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Gym Flooring provides outdoor play area flooring solutions that priorities safety, protection, and durability. Our specialised options are tailored for school playgrounds and outdoor play areas, ensuring compliance with safety standards for climbing frames and overall safe play. Our anti-fatigue rubber mats feature a slip-resistant surface, ensuring children can play safely in various outdoor settings.



Excellent Quality


“These tiles have made a huge difference to our outside play area at the nursery. Safe, good fun and the children love to chalk all over them, which is soon washed away with the rain, and all look clean again. Excellent purchase and would definitely recommend.”




Perfect Flooring


“More than happy, these tiles are just perfect for the grandchildren to play on in the garden. After a lot of research, I ordered these tiles, and I am so glad I did. Great quality, easy to lay, and I am sure they will last for the duration — would highly recommend.”


Carolyn. L


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Great for Under Trampolines

“We had been searching high and low for a solution to putting a trampoline onto a paved garden but keeping it safe. We ordered these to go underneath, not just to stop it slipping and moving around, but also in case of falls. It’s worked brilliantly and is so easy to put down. Highly recommend it!!”


Anna. J





Reasons to Buy Your Outdoor Play Area Flooring from Gym Flooring

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Critical Fall Height Approved


Designing an outdoor play area that accommodates diverse play equipment, handles heavy foot traffic, and prioritises children's safety is complex. Our playground safety surfacing can make the job easier for you as it is certified to meet Critical Fall Height (CHF) standards. This certification ensures that our outdoor playground tiles can absorb the impact of a fall. They provide thickness, structure, and protective features to minimise injury risks, especially for elevated playground equipment like climbing frames and swings.


rubber tile









High Durability and Low Maintenance Rubber Playground Tiles

Unlike alternative playground surfaces, our outdoor playground rubber flooring is extremely durable and low maintenance. There are no additional expenses for regular treatments, costly repairs, or upkeep. Constructed from heavy-duty, recycled rubber, our play tiles are ultra-hardwearing and moisture-resistant, meaning they can withstand all weather conditions for year-round use without the concern of premature wear or damage.

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Artificial Grass for Safe and Comfortable Play


In five engaging colours, our artificial grass for playgrounds and kids' active areas is the ideal surface solution for safe and exciting play. It allows children to explore, run, climb, and jump in a protective environment, preventing slips and falls and safeguarding against injury.


Rubber Playground Tiles: The Perfect Solution for Safe Outdoor Play

Four Year Warranty
High Protection and Shock Absorption
Heavy Duty Material for High Durability
Slip Resistance and High Comfort
Simple Installation
Interlocking Options. No Adhesive Required
Low Maintenance and Easy Cleaning
Colour and Design Choice

Playground Flooring FAQs



What is the best flooring for a children’s playground?
Rubber flooring, such as interlocking rubber tiles, is popular for outdoor play areas. It provides excellent shock absorption, reducing the risk of injuries from falls. Rubber flooring is also durable, weather-resistant, and relatively low-maintenance.


Artificial grass surfaces offer a natural look and feel while providing a soft and safe surface for children to play on, and it doesn't require mowing or watering.
What is the best rubber flooring thickness for a children's playground?
The best thickness of rubber flooring for a children's playground can vary depending on several factors, including the equipment’s height, the children’s age group, and the critical fall height (CFH) requirements. The critical fall height is the maximum height from which a child can fall without sustaining a serious injury. Here are some general guidelines for choosing the appropriate thickness of rubber flooring:


- Critical Fall Height (CFH) Requirements: Determine the CFH for your playground equipment. CFH is typically specified by safety regulations and guidelines. It's essential to select rubber flooring that meets or exceeds the CFH for the equipment in your playground.


-Age Group: Consider the age group of the children using the playground. Younger children may require thicker rubber flooring because they are more likely to stumble or fall from lower heights.


- Playground Equipment: Consider the height of the tallest equipment or structures in your playground. Ensure that the rubber flooring thickness is suitable for adequate impact absorption for falls from those heights.


- Use Zone: The use zone is the area under and around playground equipment where a child might fall. The thickness of rubber flooring should extend beyond the use zone to provide a safe landing surface.


- Additional Safety Features: Our rubber flooring tiles have built-in shock-absorbing properties, enhancing safety. These products provide adequate protection with a thinner surface.


We provide rubber playground tiles in various thicknesses, from 30mm to 126mm.
Are your products safe for children in terms of allergens and toxicity?
Our rubber flooring and artificial grass surfaces are non-toxic, allergen-free, and meet safety standards for children's play areas. They are also made of 100% recycled materials.
Can I install your rubber flooring products myself, or do I need professional installation?
Many of our products are designed for DIY installation, but if you need help with installation, get in touch, and we will provide you with our list of approved UK installers.



Got more questions about outdoor playground flooring? Get in touch with us today, and our sales team will do their best to answer your questions and help you find the perfect flooring for your play area.  

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