Boen Sports Flooring: The Leading Area Elastic Sports Floor Brand


Shop our wide range of Boen sports floor system solutions for a wide range of sports and multi purpose sports applications. Known for their premium wood sports floors across the UK and Europe, Boen supply technologically advanced, engineered wood flooring systems for high profile sports clubs, professional athletes and educational sports clients alike.

We supply all of their bestselling products including Boen Actiflex Stadium and Boen Boflex area elastic sports floors designed for sports halls, dance studios and multi purpose usage facilities.

Let's look at these in more detail.

Boen Actiflex Stadium

One of the most versatile sports floor solutions on the market, Actiflex is a premium sports flooring solution, boasting superior flexibility and comfort owing to its area elastic design. Engineered with resilient foam, it excels in energy absorption and noise reduction, making it a perfect fit for Dance Studios, Sports Halls and Gyms.

In situations where time is of the essence for venue renovation, Actiflex stands out with its fast and secure installation process. Utilizing BOEN 5G Click press locking technology, it ensures a rapid and stable construction without the need for specialized tools, delivering flawless results every time.

For installation, Actiflex necessitates an even and self-supporting sub-floor or can be laid atop an existing floor if required. Moreover, its ease of extension, disassembly, and relocation enhance its appeal further.

Furthermore, Actiflex offers a diverse range of colour options in a 215mm format, enabling the creation of a serene and inviting ambience, perfect for establishments like Hotels and Spas or Health Institutions.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Simple & Quick Installation - Boen X Press Locking Technology - no specialist tools

  • Compatible with underfloor heating

  • Can be fitted over an existing floor system or self supporting sub floor

  • Flooring can be uplifted and reused in other locations

  • High level performance for both Sports Halls or a Dance Studio solution

  • Wide choice of floor finishes

  • Up to 25 Years Warranty

Boen Boflex Stadium

The Boen Boflex Stadium sprung wood flooring system is the ultimate sports floor solution for high-performance sports facilities.

Designed to offer progressive shock absorption, sound absorption and optimum energy return, reducing strain on athletes' joints and muscles, Boflex delivers unbeatable player performance for a range of sports.

One of the standout features of the Boen Boflex Stadium floor system is its heavy load-bearing capacity, making it suitable for accommodating various sports events, large arenas, concerts, exhibitions, and other activities that require substantial weight distribution such as retractable seating.

Additionally, the system's modular design facilitates easy installation with Boen x press technology, low maintenance, and customization to meet specific facility requirements.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Can accommodate a wide range of sports and activities from sports arenas to community recreation halls

  • Can withstand rolling loads and almost unlimited loads distribution

  • Can be fitted onto a self supporting sub floor or on top of an existing floor

  • Superior game play and player experience for ball games ensuring good bounce, high deformation and optimum energy and sound

  • Progessive built-in shock absorption with resilient foam

  • Suitable with underfloor heating

  • Up to 25 Year Warranty