Rubber Gym Flooring for Maximum Protection in Free Weight Areas is a Must

Most commercial gyms and home workout spaces use free weights.  It is therefore essential to ensure that free weight areas are protected from subfloor damage while supporting the user while they train.

If you have a free weights area in your facility or at home, you will know that comfort and high protection are key to maintaining safety to the user as well as the subfloor and surrounding environment.

Our range of rubber gym flooring tiles and rolls absorb shock from heavy weights, weight benches, rigs and equipment as well as intense activity. They safeguard against body injury and damage to the sub floor in all free weight areas as well as the main functional zones of a gym.

As well as protecting the body and subfloor, free weight flooring also reduces sound and vibrations from noisy weights and equipment, minimising noise disruption.

What is Free Weights Flooring?

Free weight flooring is constructed from a heavy duty, durable rubber in thicknesses from approx 30mm up to 60mm to suit different levels of activity and weight capacity. The denser the rubber gym flooring, the more shock absorption and the more effective it is for heavier weights.

What Thickness of Free Weight Flooring should I Opt for?

The thickness of free weights flooring should be able to withstand the weight capacity you intend to use. Most free weight flooring has a maximum weight drop, for example a 20mm thick floor has a max weight drop of approx 140kg. Use this has a guide to determine the best thickness when sourcing free weight flooring solutions.  Consider rubber flooring from 30mm + for the most effective noise reduction.

Can I use Free Weight Flooring for others uses other than a Free Weight Area?

Free weights flooring is versatile and one of the best floor solutions on the market for all round fitness use. It can be fitted in areas with heavy equipment to support machines such as treadmills, bikes and rowers as well as general workout areas. You can opt for a thicker tile solution for a free weight area and a less dense tile option for other zones that don't require the sound control or extra layer of protection.

Are Free Weight Mats easy to Maintain?

Our ultra durable Free Weight matting options are able to withstand dropped weights, heavy impact and high traffic while remaining easy to clean with no costly upkeep. They are able to tolerate wear and tear without specialist cleaning and are water resistant, meaning they will not absorb moisture that could cause damage, mould and bacteria.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have further questions on this product range, have any stock queries or would like any advice.

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