Within months, I was no longer seeking support through the GP for PND. I now use exercise as a way of switching off and having 'me' time."

20mm Sprung Gym tiles

"If I'm having a tough day at work or worrying/concerned about an issue, then the time in the gym allows me to focus on the gym sessions and destress, putting some of the energy into the session. This also gives me some thinking space where my mind is taken away from issues and gives me a bit of my own time. Even my wife comments on the difference my mood can be after coming out of the gym after a stressful day."

30mm Sprung Gym Tiles

Challenge Yourself

"Fitness isn't just about looking good (well, it used to be) it is about the way it makes me feel, and it makes me want to be a better person every day. Fitness has been my light at the end of the tunnel and made me who I am today."

"It's great to see what your body can do and how you can become so positive when you see what you've achieved, however old you are! I am the grumpiest person in the world if I haven't done some form of exercise every day, and that isn't because I'm addicted to activity (that is a whole different set of issues!), but because you just feel so good and can tackle the rubbish and awful things that can happen in life. Am I the only person whose mental health has not suffered with Covid, as the media seem to expect us all to have mental health problems! And I put that down to keeping fit during lockdown and not putting weight on. Don't get into baking and eating high calorific treats where the benefit wears off the moment you have finished eating them - get into getting fitter where the benefit continues and increases each time you do it!!"

20mm Sprung Gym tiles

Increase Self-Esteem

"We all know the positive chemical reactions going on in our brains when we work out. On top of that, when you train properly, your body gets fitter, you look better, and this boosts self-confidence. It is an amazing stress-relief, so you can bring your mind to an ideal state."

20mm Sprung Gym tiles

"My mental wellbeing is significantly impacted by the amount of regular exercise I do. The endorphins released post-exercise help me to feel good about myself, and that allows me to treat others around me with the same sense of good feeling. Fitness is key to a content and happy state of mind in my view."

11mm Sprung Gym Tiles

Create Balance & Structure

"I find overcomg fitness challenges can be rewarding.  It just gives you a buzz to carry on, to get out of bed and face the world"

15mm Sprung Gym Tiles

Start the Day Off Right 

"If I start my day with exercise, even if it is just a simple walk for me and scoot for my daughter round her local park, I feel like I have started on a good note. It doesn't have to be 100% max/HIIT/ dripping in sweat kind of session; just moving my body helps me reset and feel good."


20mm Sprung Gym tiles


Accomplish Goals and Personal Growth 

"Fitness gives me the ability to test myself against different goals as it can be varied as you like, and this helps you grow. The growth has a big impact on your wellbeing as it feels like you are accomplishing your goals."

30mm Sprung Gym Tiles


"It has a big effect on physical appearance as well as health. I've been doing it for over 18 years, and it's a big part of my life. I like challenging myself, improving myself, and it also has benefits that translate into real life."

Small Changes Make a Big Difference 

There’s a reason that more and more people are choosing to incorporate fitness into their daily life. Daily fitness not only has physical benefits but it can have a real impact on your mental wellbeing. To live a happy and balanced life, daily movement is key. You don’t need to make huge changes to see a big difference. Start by gradually incorporating more movement into your day with a local walk and building up your fitness over time. 

August 19, 2021 — Katie McKay
5 Most Popular Gym Flooring Products

5 Most Popular Gym Flooring Products

Whether you’re building a home gym to incorporate more fitness into your daily routine or upgrading your commercial gym flooring, you need to find the right products. To save you time and effort researching the best gym flooring products, we’ve done the work for you. This list is a collection of our most popular gym flooring tiles and rolls to help you narrow down your choice and perfectly support your needs and requirements. 


In this article: 

  • Should You Choose Gym Tiles or Fitness Rolls? 
  • 5 Most Popular Gym Flooring Products 

Should You Choose Gym Tiles or Fitness Rolls? 

When researching gym flooring, you likely come across the question of whether rubber gym flooring tiles are better than fitness rolls. The best choice for your project depends on a few different factors. It’s not that tiles are always better than rolls; it’s about finding the best solution for your budget, space, needs, and equipment. 


