Outdoor Living and Fitness

For outdoor living and fitness, you need the right surface to match your needs and support your goals. Several factors contribute to choosing the best material to create a versatile space that you love. In this buying guide, we talk you through what you need to know when selecting an outdoor surface and four of the best options to buy. 

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  1. Which Outdoor Surface is Right for You?
  2. 4 Best Surfaces for Outdoor Living and Fitness

Which Outdoor Surface is Right for You?

Outdoor Living and Fitness

When it comes to outdoor living and fitness, you need to find a surface that not only supports your needs but can withstand changing temperatures and weather. There are a few different things to bear in mind when choosing your surface. On top of finding something that’s shock-absorbing and non-slip, you need to think about how it will cope with rain, cold, and sunshine. 

Although some fitness surfaces are great for doubling up as a play area inside, if you put that surface in an outdoor setting, it might not last long. Getting your flooring surface wrong can be a costly mistake. The last thing you want to do is install flooring that doesn’t support your needs and isn’t ready to handle rainy days. 

Whether you want to build an outdoor gym or a seating area for some family time in the summer, the best surface is durable, long-lasting, and creates the right feel. When choosing the best gym mat for outdoor exercise, here are a few factors to consider so you can make the ideal choice:


  • Purpose - how will you use the space and what is the main purpose? This will be the foundation for your decisions. 


  • Budget - you need to know how much you want to spend as this will dictate what materials you can use and the size of the space. 


  • Location - think about where you will install your outdoor living or fitness area. Consider the ground and the surrounding environment.


  • Weather - take into account the type of weather you experience throughout the year. Your flooring surface will need to handle sun, rain, and wind, without wearing heavily. 


  • Drainage - look at the drainage you have available and where water will go when it rains. 


  • Maintenance - flooring surfaces tend to have their own cleaning and maintenance guidelines. The ideal surface is easy to maintain and clean without the need for special cleaning products. 

All these elements will help you decide on the best route for your outdoor surface. Another factor to consider is whether your outdoor space will be covered or uncovered. If you want to use your space even when it’s raining or super sunny, you may want to install a permanent cover. If your surface is more protected from the elements, this might change your decision. 


Finally, will your outdoor surface be temporary or permanent? Some surfaces require installation like adhesive before use. Whereas others use an interlocking solution, so you don’t need to install the flooring permanently. If you're looking for something completely temporary, you might lean toward lighter, thinner rubber mats for garden.  

By considering all these different elements, you can narrow down your flooring choice and find the best surface for your project. That way, you can benefit from outdoor fitness in summer and all year round.

4 Best Surfaces for Outdoor Living and Fitness

Here are four of the best surfaces for your outdoor living and fitness area. From an outdoor children’s play area to a personal garden gym, or outdoor seating space, you can create a functional and exciting space.  

Coloured Playground Rubber Tiles 



The Safety Playground Rubber Tiles are specifically designed for outdoor use like a school floor tiles. The non-slip playground tiles are ideal for children’s play areas, garden areas, leisure centres, and recreational parks. In addition to shock-absorbing and anti-fatigue properties, the rubber outdoor flooring tiles can withstand all weather conditions. These are super durable and easy to clean and maintain. The range is available in three different colours as well as 30mm and 40mm options.  

Outdoor Interlocking Rubber Tiles 


Another great option is our Domestic Outdoor Interlocking Rubber Tiles. Again, these tiles are designed for the outdoors so they can easily handle all weather. They have maximum shock absorption properties so are perfect for play areas, fitness and general garden use. The simple interlocking system means the tiles are easy to install but retain complete stability. If you’re building an outdoor gym, this is a fantastic option. 

Sprung Rubber Antishock Gym Tile 



If you’re looking to do heavy weight training, you will need something like the Sprung Rubber Antishock Gym Tile. This would suit a covered outdoor space and is available in 40mm and 50mm as well as a whopping 60mm thickness for Olympic lifting. The tiles are shock absorbent and feature non-slip and anti fatigue capabilities for training. They are generally much more suited to someone looking for a serious training set-up instead of a children’s play area or day-to-day outdoor living. 

Artificial Grass and Sprint Tracks 


Another option is artificial grass and sprint tracks. This is for someone looking to do more HIIT training, sled work, and quick sprint sessions. Often sprint tracks work well alongside another surface to create a really versatile and functional space. Artificial turf allows for more options when it comes to working out. 

Final Thoughts 

In general, one of the best surfaces for outdoor living and fitness is rubber. It’s a very robust and durable material that is great for the outdoors. With an anti-porous surface, it can handle all the seasons from cold and wet to warm and sunny. By choosing the right surface for your outdoor project, you can enjoy your living and fitness area for years to come.

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