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Benefits of Sprung ® Rubber gym flooring


The safety of an athlete is vital. Whether it's for a home gym or a commercial project our primary concern is keeping athletes safe, so that they continue high performances for longer.

Our Sprung ® recycled rubber flooring reduces the risk of injury from a fall and provides suitable friction to prevent slipping.


Jumping. Dropping weights. Pushing, pulling and running. Continuous impact can take its toll on your body. We create floors that reduce discomfort, minimise fatigue and allow athletes to perform to their highest levels. 

As weights pound the surface, it is deflected and absorbed by our Sprung ® floors. 


Our Sprung ® rubber gym surfaces will significantly reduce noise from heavy weight impacts both in the gym space and in adjacent spaces.

In terms of acoustics, we care about the impact noise in the gym and especially the room below. Our Sprung ® rubber gym floors are designed to reduce noise transmission.

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New Balance
Emirates arena

About Sprung Gym Flooring

Our widely popular Sprung brand has earned its place on the map of rubber and wood floor solutions for Britain's fitness savvy nation.    

We are proud to be one of the leading gym flooring suppliers in the UK and Ireland with over 15 years experience in quality solutions for Gyms, Fitness centres and Sports facilities. 

What can you expect from us?  

Customer Service

Gyms and fitness studios are places of commitment, endurance and community.   At Sprung we like to think these fundamentals are at the core of everything we do.   We are a family owned company with strong values on customer service, trust and loyalty.  This is why we pay great attention to our customer’s shopping experience so that we are able to deliver quality in our products, value in our pricing and satisfaction in each client’s  journey.

Customer Experience

Whichever platform you choose for your space, our mission is to provide premium solutions that perfectly match your needs and personal tastes.   Our unique purchase experience offers free expert advice around the clock, a strong social media presence which allows us to engage with our client community and provide first-class customer service.   Our stress-free Returns or Exchange policy allows users to easily purchase from our website knowing they can change their mind without any hassles.

Customer Choice

We like to think we have something for everyone from basic solutions for Home Gyms to sprung wood flooring for large Sports Halls and Dance Studios.  With options in colour, design and thickness depending on your activity, Sprung caters for fitness enthusiasts to professional athletes and sports players.


Being environmentally responsible is important to us which is why we use only handpicked 100% recycled materials across our product range.   Eco-friendly, honest and ethical, our collections are highly sustainable, odour-free and beautifully crafted.


There are great pains taken to ensure every batch of material received at our warehouse is of our accepted standard. We pride ourselves in using only quality suppliers who share the same principles as us in terms of ethical resources and quality products.