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Walkway equine tiles, also known as horse-friendly walkway or pathway tiles, are specialized flooring systems designed for creating safe and comfortable pathways for horses in equestrian facilities. These tiles offer several benefits in terms of horse comfort, traction, and durability.


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 Key Features

  1. Horse Comfort: Walkway equine tiles are designed to provide a comfortable surface for horses to walk on. They offer cushioning and shock absorption properties, reducing the strain on horses' joints and hooves as they move along the pathway.

  2. Traction: These tiles are designed to provide excellent traction for horses, even in wet or slippery conditions. The textured surface or specialized patterns on the tiles enhance grip and stability, ensuring sure footing for horses as they walk or pass through the walkways.

  3. Durability: Walkway equine tiles are made from durable materials, such as rubber or high-density polyethylene (HDPE), that can withstand the weight of horses and heavy use. They are resistant to wear, tear, and impact, ensuring long-lasting and reliable performance in high-traffic areas.

  4. Easy Maintenance: Equine walkway tiles are easy to clean and maintain and are water and bacteria resistant. They can be swept or hosed down to remove dirt, debris, and manure without moisture absorbing into the surface.

  5. Versatility: Walkway equine tiles can be used in various areas within an equestrian facility, such as walkways between barns, paddocks, arenas, or wash bays. They provide a safe and comfortable surface for horses to move and help minimize the risk of injuries associated with walking on uneven or hard surfaces.

Dimensions 1000mm x 1000mm
Thickness 20mm
Shape Square
Profile Bevel Edge
Maximum Weight Drop 140kg
Applications Functional Training, Free Weights up to 140kg, Cardio & Strength, CrossFit
Properties Tough Elastic, High Compression Resistance and Impact Strength
Composition Recycled SBR Rubber granules from 70% truck tyres, bonded with PU
Technical Specification
Width +/-2%
Length +/-2%
Thickness +/-5%
Dry Conditions ≤ 105PTV | PN -EN 13036-
Wet Conditions ≤ 75PTV | 4:2004
Abrasion Resistance, mg ≤ 560 | PN - EN ISO 5470-1:2001
Tensile Strength, MPA ≥ 0.65
Elongation At Break ≥ 40 | PN - EN 12230:2005
Hardness 55 up to 75 | PN - ISO 868 PN-93/C-04206
Density 950 to 1,000kg/m3 | OTP 1168 PN-EN ISO 845 - 2010
Fire Classification Efl S1


92% SBR rubber + 8% PU adhesive
Gym Activity
Functional Training / Free Weights / Cardio & Strength Traning / Crossfit
Maximum Weight Drop
max. 140 KG
100cm x 100cm
Bulk Density
1050 KG/M3
Guarantee Duration
4 Years

Our current lead times are:

Stock items - 3 working days

Non-stock items - 5-7working days

For Pre-Order items we aim to dispatch these on the same day we receive the stock.

The website will be kept up to date with the current ETA

  • 4 Year Warranty
  • CE Certified
  • REACH Certified
  • VOC Certified
  • Abrasion EN ISO 5470-01: 2001
  • Flameproof 11925-2:201 Flame Retardancy
  • Sound Insulation Tested (Airborne and Sound Impact)
  • Friction Tested
  • EN 1177:2018 Height Drop Certification 

Please find attached 4 Year Warranty Cert.

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