Rubber Fitness Rolls 

Rubber rolls are ideal for covering large spaces and tend to produce very little waste. The thickness ranges from about 4mm to 10mm. Fitness rolls are fitted like carpet; you simply roll it out to the edges of the room. Because it is one block of material, it creates a seamless and crisp finish. 

One thing to keep in mind is that rubber fitness rolls are heavy. So, it does require some heavy lifting and professional installation. This is why rolls are more suited towards commercial settings, as it’s unlikely that you have a huge space in a home gym. That’s not to say that’s always the case. 


Rubber Gym Tiles 

You can easily find fitness flooring to support your style and workout. Rubber gym tiles come in a variety of forms like straight-edged, interlocking, and jigsaw. You will find that rubber gym tiles are often the go-to fitness surface. This is because you can install them easily and quickly. They vary in thickness and can go up to a huge 60mm for seriously heavy weightlifting. As you can buy tiles individually, you can purchase the right number for the space you have. 

5 Most Popular Gym Flooring Products 

When choosing your rubber gym fitness flooring, you need to watch for the type of material, thickness, features, and applications. If you plan on lifting very heavy weights, you should avoid flooring specific for yoga and low-impact exercise. Here are five of our most popular gym flooring products. 


1. 20mm Sprung

The 20mm Sprung Rubber Heavy Duty Gym Tile is a great starting point for fitness flooring. The tiles are heavy enough to support an intense workout while helping to avoid the risk of injury to yourself or the subfloor. These are a staple from the Sprung product line and ideal for mid to high impact activities. Because the tiles are pretty hefty, you don’t have to use any adhesive in the installation. 


2. Konnecta Fleckz 

If you’re looking for something a little more interesting, the Konnecta Fleckz Self-Locking Tiles are ideal. You have a choice of colours and textures to suit your style. The 20mm tiles use a high-quality HD rubber and are super easy to assemble. They feature a unique self-locking system for maximum structural support. 


3. 20mm Coloured Tiles 

For those looking for a splash of colour, the 20mm Sprung Coloured Tiles should be your go-to choice. Choose from a range of colours to suit your decor, including orange, blue, and green. The smooth TPE top layer has plenty of shock absorption and non-slip properties. You can use these tiles for high impact exercise and free weights zones in a commercial or home gym. 


4. Konnecta Velvet Black 

The Sprung Konnecta Velvet Black is a slick, premium solution for professional gyms and studios. They feature a self-locking system for easy installation. The velvet black surface is soft to touch with a gentle sheen and dark. It’s a luxuriously smooth surface that looks high-end and elegant. 


5. Stone Grey Roll 


If you’re looking for a good level of versatility, the Stone Grey Rubber Gym Flooring is a great choice. The light grey colour creates more space and allows light to flood into a room. With several different thicknesses available, you can find the right size for your needs. The fitness roll is suitable for a range of activities like yoga, spinning, and cardio. 


When buying gym flooring products, you’re looking for key features like noise-cancelling, anti-shock, and non-slip. You then need to narrow down your choice based on space and purpose. By taking the right steps, you can invest in gym flooring that will last and support your specific requirements.  

August 18, 2021 — Margaret-Anne Leckie
The Importance of Personal Workout Spaces - Our Gym Flooring Customers Insight

The Importance of Personal Workout Spaces - Our Gym Flooring Customers Insight

In the last year, working out at home has taken on a whole new meaning. Previously, a home gym was seen as a luxury. Now, a personal workout space is part of the bigger picture of health and wellness. Home fitness has accelerated massively throughout the coronavirus pandemic. What’s come out of the pandemic is just how necessary fitness is to so many areas of your life. More people are investing in a home fitness workout space and taking their home exercise to a whole new level. 

In this article:

  • 5 Types of Home Workout Spaces 
  • Why is it Important to Have a Personal Workout Space?
  • 4 Things to Consider When Setting Up a Workout Zone 
  • What Tools Do You Need to Create a Workout Space?
  • Reap the Benefits of a Home Workout Area 

5 Types of Home Workout Spaces 


When it comes to home workout spaces, you start to see people get creative with their space. Many of you might not have a whole room to dedicate to fitness. In comparison, others are ready to build a purpose-built gym in the garden to fit a precise specification. Fortunately, there are several types of home workout spaces to meet your needs, space, and budget. 

