Our new recycled solid rubber armchair

Sustainability, durability, and creativity rarely converge as magnificently as in our newly launched product – an armchair crafted from recycled rubber. This transformative piece of furniture is designed not only to upgrade your garden or children's playground but also to embody our ethos of promoting environmental responsibility through innovative design.

Turning Waste into Wonder

Our recycled rubber armchair is the embodiment of environmental consciousness. Crafted from discarded rubber materials that would otherwise fill up landfills, this armchair is our tribute to a sustainable future. We've turned the concept of waste on its head, transforming it into a functional, stylish, and durable product.

Designed for Durability

The recycled rubber armchair is incredibly durable, able to withstand varying weather conditions, from scorching heat to freezing cold. That means you can safely leave it in your garden or kids' playground all year round without any worry about damage. It's also robust enough to endure the rigours of energetic children at play, making it a perfect addition to a playground setting.

A New Level of Comfort

Don't let the material fool you. This recycled rubber armchair offers an unprecedented level of comfort. The rubber has been expertly treated and moulded to provide a flexible and supportive seat that adapts to the shape of the person sitting, offering a bespoke seating experience.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Versatile

In addition to its functionality and comfort, our recycled rubber armchair boasts a unique aesthetic that is both rustic and contemporary. It adds a distinct character to your garden or playground, becoming a point of conversation and admiration. Its neutral black tone makes it a versatile addition to any color scheme, and its texture adds an intriguing visual and tactile element.

A Product with a Story

Every recycled rubber armchair has a unique story. Each chair is made from different batches of recycled rubber, meaning no two are exactly alike. It's a product with a narrative rooted in sustainability and the circular economy, making it more than just a piece of furniture – it's a statement.


In our quest for innovative and sustainable solutions, we're proud to introduce the recycled rubber armchair, a product that delivers on comfort, durability, and style. By choosing this armchair, you're not only enhancing your outdoor space or playground but also actively participating in a more sustainable future. So, why not add a touch of sustainable comfort to your garden or playground? Make the eco-friendly choice today – for you, your children, and our planet.


July 09, 2023 — Richard McKay