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What is the Best Gym Mat for Outdoor Exercise?


Michael Geraghty |

With the weather heating up and the sun shining, you can benefit from exercise and being outdoors. If you’re installing permanent outdoor flooring, you need to find the right product that can withstand changing temperatures and weather.

In this article: 


  • The Benefits of Outdoor Exercise
  • 3 Gym Mats for Outdoor Exercise 

Table of Contents

The Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

guy doing plank

Exercise in itself is great for your physical and mental health. It helps you to maintain a healthy weight and clears the mind. But, when you exercise outdoors, you get even more benefits. Outdoor exercise acts as a natural antidepressant because sunshine naturally increases serotonin, a hormone that impacts your mood. 

Outdoor exercise can also help to reduce stress and tension. In addition, the fresh air can help you to fall asleep and improve your sleep quality. The natural light from the sunshine provides the vitamin D your body needs to thrive. 

 When you exercise outdoors, there are a few things you need to consider. Here are our top tips for outdoor exercise: 


  • Sun protection - don’t forget to wear your SPF when you’re outside.  
  • Supportive shoes - good walking or running shoes protect your body from injury. 
  • Water - stay hydrated throughout your workout.
  • Shade - if the sun is high, try to work out in the shade.

Gym Mat for Outdoor Exercise

When you exercise outdoors, you need to factor in changing weather, rain, and drainage. Rubber fitness mats are ideal for fitness, but you can’t use all gym mats for outdoors. If you’re looking to create an outdoor fitness space in your garden or for your members, here are three rubber outdoor flooring options for outdoor exercise.


Rubber Antishock Gym Tile

The Sprung Rubber AntiShock Gym Tiles in 40mm and 60mm are so weighty and robust that you can use them outdoors. They feature a studded understructure which allows for easy drainage even in wet weather. The anti-porous surface is sustainable enough to withstand heat and cold conditions. The thick rubber gym mats are hefty enough to handle any hardcore weightlifting session.

Our specialised range of recycled HD rubber tiles are available in a number of thicknesses (depending on the intensity of your training), bold and neutral colours and designs with unique locking features, matching edge ramps and adhesive for a seamless finish. Create the perfect platform for your personal gym routine and add your own personality.

  • 100% HD High Quality Recycled Rubber
  • Shock Absorption
  • Sound Insulation
  • Connect Self-Locking (Konnecta range)
  • Simple Installation
  • Super easy Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Matching edge ramps and adhesive available
  • 6mm to 60mm thicknesses available
  • Colours and Fleckz options


Rubber Outdoor Garden Tiles


If you’re looking for a flooring solution that serves multiple purposes, the Rubber Outdoor Garden Tiles are ideal. Available in 30mm and 40mm, the outdoor garden tiles are suitable for fitness, exercise, play, leisure centres, and outdoor living. The premium rubber tiles with UV particles can withstand weather and temperatures while offering plenty of shock absorption, traction, and anti-fatigue properties.


Playground Rubber Tiles


Looking for the best flooring option for outside? We have the outdoor flooring for you. Safety, weather resistance and simple maintenance are all key factors in deciding on the correct outdoor rubber floor solution in a residential setting. Our garden and patio tiles bring all the essential features needed to enjoy outdoor living. 

Comfortable and non-slip features make this product an ideal choice for any outdoor tile for the garden or patio. The tiles can also be used for multiple outdoor applications such as playground areas, outdoor gyms and more. 

Formulated with advanced design, our rubber tiles for garden and patio give your surface an additional layer of comfort and safety. With maximum shock absorbency, they can easily tackle heavy traffic, vigorous fitness activities and continuous play.

This product is easy to install and doesn’t require any professional help fitting assistance. 

For children’s outdoor play areas, the best option is these Safety Playground Rubber Tiles. The non-slip rubber tiles feature fall height protection and excellent traction to reduce the likelihood of injuries, slips, and falls. The outdoor rubber tiles allow for water drainage, so there is no moisture accumulation. These tiles are super durable and can withstand repeated use. 


Outdoor workouts offer tremendous benefits. Whether you need to build an outdoor fitness area for your members or create an outdoor garden gym, gym matting is a crucial choice. Make sure that your gym mats are durable and can withstand changing weather and temperatures. When it comes to outdoor fitness and play, safety is paramount.   

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