Home Gym 

A home gym is a broad term. Your home gym is a personal workout space that contains all of the gym equipment necessary for you to get in a killer workout. Creative home gym ideas include a yoga studio in a conservatory or a free weights room in a spare bedroom. A home gym can be full of high-tech equipment like treadmills and smart rowing machines or a space for you to perform a HIIT workout with kettlebells and weights. 

Living Room Nook 


The nook-style home gym applies to any room in the house. It could be in a dining area or living room. With this, you create a separate area through home gym flooring or temporary room separators. Many people don’t have an entire room for a workout space, so integrating fitness equipment into your living area is a great way to incorporate a home gym. 

Garage Gym 


A garage is often a go-to spot for a home gym. This is because garages already have a solid foundation that can handle heavy equipment and weights. It’s separate from the home, so it is good for keeping the noise down and not waking up the family. If you’re wondering how to turn a garage into a home gym, a great place to start is by choosing the right flooring for comfortable training and to install useful features like good lighting and temperature control.  

Outdoor Gym 


Nowadays, more people are looking to maximise the home space. That means using your outdoor area effectively. An outdoor gym could be a shed, summerhouse, or outdoor gym. Outdoor gyms are a great way to incorporate home fitness without taking up a room in the house. For those that need that spare room for a home office, building an outdoor gym is a fantastic solution. 

Attic or Basement 


Another type of home workout space is either an attic or basement home gym. Go low or go high in the house and set up your own personal fitness space. One thing to keep in mind with an attic or loft home gym is that if you plan on performing high impact exercise, the sound will come through the ceiling. But, if you’re looking to create a serene home yoga studio, an attic workout space is ideal. 

Why is it Important to Have a Personal Workout Space?


It’s no secret that fitness is good for your physical and mental health. Moving your body has so many benefits to your overall well-being. The coronavirus pandemic has put the spotlight on home fitness, and having a personal workout space is more important than ever. Here’s what our customers have to say about their personal fitness space.  

Mental Well-Being and Self-Care

For many of our customers, a home workout space represents self-care. It gives them the opportunity to take the time and focus on themselves. In a world full of constant connectivity, it can feel challenging to disconnect and take a few deep breaths. This is where having a fitness space at home can support your mental health. 

 Having a dedicated place to workout is imperative because it means you have your “go-to” place when you want to exercise and the beauty of having this at home is the fact I don’t have to pay for a membership and travel to and from a gym and can easily work out in my own time which is one less thing to worry about.  Even my wife loves using the equipment, which is a bonus! If you’re ever worried about the cost of buying equipment, all you have to do is buy things over a period of time, and eventually, you’ll have your very own gym, which is what I’ve done, and I’m still buying more and more as the months go on."


20mm Sprung Premium Coloured Tiles

My garage gym has saved me. I truly believe that having the little sanctuary to train and continue some part of normality that is working out for me has helped me create good habits during the lockdown. It has created somewhere for me to go, to forget any stresses or anxious thoughts and just work hard with some good tunes playing.  


15mm Sprung HD Tiles

Safe Workout Space

Throughout multiple lockdowns, public messaging actively encouraged fitness but with gyms and fitness studios closed, it was tough to get a workout in. Finding a safe place to work out that meets your needs is important in allowing you to hit your goals and continue to work out. 

I think it's massively important to have a safe and suitable place to workout. Having a dedicated place to work out means while you are there, you should just focus on your sessions without any distraction from normal day to day routines. I find that even putting my phone away during the session helps as it's very easy to pick it up, and then before you know it, time has passed from texting and searching the web or Facebook etc.”

15mm Sprung HD Tiles

Train Clients at Home 

A number of our amazing clients are personal trainers. Creating a safe space for clients to work out at home has allowed them to generate income and support their clients throughout hard times. 

"I have a new gym at home in the garden, built during Covid, and with space now at home, it is much easier to access time and space to workout. It is for working with weights, conditioning and mobility. I use this space myself and with my clients.”

