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Artificial turf is widely used for both indoor fitness training as well as outdoor sports.  This is because it is durable, high density and shock absorbent while remaining low maintenance, showing little or no signs of wear after years of use.  There are various forms and types of gym turf available on the market from basic options with low pile height to high quality 3G and 4G ranges for field sports such as Football, Rugby and Hockey.

Our Gym Turf Range

Our range of premium gym turf is constructed from short, ultra strong fibres for maximum lastability and comfort.  We supply standard gym turf to specialist 3G and 4G ranges for outdoor sports courts.  Available in various colours, pile heights and sizes, our high density gym turf supports all types of functional training, workout types and levels of use, withstanding the most intense training and high impact activities.

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Does your Gym Turf come in different lengths?

Yes, our gym turf tracks comes in 4 length options - 10m, 15m, 20m and 30m.  Our rolls of artificial grass turf come in 25mm and 50mm thicknesses with options of 16LM, 21.5LM and 42LM lengths.

What colour and design options available with your Gym Turf?

The track range comes in plain colours options (Green, Red, Black, Blue, Grey, Yellow, Orange, White) or numbered designs as well as options for bespoke finishes such as logos and specific layouts.  

How easy is it to install Gym Turf?

This is very dependent on where you are installing the gym turf.  Fitting gym turf and tracks indoors is relatively easy and can be cut to size and glued using adhesive.  With outdoor artificial turf, it would be advisable to use specialist installation due to the complexities of the external subfloor surface in terms of height, moisture control and drainage.

What can I use Gym Turf for?

You can use Gym Turf for a wide range of applications.  Hugely versatile, gym turf can be used for sled pulling, tyre pulling, sprinting, functional training, CrossFit, training drills as well as a broad range of sports such as Football, Rugby, Hockey to name just a few.

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