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Acoustic Gym Flooring - DECIBEL COLLECTION

Acoustic Gym Flooring - DECIBEL COLLECTION

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Need to Install a Gym Soundproofing Platform for Noise Control?

Our complete range of premium Decibel Acoustic Gym flooring takes the volume down on noisy training sessions and gym spaces without taking the impact away from your workout.

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Premium Recycled Rubber Flooring

All our products are constructed from top quality, recycled compression moulded SBR rubber renowned for its superior density and ability to minimise sound transfer and impact noise from heavy weights, operating gym machines and high intensity workouts. With a smooth top layer, dense core and a studded underside for structural stability, the tile system cushions the effects of impact transmission and vibrations during training sessions in the gym or at home.

3 Thickness Options

Our complete Decibel soundproofing range comes in 3 thicknesses from 43mm to a whopping 63mm for the ultimate sound barrier.  All thickness options accommodate various weight capacities so opt for a thickness that will withstand your Maximum Weight Drop and its ability to effectively reduce sound at these levels.

Reduces Excessive Impact Noise and Sound Vibrations

Dropping heavy weights, machine operated equipment and performing high impact workouts such as Plyo, Sled Pulling, Tyre Dragging (to name just a few) can be sensory overload in a commercial gym space. This can also be the case in Home workout areas built into Garage spaces or in upper levels that heighten reverberation and vibration. Our Acoustic solutions take the worry out of disturbing others and promotes a more productive and focused environment to train in.

Wide Application

Our Acoustic Solutions are versatile and suitable for a broad range of uses from Home Gyms to Free Weight Areas, Personal Training Areas/Studios, Fitness Facilities and Commercial Gyms. They are the perfect solution for busy, commercial fitness centres where acoustic requirements are key for optimal user experience. Similarly, they work well in domestic spaces to prevent disruption to neighbours or other family members.

High Protection & Shock Absorption

Not only do our Decibel acoustic tiles dampen sound energy and vibrations, they have excellent shock absorption properties which protect from bodily injury during exercise as well as shielding your floors and equipment from impact damage.

Product Summary

  • Highly Durable HD Rubber Construction

  • Maximum Soundproofing Qualities - compression moulded technology reduces impact sound/minimises noise transfer and vibration from machine operated apparatus

  • Wide Floor Application - meets acoustic requirements of both commercial gym and home gym use

  • Versatile - can be used in Free Weight zones/Cardiovascular Studios and Functional Fitness centres

  • Simple Fitting - an easy to install gym soundproofing platform system that can be laid onto all concrete structures/subfloors - see Guidelines

  • 4 Year Warranty

  • Optimal Shock Absorption & Protection

  • Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean

Feel free to get in touch if we can help further with any queries regarding our Soundproofing Acoustics range.

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