Recent Gym Reviews - What Do Our Customers Say About Us in 2021?

To say that this last year has been a little crazy would be a massive understatement. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, we’re so excited to see our lovely customers update their garden areas, create home gyms, and upgrade their commercial gyms. If you’re wondering what our customers say about us in 2021, look no further. 


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  • 2021 Gym Reviews: What Do Our Customers Think?


Why Do Our Customers Choose Gym Flooring 

We understand the importance of fitness in today’s world and fully believe that exercise is fundamental and something that everyone should access. That’s why we deliver a combination of value and quality to support our customers. 


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you believe that your product and service are right for your customers, there should be no reason why you don’t offer 100% satisfaction. That’s why we offer this level of guarantee. So much thought goes into our product offering, pricing structure, and customer experience that we believe that there should be no other option except for 100% satisfaction. 

Largest Collection of Cost-Effective Gym Floors

In the last 12 months, we’ve had 10,000 happy customers. We’re proud to say that we have the largest and highest quality assortment of cost-effective gym floors. Our flooring is durable and designed for commercial and home gyms to suit a variety of sports, fitness types, and settings. 


50-Year Family-Owned Business 

Gym Flooring is born from a family business that spans 50 years. Over time, our brand Sprung has made its way to the top of the UK fitness community. 


2021 Gym Reviews: What Do Our Customers Think?

Gym flooring needs to be durable and designed for purpose. Naturally, when you exercise or go to the gym, there is a higher risk of accidents when you involve weights, large gym equipment, and movement. In case you were wondering what our customers think, here are some of our recent glowing reviews. 


High-Quality and Fast Delivery 

Great product and a great speedy delivery would recommend these to anyone.” - Barry 

Great flooring, easy to install. Bought to replace a cheap alternative, should have just got this last time. 5 ⭐️” - Gary 


Expert Sales Support and Guidance 

I am really pleased with the results and cannot wait to get the equipment installed and start to get my exercise from using the room rather than building it.

I highly recommend this company based upon the service that I have received (good advice and fast delivery) and the quality of the product.” - Stephen  


Amazing Customer Service

Thrilled with the fleck 20mm. It’s made all the difference to our home gym. Looks very smart. Easy to sweep clean. Enough spring for weights, cardio etc and suitable for yoga too.

Amazing email customer service and the kerbside delivery - even though pebble drive- was completely hassle free.” - Liz 

Purchased new tiles for home gym. They're very sturdy and ideal under my treadmill. Also seem to deaden the sound within the home. Excellent quality and service.” - Michael 


Easy to Install 

A great product from a company that did everything the way a customer would like. Excellent information from purchase, delivery and installation process.” - Christopher 

Just installed it ourselves. It’s great, easy to lay, durable, good protection when we drop weights on it and it looks great.” - Michelle 


Our customer service, quality of products, and value are at the core of the business. This is just a glimpse of our recent customer reviews. We look forward to serving more customers and helping you create the right kind of fitness environment for your needs.

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