15mm Sprung HD Tiles

 “In the short time we have been developing our school wellbeing suite, we are already seeing benefits amongst students and staff. Having such a facility on-site makes it extremely accessible for all students and staff. In particular for some students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access such facilities.

20mm Sprung HD Tiles

Focus on Family Time 

When you only have to take a couple of steps to work out at home, all of a sudden, you gain a ton of time back. Think of all the times you were stuck in traffic on the way to the gym. Or when you are limited by your gym’s opening times and can’t work out exactly when you want. All of this time back means you can spend time and focus on the family without your fitness suffering. 

"Fitness has been a huge part of my life from a young age. As a child I played every sport I was given the opportunity to have a go at. Moving into my mid-20s, I had qualified as a paramedic around this time and the mental health benefits from exercise really shone through. If I had a bad day at work, lacing up a pair of trainers and heading out for a run would give me the time to process what I needed too. For me, it is my coping mechanism. Despite becoming a father In 2018, I decided 2020 would be a good year to compete in Ironman Wales again; that was a mistake. COVID put the brakes on this, and motivation has been hard. Ironman is yet to return, and now with baby no two due on October 21, I will have to shelf the long-distance events. 

20mm Sprung HD Tiles

"My family will always come first, and I’m sure I will get back to similar events in the not too distant future. For now, I have converted my garage so that I can be on hand when those nappy’s need changing. It’s all about getting quality training when the window of opportunity presents. Having a small workout space at home is proving to be extremely beneficial. Not only for me but my family too. I believe introducing children to exercise at a young age will encourage them to live a long, happy and healthy life—something we all want for our children. We love our rubber flooring, and my son enjoys practising his burpees and roly polys on a nice soft floor." 

Improve Motivation and Stay Focused 

Motivation and consistency is key to fitness. When you show up for yourself regularly and work out, it encourages you to form a positive attitude with exercise and keep your motivation levels high. Sticking to a consistent fitness schedule is essential for achieving your goals. 

"It keeps you motivated as you’re in an environment set for it, and it also means it’s safer to do so. I am also able to have friends exercise with me due to having the correct space, this makes it more fun and mentally rewarding as it helps others."

Sprung Antishock 40mm HD Tiles

"My flooring tiles were easy to set up and very sturdy. I use it for my workouts nearly everyday and I've had absolutely no issues with them.  Fitness is quite important to me as it helps with my overall mental and physical health. It positively impacts Mental Wellbeing as it can get you distracted from your problems. It is vital for me to have my own workout environment as I could access it whenever I'd like to"

40mm Sprung Antishock HD Tiles

“I think it's important to have a place you can focus, somewhere you affiliate with getting the work done. We all tried working out in our living rooms and gardens over lockdown but It just doesn’t bring the same energy. Whether it’s the south downs because you’re a long-distance runner or the clanging of the weights in the gym when you’re in your spot, and it’s time to train that carries a huge amount of motivation.”

 “I started my own workout space when lockdown hit and gyms closed. I quickly realised resistant bands wouldn’t cut it. When I was able to create my own workspace and deploy my own plans I was able to maximise my training to its fullest potential. I have since hit PBS in my squat, deadlift and bench and also felt much fitter and agile when I’m playing my sports.” 

30mm Sprung HD Tiles

4 Things to Consider When Setting Up a Workout Zone 


When setting up a workout zone, there are four key elements you should consider. These are the elements that can change from person to person. If you go through this list of factors, you will be in a great position to set up your personal workout space. 

Make a Plan 


Think about what goals you are looking to achieve. If you want to increase muscle mass and strength, it makes sense that you would build a free weights area in the home. Whereas, if you’re looking for a versatile space, you would choose fitness equipment that allows you to work multiple muscle groups. 

Create Space 

11mm Sprung HD Tiles

Figure out where in the home you have the space to create a fitness area. You could look at your garage, a spare bedroom, a shed, and even a basement if you have one. Measure the space you have available so that you can fit equipment to the area you have. Your space will dictate how much and how large your fitness equipment will be. 

