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Vinyl Sports & Dance Flooring Collection

Vinyl Sports & Dance Flooring Collection

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Looking for High Performance Dance Flooring for Studio Use?

Browse our excellent range of dance floors for superior performance and durability, suitable for various dance styles and locations. From vinyl dance flooring to area elastic wood floor systems, we have the ideal solution for tap, ballet, modern, street and multi purpose dance floor use, maximising your available space and optimising your dancers comfort and technique.

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Vinyl Floors for Dance Studios

Available in a choice of fresh colours and versatile thicknesses, our point elastic, industry approved sprung vinyl flooring options are designed for maximum traction, fluidity in movement and foothold and the highest comfort. Vinyl floors are renowned for the their low maintenance and slip resistance offering great friction and control for a variety of dance styles.

  • Various Colours

  • Versatility

  • Suits all types of Dance style

  • Low Maintenance

Wood Dance Floors

Specific dance disciplines prefer the performance and feel of wood flooring, namely tap and ballroom dancing. Our Boen collection offers the market leading Actiflex system, widely used in Dance Studios and fitness spaces across the nation due to it's versatile and ultra strong composition. Simple to install and suitable for multi-use, this sprung system delivers safety and comfort for both dance, fitness and multi functional spaces such as community centres and leisure facilities.

  • Different Wood Colour Options

  • 15-25 Year Warranties

  • Multi Functional

Whether you are opening a new dance venue or upgrading your existing studio space, we have a contemporary dance floor solution to meet your individual needs.

Did you know?

We can also assist with installation services. If you are looking to source an approved dance flooring fitter to install your vinyl floor system or sprung wood flooring, we can use our trusted list of installers to deliver the finish you need. Get in touch.

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