Indoor Sports Flooring Solutions from School Sports to Dance Studios

Indoor sports halls are the beating heart of athletic activities and disciplines, hosting a plethora of sports and events year-round. One of the critical elements contributing to the success and safety of these venues is the choice of flooring. From basketball to dance, the type of sports floors you opt for can significantly impact performance, injury prevention, and the overall experience of athletes and participants.

We offer a wide range of premium sports flooring solutions to suit Basketball, Volleyball, Indoor Football, Table Tennis, Multi Use Sports and Dance Studios.

Let's look at the main types of sports floors we offer:

Hardwood Sports Flooring

One of the most traditional and widely recognized choices for indoor sports halls is hardwood flooring. Typically made from Beech, Maple or Oak, timber sports floors offer a durable and resilient surface that withstands the rigours of high-impact activities. The smooth, uniform surface of wood flooring provides excellent ball bounce and maneuverability, making an ideal choice for sports like basketball, volleyball, and futsal. Additionally, hardwood floors offer a classic aesthetic appeal that enhances the ambience of the sports hall.

Hardwood flooring used within a sprung floor system is known as an area elastic floor. This refers to the type of undercarriage used which allows impact to be distributed across the entire space.

Specialised batten systems are sometimes used to support heavy loads, such as portable retractable seating, creating access hatches and ensuring structural stability and safety within the sports hall.

Suitable for: Multisport, Basketball, Indoor Football, Volleyball, Netball, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Squash, Hockey, Futsal, Dance, Gym & Fitness

Vinyl Sports Flooring

In recent years, vinyl sports flooring has emerged as a popular alternative to hardwood for indoor sports halls. Vinyl sports flooring offers a versatile, cost-effective solution with excellent shock absorption and slip resistance properties.

Available in various thicknesses and surface textures, vinyl sports flooring can be customized to meet the specific requirements of different sports and activities. The versatile colour option makes it a popular choice for schools who can opt for floors to match their school badge or logo, from black and red to green and light blue.

Additionally, vinyl sports floors are easy to install and maintain, requiring minimal upkeep.

Suitable for: Multi Court Systems, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Netball, Badminton, Tennis, Squash, Hockey, Dancing, Fitness Flooring

Vinyl Sports Flooring V Wood Sports Flooring

When deciding between vinyl or wood flooring, there is no floor type best suited to a particular sport and it really comes down to personal preference, budget and overall use of the chosen facility. Dance studios typically prefer vinyl to harder surfaces and Basketball and other ball sports lean towards wood surfaces.

Sports Floor Maintenance and Care

Regardless of the type of sports flooring chosen, proper maintenance is essential to ensure longevity and performance.

For hardwood sports floors, regular sweeping and mopping with a mild detergent solution are recommended to remove dirt and debris. Periodic refinishing may be necessary to restore the surface and maintain optimal playing conditions.

Vinyl sports flooring requires similar maintenance practices, including routine cleaning with a neutral pH cleaner to remove dirt and stains. Depending on the level of use, vinyl floors may benefit from occasional buffing or recoating to preserve their appearance and traction properties.

Both sports floor types require preventative measures to be in place to avoid damage, such as chair leg covers and protective matting for heavy weights.

Benefits of Indoor Sports Flooring

Investing in a specialised sports floor or a sprung sports flooring solution has several benefits:

Superior Performance

With excellent ball bounce and ball speed, proper sports floors have the necessary qualities to enhance player performance and meet sport regulations for specific sports and governing bodies as well as competition standards.

Ultra Durable & Hard-Wearing

Strong impact resistance and scratch resistance is important when choosing a sports surface for a sports hall. Wood and vinyl sports flooring made from high quality materials combined with advanced undercarriage systems are designed to support high traffic, heavy loads, moving furniture and endure repetitive use. You aim to keep maintenance and aftercare to a minimum so opting for a quality and resilient surface from the onset is key.

Enhanced Safety

Sprung flooring provides the proper shock absorption required to protect users from injury during high impact sports and activities. Whether it's a sports hall or leisure facility, clients safety is the most critical factor when it comes to flooring.

High Aesthetic

Whether it's a school sports hall or a community hall, having an attractive and stylish floor surface is important for users and visitors alike. Professional sports flooring comes in various materials, finishes and colours to create an engaging public space that can be appreciated by all.

Floor Warranty & Protection

Most sports flooring systems come with extended manufacturers warranty and guarantees from 15 years to 25 years. This protects your investment and ensures you are receiving top quality and high performance for years to come.

High Comfort

Sports hall flooring is designed with high player comfort in mind. With treated surfaces for slip resistance and traction as well as optimal protection from injuries and anti fatigue properties, proper sprung sports flooring systems ensure users can play and train for longer periods without premature fatigue or discomfort.

Whether your project involves a brand new sports hall or a refurbishment, selecting a proper sports flooring solution is key to ensuring maximum playability and protecting player health and safety. Proper sports flooring requires specialist installation with experienced technicians who can fit the necessary system, paint court marking and complete to a professional finish.

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