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Karate-Do Training - Why We Could All Benefit From Some Karate Kicks

Katie McKay |

Karate-Do Training - Why We Could All Benefit From Some Karate Kicks

With the hit show Kobra Kai hitting our screens a couple of years ago and the well-loved Mr Miyagi still a firm favourite in our hearts, Karate has always been a fascination for young and old alike.   Now a mainstream sport with Tokyo 2020 hosting its Olympic debut , Karate has been branded the fastest growing sport globally.



That brings us to our own brush with the world of Karate.

Now proud sponsors of the World-Class Shitokai Karate Club, a dynamic Martial Arts community who coach youngsters, teens and adults in the Greater Glasgow areas of the city, it is one of the largest Shitoryu Karate Associations in the country with leading instructors boasting over 30 years in practicing the art. 



They specialise in Karate-Do, a form of the sport which focuses on the balance of movement and mindset to create optimal performance, both on the Karate Mat and in all areas of modern life.



Run by Terry Connell, a time-served Karate master, the club has moulded the talents of many International athletes for Scotland's National Karate Team, the European Championships and Team GB.  Terry's daughters, both coaches and medalists themselves play a large role in promoting and fueling the clubs passion for the sport within this friendly and family-like environment.

The Shitokai club is a diverse group, ranging from 4 years to senior adults, an ASN class for all age groups and a huge community summer camp following. 



Multiple Awards 

With the highest number of candidates chosen to represent Scotland and Britain from just one club, the high-achieving group are prominent players on the international stage with a legion of medals and awards to their name.  



So what is it that makes this lively group so successful?

Personal Approach

The club's philosophy is not soley based on skill and commitment to the sport.  There is a strong culture of fellowship, wellbeing and self-growth. Talent is nurtured gently but with spirit allowing individuals to work on their own personal development and achieve their goals. 




Shitokai promotes a great sense of community, social inclusion and perhaps most of all, adventure.  In other words, it's fantastic fun.  Kids can enjoy summer classes, workshops and events while working towards individual goals.



Kicking Up a Storm

It is easy to see why Karate is one of the most popular Martial Arts sports out there given the ongoing success of Shitokai.   Not to mention the thousands of online searches growing each month for available lessons.  Parents are particularly keen to enrol their own little ninjas into Karate training, with the sport being synonymous with discipline, respect and skill.  

With that being said, let's look at the main benefits of Karate training in more detail.

Key Benefits for Kid's Karate

1. Confidence

Learning a discipline such as Karate from a young age helps to build confidence and self-esteem.  Kids learn through fun, fast-paced skill games how to protect and defend themselves while developing their agility, co-ordination and flexibility.  These skills help children to appreciate their own capabilities and thrive among their own peer group.



2. Improved Fitness Levels

Karate is an active, cardiovascular sport which uses all muscles of the body.  In Karate coaching, kids learn various techniques and moves that improve their general fitness, build strength and power.  It encourages them to keep active by practicing their newly learned skills at home and learn fun and rewarding aspects of fitness.



3. Increased Concentration

Another great life skill to master, Karate lessons can enhance a young person's concentration span.  They learn to focus on their technique, master their form and practice their performance through structured practice and commitment.




4. Self-Defense

One of the main benefits of Karate is learning self-defence.  It encourages children to counter measure as opposed to attack, learn self-restraint and how to manage conflict in order to interact effectively with others.  



5. Instills Discipline & Respect

The ancient art of Karate has an ethos of honour and respect at its very core.  Children and youths learn these fundamentals from the beginning of their Karate training which developes their character and helps them to build positive relationships based on mutual respect.



These are just some of the plus points of youth Karate.  At Shitokai Karate, Terry Connell and his committed team have excelled at providing a constructive and inspiring platform for children and youths to develop their abilities, build character and make great friendships.


Final Thoughts

Martial Arts, namely Karate-Do has been recognised as an excellent opportunity for young children to enjoy an active sport and at the same time, harness essential life skills along the way.  Whether it is used to improve fitness, learn self-defence or work to a professional standard, Karate is a versatile and rewarding sport whatever you're looking to get out of it.



Have you ever considered sampling what Karate has to offer for yourself or little one?  The sport is available to anyone, at all levels of fitness and age groups and tons of parents, kids and siblings train together.  Great news is, most Karate Clubs, including Shitokai offer free Trial sessions so there's no reason why you shouldn't give it a go. Go on, Mr Miyagi would be proud.


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