Determine a Budget 


You can create a home gym on a small or large budget. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on building a home fitness space. At the same time, it’s easy to invest a fair amount of budget into your home. It all comes down to your budget and the investment you have available for this project. 

Think About Noise 

Another factor to think about is noise. Do you have neighbours, a young family, or like to work out late at night? If you plan on doing a lot of yoga and low-impact exercise, you likely won’t make a lot of noise. But if you do a lot of jumps, high-impact activity, and drop weights, you will need to think about sound insulation by installing noise-reducing anti-shock rubber tiles

What Tools do you need to Create a Workout Space

The next stage of creating a workout space is thinking about what kind of tools you will need. To start with, consider the heating, ventilation and insulation. If you want to work out all year, you need to make sure that your home gym temperature is stable even in cold winters or sweltering hot summers. Think about your lighting as well as this can impact the overall feel of your workout space. 

The correct type of fitness flooring will also set you up for success. A safe foundation will provide plenty of traction so that you don’t slip over during exercise. It’s a good idea to align your home gym flooring with your type of exercise so that you can set up the best foundation for fitness possible. 

Other tools you may need to create your workout space include: 

  • Equipment staples - dumbbells, weight plates, barbells, and workout bench 
  • Equipment storage - weight storage, shelving, and squat rack 

Reap the Benefits of a Home Workout Area 

The bottom line is that anyone can set up a workout space at home. You don’t need any expert DIY or fitness knowledge to get going. Integrating a personal workout space into your home gives you access to exercise around the clock. When you can exercise consistently and show up for yourself, you can take time to stay present, reduce stress, and even support your personal training clients.

August 15, 2021 — Michael Geraghty
5 Ways to Benefit from Outdoor Fitness in Summer

5 Ways to Benefit from Outdoor Fitness in Summer

There are numerous benefits to exercising outdoors. Sometimes it can feel tough to muster the motivation to work out, but with a few tips, you can make the most out of it. Luckily, there are several ways you can get outside and benefit from exercise and the great outdoors. 

In this article: 

  • The Benefits of Outdoor Fitness 
  • 5 Ways to Benefit from Outdoor Fitness in Summer 

The Benefits of Outdoor Fitness 


Being outdoors can help to reduce stress and increase your feel-good hormones and serotonin. Even just a walk through a forest or park can help you feel calmer and improve your well-being. 

The great outdoors act as a natural antidepressant and can provide mental relief. When you combine fitness and being outside, you can take your exercise to the next level. Regular exercise is essential for a healthy body and well-being. When you step outside, you can benefit from the sunshine and exercise all at the same time. Other benefits of outdoor fitness include: 

  • Add variety to your workout 
  • Lower blood pressure 
  • Improve sleep 
  • Free of charge 
  • Boost social activity 
  • Try something new  

5 Ways to Benefit from Outdoor Fitness in Summer 


If you want to start exercising outdoors, there are a few steps you can take to integrate more fitness into your day. You can save time by working out in nature and receive several benefits at the same time. Here are five ways to benefit from outdoor fitness in summer.  

1. Create an Outdoor Gym


An outdoor gym is a great way to introduce fitness into your daily routine. You can easily create an outdoor gym with a few critical pieces of equipment. Choose a permanent or temporary set-up, depending on your preference. Opt for thick rubber tiles suitable for an outdoor setting and create a safe foundation for exercise. Sprung have a range of Outdoor fitness tiles designed for high impact exercise and have self-drainage built in.  These are also suitable for children's play areas and patios.

2. Build a Summerhouse or Garden Room


Open summerhouses are an excellent opportunity to extend your living space. The benefit of building a summerhouse is that you can use it for multiple purposes. It offers a good amount of coverage to work out outdoors. At the same time, you can use it as a spot to relax on a hot day. 

3. Join an Outdoor Class


There are a ton of outdoor classes you can join throughout the summer. Joining a class is a great starting point for outdoor fitness. Follow your instructor and socialise with your class. You can join an outdoor class, such as yoga, HIIT, bootcamp, and even boxercise. Most outdoor classes are held at parks or in outdoor spaces at gyms and fitness studios. 

