How to Choose 3x3 Basketball Flooring

 Basketball Flooring

If you’re looking to add a basketball court to your garden, gym, or fitness facility, have you considered modular tiles? Court flooring is a fantastic addition to any sports and fitness environment. Basketball flooring is simple to install and easy to maintain. With connecting modular tiles, you can create a good surface for sport that withstands harsh weather and provides protection against injuries. 

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What is 3x3 Basketball Flooring?

Basketball Flooring

A great way to set up a basketball court is by using Sprung Grid Jump 3x3 Basketball Flooring. The court flooring consists of interlocking modular tiles made from hard plastic. They are designed to be heavy-duty, non-slip, and anti-bacterial. The idea is that they allow for maximum safety while providing a great surface to play sports. 

Basketball Flooring

The interlocking tiles use an innovative self-locking installation design. The locking system controls thermal expansion and contraction in all climates. This makes the tiles suitable for all climates as it adjusts according to the temperature. Being able to cope with all weather and provide maximum safety is essential when thinking about outdoor court flooring. 

Benefits of 3x3 Basketball Flooring

Easy to Install 

Basketball Flooring


Basketball court flooring is easy to install with a clever self-locking design. The tiles come in 3x3 blocks which makes it simple to adjust to different size spaces when ordering. If you’re looking to create a certain design, the modular tiles come in yellow, red, blue, and green. This is ideal for designing the classic basketball court look and feel. 


Basketball Flooring


Any sports centre flooring you buy should be durable. It should last for years and be able to handle daily wear and tear. With bouncing balls, quick feet, and high-impact movements, your court flooring should be resistance to scuffs, marks, and indents. The heavy-duty tiles use a hard plastic which produces a resilient and durable surface.


Basketball Flooring


Basketball flooring is much more shock absorbent than concrete. It provides a good level of support and features shock-absorbing properties to protect the body from repeated impact. As the flooring material absorbs shock, you’ll notice better support, especially during jump shots, running, and other movements that are notoriously tough on joints. 

3 Ways You Can Use 3x3 Basketball Flooring 

Due to the resilience and durability of interlocking modular tiles, they can be used for a range of activities, both sport and non-sport. Here are three ways you can use 3x3 basketball flooring.  

Outdoor Basketball Court


Let’s start with the obvious one. The plastic tiles are great for outdoor basketball courts. The plastic is impact and chemical resistant. It holds its colour and can be used throughout any season. As you can buy the tiles in grids, you can create a big or small basketball court depending on the space available. 

Children's Playground

Basketball Flooring


The majority of the time, flooring that is suitable for sports or fitness naturally lends itself to recreation and children’s playground areas. This is because the same qualities are needed for both. Play mats for indoor and outdoor use should be shock-absorbing and provide plenty of traction to avoid slips and falls. The range of colours means you can design a fun and colourful space that children will love while building a safe space for play that the parents will love. 

Multi-Sport Court

Basketball Flooring


Court flooring caters to a range of sports such as volleyball, tennis, basketball, and more. If building a versatile space is important, plastic modular tiles can help you achieve that for an outdoor setting. With outdoor sport and exercise, flooring needs to remain high-quality in any type of weather. When you’re looking for a solution to support outdoor activity, it’s essential that you choose the right material that can tackle all weather. 

Basketball Flooring


Plastic modular tiles are an excellent option for sport flooring and creating an outdoor basketball court. Whether you’re looking to upgrade a children’s playground area or need to build a multi-sport outdoor court facility, outdoor tiles can help produce a versatile space. With weatherproof properties, thermal expansion, and fantastic traction, 3x3 grids can help to minimise injuries, slips, and falls. From dribbling the ball to jump shots, your flooring should absorb the impact that would otherwise take a toll on your joints over time. If you’re looking for outdoor sport flooring that will withstand the rainy UK weather, Grid Jump 3x3 flooring is an excellent choice.

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