Blue grass sled track with blue sports vinyl sprint track, rubber tiles and gym turf

Designing a commercial gym that caters to diverse fitness needs requires careful consideration of the layout and flooring options. By incorporating different surfaces and colours, you can create dynamic zones within your gym that enhance functionality and aesthetic appeal. In this blog post, we'll explore how the strategic use of a blue turf sled track, blue sports vinyl sprint track, black rubber tiles, and green gym turf can help you create distinct zones in your commercial gym, offering versatility and an engaging workout experience for your members.

  1. Blue Turf Sled Track: Power and Strength Zone

Introduce a powerful and visually striking element to your gym with a blue turf sled track. This surface is ideal for strength and conditioning workouts, allowing members to push heavy sleds and engage in intense resistance-based exercises. The vibrant blue colour not only adds visual appeal but also creates a distinct zone that encourages members to focus on power and strength training.

  1. Blue Sports Vinyl Sprint Track: Speed and Agility Zone

Enhance the speed and agility training area of your commercial gym with a blue sports vinyl sprint track. This surface is specifically designed for sprint workouts, agility drills, and explosive movements. The blue colour of the track creates an energetic and invigorating atmosphere, motivating members to push their limits and improve their speed and quickness.

  1. Black Rubber Tiles: Functional Training Zone

Create a dedicated functional training zone in your gym with black rubber tiles. These tiles provide excellent shock absorption and durability, making them perfect for bodyweight exercises, functional training, and circuit workouts. The sleek black colour adds a touch of sophistication to the area and complements various equipment and workout accessories. The versatility of the black rubber tiles allows members to engage in a wide range of exercises, promoting functional movement and overall fitness.

  1. Green Gym Turf: Cardio and Conditioning Zone

Establish a vibrant cardio and conditioning zone in your commercial gym with green gym turf. This surface offers a natural and inviting feel, mimicking the look and texture of real grass. The green colour adds a refreshing touch and creates a sense of connection with the outdoors. Members can engage in cardio exercises, circuit training, or core workouts on the gym turf, providing them with a versatile and comfortable space to improve cardiovascular fitness and conditioning.

  1. Functional Line Markings: Organisation and Guidance

To further enhance the effectiveness of the different zones, consider incorporating functional line markings on the surfaces. These markings help delineate each area, providing visual cues and guidance for specific exercises and workouts. Line markings can include sprint distance markers, agility course outlines, or designated spaces for functional movements. The use of functional line markings adds structure and organisation to your gym, facilitating efficient and focused training sessions for your members.


By incorporating a combination of blue turf sled track, blue sports vinyl sprint track, black rubber tiles, and green gym turf, you can create dynamic zones within your commercial gym that cater to various fitness needs. The strategic use of different surfaces and colours adds functionality, aesthetic appeal, and an engaging workout experience for your members. Embrace the versatility and visual impact of these surfaces, and utilise functional line markings to create distinct zones that inspire members to push their limits and achieve their fitness goals. Elevate your commercial gym by incorporating these elements and transform it into a dynamic space where members can thrive and enjoy an enhanced fitness experience.

June 12, 2023 — Richard McKay