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Outdoor Gym Turf and Outdoor Rubber Gym Tiles

Outdoor Gym Turf and Outdoor Rubber Gym Tiles

Richard McKay |

With urban spaces becoming increasingly limited, the utilisation of redundant rooftop areas has become a smart and innovative solution. These spaces offer exciting opportunities for commercial gyms, providing a unique and inspiring environment for fitness enthusiasts. By incorporating outdoor gym grass and rubber gym tiles, you can transform a redundant rooftop into a dynamic and inviting commercial gym. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of utilising rooftop spaces for commercial gyms and how outdoor gym grass and rubber gym tiles can elevate the fitness experience.

  1. Capitalising on Unused Rooftop Space:

Rooftops often remain under utilised in commercial buildings, making them an untapped resource for expanding your gym's footprint. By converting a redundant rooftop into a commercial gym, you can maximise your available space and attract new members who appreciate the novelty of an elevated fitness environment. This unique setting provides a refreshing change of scenery and a sense of escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  1. Embracing the Beauty of Outdoor Training:

Outdoor gym grass and rubber gym tiles allow you to embrace the beauty and benefits of outdoor training in your rooftop gym. The outdoor environment offers fresh air, natural light, and panoramic views, creating a revitalising and invigorating ambiance for workouts. Exercising outdoors has been shown to enhance mood, reduce stress levels, and increase overall satisfaction with the fitness experience.

  1. Outdoor Gym Grass: A Natural and Comfortable Surface:

Outdoor gym grass provides a natural and comfortable surface for workouts on your rooftop gym. Its soft texture offers cushioning and support for various exercises, including bodyweight movements, yoga, and stretching. The grass-like appearance creates an inviting and organic feel, bringing a touch of nature to your gym. Outdoor gym grass is also durable and resilient, capable of withstanding heavy use and varying weather conditions.

  1. Rubber Gym Tiles: Durability and Safety:

Rubber gym tiles are an excellent addition to your rooftop gym, providing durability, safety, and versatility. These tiles are designed to withstand high-impact activities and heavy equipment, making them ideal for a commercial gym setting. The shock-absorbing properties of rubber tiles help reduce the risk of injuries from falls and provide a stable surface for weightlifting and functional training exercises. Rubber gym tiles are also slip-resistant, ensuring a safe workout environment even in wet or humid conditions.

  1. Functional Zoning and Layout:

Utilising outdoor gym grass and rubber gym tiles allows for functional zoning and layout within your rooftop gym. Designate specific areas for different workout styles, such as cardio zones, strength training areas, and functional fitness spaces. The outdoor gym grass can be utilised for yoga and stretching areas, while the rubber gym tiles create a defined space for equipment and weightlifting. This thoughtful layout enhances the flow of your gym and provides members with a well-organised and efficient workout experience.

  1. Unique Outdoor Training Opportunities:

A rooftop gym offers unique outdoor training opportunities that are not typically available in traditional indoor gyms. Take advantage of the open space to incorporate outdoor functional training equipment, such as battle ropes, suspension trainers, and agility obstacles. Members can enjoy outdoor circuit training, interval workouts, or group fitness classes with a refreshing view. The rooftop setting adds an element of excitement and inspiration to their fitness routine.


Transforming a redundant rooftop space into a commercial gym offers a myriad of benefits, including the utilisation of untapped real estate and the creation of an inspiring fitness environment. By incorporating outdoor gym grass and rubber gym tiles, you can maximise the potential of your rooftop gym. Embrace the beauty of outdoor training, provide a natural and comfortable surface for workouts, and create a functional layout that optimises the available