Lets Chat Gym Mats: 5 Types of Gym Mats for Fitness and Exercise 

Gym mats are a must for home and commercial gyms. You can design workout zones, create a fitness nook, and elevate your workout experience with high grade gym mats. There are plenty of choices to suit your decor and needs from bold colours to sleek black and neutral tones. Keep reading to find out the best types of gym mats for fitness and exercise. 

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  • Gym Mats for Fitness, Sports, and Exercise 
  • 5 Types of Gym Mats for Your Next Fitness Project 

Gym Mats for Fitness, Sports, and Exercise 


Gym mats cushion the body while protecting the subfloor. The result is a workout that is not only safer on the joints but gym mats also help your equipment to last longer. Whether you’re upping your home workout schedule or need to create fitness zones in your gym for members, gym mats are a straightforward yet effective solution. 


Fitness and gyms mats come in different sizes and styles, with some more suited to specific workouts. Gym mats are durable and long-lasting. Benefits of gym mats include: 

  • Good shock absorption 
  • Sound insulation 
  • Non-slip properties 
  • Easy to install  

5 Types of Gym Mats for Your Next Fitness Project 


Whether you’re a yogi, weightlifter, or HIIT-lover, you can find a gym mat that suits your fitness project. Gym mats can suit both residental and commerical solutions and help you improve the overall fitness experience. Here are five types of gym mats to consider for your next workout. 

1. Sprung Standard Range Gym Mats

The standard Sprung gym mat comes in various thicknesses from 11mm to a whopping 60mm. If you’re looking for a combination of affordability and durability, this is a good choice. It delivers excellent shock absorption, sound insulation, and non-slip properties for all types of training. You can lay the gym mats loose or glue them down with an adhesive. 

2. Sprung Antishock Gym Mats


If you’re looking to create a free weights area and do some serious lifting, then the Sprung Antishock Gym Mats are ideal. The basic idea is that the heavier you lift, the thicker your mats should be. For hardcore training, these mats come in 40mm to 60mm thicknesses. The mats are also compatible with underfloor heating. 

3. Sprung Interlocking Gym Mats

The Sprung Konnecta range features interlocking gym mats. The tiles feature a self-locking system that makes them super easy to install while providing maximum structural support. Available in 20mm and 30mm, these unique self-locking gyms are an ideal solution for professional gym and training areas. 

4. Sprung Puzzle Gym Mats


If you’re looking for gym mats that you can just put down and use, these puzzle mats are fantastic. They are very simple to assemble and are more suited to low-impact fitness rather than heavy weights. Puzzle mats double up a great foundation for children’s play and are perfect for places around the house like the garage, shed, or utility room. 

5. Coloured TPE Gym Mats


For bold, bright, and colourful fitness zones, the Sprung colour gym mats should be at the top of your list. The refined rubber mats feature a high-grade TPE top layer. The mats have excellent shock absorption, slip resistance and durability for free weights and high impact exercise. You can install coloured gym mats in both commercial and home gym settings. 

Train in comfort and increase shock absorption by setting a strong foundation for fitness. Whether you’re upgrading your home fitness nook or creating workout zones in your commercial gym, fitness mats are a modern solution that can increase safety and boost overall performance. 

May 24, 2021 — Richard McKay