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Gym Mats to Support your Workout Type

Gym Mats to Support your Workout Type

Katie McKay |

Regular exercise is good for your body and mind. Although it’s more exciting to focus on your exercise routine and equipment, your gym matting is an important decision. It’s easy to forget about gym matting, but the right product supports your body and performance. You need to align your gym matting with your intended purpose, goals, and workout type. Keep reading to find out the best gym mats to support your workout type. 

In this article: 


  • How to Choose the Best Workout for You 
  • 6 Gym Mats for Your Workout Type 

How to Choose the Best Workout for You 


Choosing the best workout for you is about finding exercise that you can do regularly. To see progress and meet your goals, you need to commit to a workout routine. Consistency is key in exercise. 

Whether you plan to lose some weight or just want to work out for general health benefits, physical fitness is essential to your overall well-being. When choosing your workouts, it’s important that you select workout types that you can perform week in and week out. Here are some tips for choosing the best workout for you:


  • Find an exercise that you enjoy 
  • Choose different types of exercise 
  • Pick workouts that match your lifestyle 
  • Vary the workout intensity throughout the week 
  • Join a sports club or class
  • Set aside time each day for exercise 
  • Work out with a friend for motivation 

6 Gym Mats for Your Workout Type

There’s a huge variety of workouts to suit different abilities and interests. Whether you love badminton, yoga, or weightlifting, you can find a gym mat designed with a specific activity in mind. Gym mats can be suitable for home, garage, and commercial gyms, depending on your environment. Here are six gym mats for your workout type. 

1. Yoga


With yoga, you tend to have a lot of floor work as you flow in and out of poses. The 20mm Sprung Premium Colour Gym Matting is a great option for yoga with plenty of traction and shock absorption. These tiles are ideal for creating a home gym or defining workout zones within a commercial gym.

2. Multi-Purpose


When it comes to gym matting that covers different types of workouts, you have a few options. You could opt for a sports vinyl as it’s designed for multi-purpose activities, fitness, dance, and competition sports. Another option is to go for the Fleckz Puzzle Interlocking Gym Tiles and interlocking rubber gym mats. These are suitable for lighter impact fitness without heavy weight use. 

3. Outdoor Workout


If you’re exercising outdoors in the garden or need to create an outdoor members area at your gym, you need to factor in things like weather and drainage. Your standard indoor gym tiles will not be suitable for outdoors. Instead, try the Rubber Outdoor Tiles for Garden and Patio, as they are intended for outdoor use. They are ideal for outdoor fitness, play, and general outdoor living.  



HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a quick and effective workout type. The 20mm Sprung Rubber Heavy Duty Gym Tile is a good option for HIIT workouts in home and commercial gyms. They are easy to install and feature plenty of shock absorption for mid to high impact activities.  

5. Barre


Barre is a mixture of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. The low-impact activity uses a ballet barre throughout to work the whole body. Often, with barre workouts, the best flooring is similar to dance and fitness. In this care, Sprung Wood Flooring is a fantastic choice. The Sprung SmartFit range is a good solution for fitness and dance with a clever 5G click system for easy installation. 

6. Weightlifting


When it comes to weightlifting, your flooring needs to withstand heavy weights. The wrong flooring will chip and crack prematurely. If you intend on lifting heavy weights, you need to install thick rubber flooring. The 60mm Rubber Gym Mat is ideal for hardcore and Olympic weightlifting. It features sound insulation, shock absorption, and plenty of traction to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Gym mats are essential for safe movement. By aligning your workout type to your gym mats, you can choose the right product for you that supports the body and reduces the chance of injuries. 


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