Best Quality Range of Rubber Outdoor Flooring Tiles

We have an amazing outdoor flooring range of rubber tiles for outdoor facilities or domestic use. Whether you want to set up an outdoor gym area or a safe space for recreational purposes, our tile options have all the relevant properties needed for external use.

Available in a variety of thickness and colours, the rubber tiles are the perfect choice for multi-purpose outdoor flooring. Easy to install and even easier to maintain, rubber tiles are non-slip and weather-resistant for optimal safety.

What makes Rubber Tiles the Best Choice for Outdoor Settings?

Shock Absorbency

Rubber tiles offer a great balance between rigidity and elasticity. Hence, making them a naturally shock-absorbing material. Rubber tiles are perfect to take on heavy impact especially when you perform power-packed activity like cardio exercise or weight training.

Environment Suitability

Moisture or heat cannot damage the integrity of rubber flooring therefore heavy rainfall or intense sunlight will not affect the tiles performance or durability. 

Noise Reduction

Rubber flooring absorbs noise from heavy impact or repeated activities in exercise and play.  This means that the use of outdoor garden flooring is less disruptive to the surrounding area or facility.


Known for their density and non-slip surface, rubber flooring provides optimal support and protection from slips and falls.

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