The Ultimate Guide to Building a Garage Gym 

Building a garage gym

Building a home fitness space isn’t always the cheapest project. You can, however, make a garage gym on a budget and benefit from a workout space at home. Although it may sound impossible to create a home gym on a budget, it is entirely achievable. Keep reading for five top tips for building a garage gym that doesn’t break the bank. 

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How to Build a Garage Gym on a Budget 

Building a garage gym


Let’s face it; nowadays, no one uses a garage to store their car. Often, they are used to store bikes, gardening equipment and become a fall-out storage area for the rest of the house. But garages are ideal for weight training and transforming into a home gym. They are the perfect location to spend an hour away from everything and get into a training zone. 

No doubt, a home gym can be expensive. You can spend thousands of pounds installing a fully decked-out gym in your garage. However, that doesn’t mean it’s always necessary to spend a lot to create a fantastic fitness space. The reality is that it’s entirely possible to build a garage gym inexpensively. Although you’re trying to build a garage gym on a budget, it doesn’t mean that you need to invest in low grade materials and equipment. Fortunately, you have a range of options to get your hands on gym materials and equipment at a great price. 

Why Build a Garage Gym?

Building a garage gym


As the world begins to open up and return to some sort of normality, home gyms continue to experience unprecedented growth. In the long-term, home gyms save you time on the commute and money on expensive gym memberships. You have all your own kit set to the right height and don’t have to worry about queuing for your favourite machine. 

Travelling, commuting, and visiting the gym can easily remove a lot of time and energy from your day. If you want to work out at any time and completely design your workout schedule around your day, a garage gym is incredibly useful in helping you to meet your fitness goals. 

5 Tips for Building a Garage Gym  

Building a garage gym


You don’t need to spend £10,000 on a garage gym to get fit and strong. You can build a home gym on a budget without purchasing cheap materials that don’t last long. The aim is to create an effective space with long-lasting materials to help you meet your goals. 

1. Buy Quality Equipment Once

Building a garage gym


Your budget dictates a lot of your decisions when purchasing home gym equipment. One of the biggest mistakes people make when building home gyms is buying cheaply-made equipment. It’s tempting to purchase cheap items as you want to set up your new gym. Think about what you can buy once so that you don’t have to buy it again. Save up and invest in the right equipment the first time around. Don’t skimp on your equipment, as you will likely end up buying one item several times if you do. 

2. Invest in Versatile Equipment

Building a garage gym


Most home gym owners are working with a limited amount of space. You need versatile equipment that doesn’t take up too much space. Multipurpose equipment that’s ideal for effective workouts includes a squat rack, resistance bands, bumper plates and a barbell set. 

3. Avoid Gimmicks

Proper gym flooring

There’s a lot of options when it comes to home fitness equipment. Just because something is new doesn’t mean that it’s a good investment. Try to avoid gimmicky equipment and opt for tried and tested garage gym equipment like an adjustable bench and squat rack. Start with investing in the basics and get a solid foundation for your garage gym. 

4. Protect Your Equipment and Subfloor

Building a garage gym

Proper flooring for garage gym will protect your equipment and subfloor. Your equipment should last longer with the right amount of cushioning. Good gym flooring also creates a safe space for you to exercise, absorbs shock impact, and reduces noise. Rubber gym mats are an excellent option for garage gym flooring. They are easy to install and can be purchased per tile, so you can order what you need. 

5. Add Wooden Boxes/Crates

Building a garage gym


Wooden boxes are great for performing plyometric movements. They are an inexpensive way to create a more versatile fitness space. You can either build your own wooden box, purchase one, or hire a professional to build one for you. If you’re looking to add box jumps, mountain climbers, push-ups and lunges, a wooden box is a fantastic addition to a garage gym. 


A tight budget shouldn’t stop you from building a garage gym at home. Clear some space in your garage and determine what equipment you need. Creating a garage gym on a budget is completely achievable. Your home gym is always a work in progress, and you can upgrade certain pieces over time. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get strong and build a training area you love.

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