4. Book an Active Holiday


An active holiday is a fantastic way to incorporate exercise into your summer while having fun. You can find holidays that include snorkelling, kayaking, hiking, canoeing, and sailing. Indulge in adventure over the summer and exercise at the same time. Active holidays can be suitable for a range of ages and abilities. 

5. Try Running or Cycling 


If you want to get outside more, start running or try cycling. After you purchase a pair of running shoes or your bike, it’s a free activity. Running and cycling can be social and a great activity for the whole family to enjoy.  These type of activities are not only good for boosting your physical fitness but also increase your self-confidence, mental wellbeing and motivation.


No matter your fitness level, you can find a way to enjoy outdoor fitness. Whether you want to create an outdoor gym or build an open summerhouse, you can choose the right equipment for you and your body to make the most of the summer weather.  

August 09, 2021 — Michael Geraghty
5 Features Every Commercial Gym Should Have

5 Features Every Commercial Gym Should Have

Whether you’re opening a new gym or upgrading your existing facility, there are certain must-have features that every commercial fitness setting needs. By understanding your space, you can create a layout that works for your members. The right combination of features elevates member workouts, while variety boosts fitness motivation and encourages progress. 

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  • How to Upgrade Your Commercial Gym 
  • 5 Features Every Commercial Gym Should Have 

How to Upgrade Your Commercial Gym 


As a gym owner, you need to maintain high-quality equipment to meet expectations and keep up with the competition. Whether you need to replace old gym equipment or create more variety in your workouts, you can find ways to upgrade your commercial gym.

More and more people understand the importance of regular exercise. While home fitness has increased in popularity, a lot of people love to work out in a gym. It helps to improve accountability and motivate you to exercise. Consistency is vital to exercise and seeing results. By giving your members the ability to work out a variety of muscle groups, you can help users to see results and increase loyalty. 

5 Features Every Commercial Gym Should Have 


The key to choosing the right features is understanding the space you have available. It’s important to plan your gym layout before you invest in any new equipment. In general, the best gym layouts are the ones that have enough space to separate different workout areas into zones. Here are five features every commercial gym should have. 

1. Crossfit Zone


Standard equipment for Crossfit include kettlebells, bumper weights, barbells, and medicine balls. A Crossfit zone needs to have a strong foundation for exercise. Thick rubber flooring is essential for this part of the gym. As members will be dropping weights and using equipment, you need the right flooring to protect the subfloor and gym equipment. 

2. Sled Track


A sled track or sprint track is a perfect addition to any commercial gym. It adds another level of versatility of training to your facility. Sled tracks are perfect for tyre work, plyometric movements, lunges, and rope pulls. The flooring offers an optimal grip for sprinting with excellent shock absorption and resilience. 

3. Free Weights Area


A free weights area is a must-have zone for almost any gym. Many people go to the gym for a range of weightlifting equipment. Free weights equipment is suitable for different fitness abilities, from bodybuilders to entry-level gym-goers. Your free weights flooring should be thick enough to handle the heaviest of weightlifting sessions. The Antishock range of Sprung Gym tiles range from 40mm to 60mm Rubber Gym Tile and are perfect for your free weights area especially if you plan to use heavy olympic weights. 

4. Cardio Equipment


For members looking to increase fitness, no doubt they will be expecting some form of cardio equipment. Some of the best cardio equipment at the gym includes a treadmill, rowing machine, stair climbers, and indoor stationary bikes. 

5. Functional Training Area


Functional training tends to involve more bodyweight exercises, like planks, situps, and pushups. Functional training refers to exercises that help you to perform activities in everyday life. To perform these types of training, you need the space for members to carry out bodyweight exercises. For this area, you need a good amount of space not cluttered with any gym equipment. The 20mm Sprung Premium Colour Gym Matting is suitable for functional training and adds a splash of colour to your facility. 

A commercial gym should have several features to support members and promote great results. You need to stay ahead of the competition and create a fitness facility with plenty of versatility. From a free weights area to the right cardio equipment, you can support your members and boost motivation. 

August 09, 2021 — Michael Geraghty