Top Tips for Buying Table Tennis Flooring

Table tennis flooring

 A good floor will elevate both performance and comfort for a table tennis player. It’s important to focus on the game rather than potential injuries or fatigue. Table tennis requires swift movement in different directions. The flooring should be durable with plenty of traction to support these types of activities. From a playing perspective, your flooring is integral for optimum performance. If you’re looking for table tennis flooring for the home or a professional facility, keep reading to find out more. 

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Why Do You Need Specific Flooring for Table Tennis?


Whether you’re hosting professional athletes, school-age students, or the general public, table tennis flooring requires specific properties. This is because of the way the body moves during the sport and the equipment needed. 

During a game, the player changes direction rapidly and often reverts back to the same spot. Because of this, you need plenty of traction and shock absorption to take the impact off of the joints. With table tennis, you still need a good level of shock absorption to increase comfort for the player and ease the impact on the body. On top of this, you have heavy tables on the flooring. So, anything that dents easily or can’t handle heavy equipment is immediately out of the running. 

Table tennis flooring should allow the players to move from side to side freely without worrying about each step. The reason many gyms and players use specific table tennis flooring is to provide a safe base that doesn’t compromise at all on performance. 

With a very high resistance to scratches, your flooring should last for years to come. Durability is essential for high-traffic zones. Another factor to consider is maintenance. Your floor should be easy to clean and maintain. The resistance to wear and tear will help the floor look great even with regular and heavy use. 

What Material Should You Use for Table Tennis Flooring?


A textured sports surface is ideal for table tennis flooring. In general, vinyl sports flooring is a popular choice for the sport. This type of flooring is designed for rapid direction changes and quick spinning, all while providing plenty of shock absorption and traction. 

Our Sprung Sports for Table Tennis Vinyl flooring solution is part of our dedicated sports flooring solution range. The flooring consists of three layers to optimise performance and boost comfort underfoot. With a foam layer, glass fibre reinforcement layer, and a vinyl top layer, the flooring is versatile and easy to install. When it comes to vinyl flooring, you can buy it by the roll. Generally, we advise that you allow for about 10% wastage when cutting the roll to your space. But overall rolls are a fantastic and straightforward way to install flooring in a large space. 

Table tennis flooring


3 Must-Have Qualities of Table Tennis Flooring

When searching for table tennis flooring, there are a few qualities and properties you should keep an eye out for. As with any sports flooring, you’re looking to find something that creates a safe foundation for exercise, comfort, and optimum performance. Here are three must-have qualities for your table tennis flooring. 

Resistance to Marks and Indents 

Naturally, table tennis uses heavy and big pieces of equipment. The sport is played on a large table. So, your flooring needs to be resistant to marks and indents. A material like foam isn’t suitable for table tennis as it would mark and tear easily under the pressure of the table. When designing flooring for table tennis, the material tends to have superior resistance to indentations. Otherwise, you will quickly mark and damage the flooring. 



With any sport or exercise, comfort is essential. You want your flooring to provide a good level of comfort to players. Shock absorption qualities should offer bounce yet still be firm. The right flooring should be comfortable underfoot while easing the impact on your joints. The footing is essential during table tennis, so flooring should be supportive yet comfortable. A sprung vinyl flooring can help create the right balance while maintaining good durability. 

Superior Traction and Grip 

Table tennis flooring


Excellent traction and grip are must-have for table tennis. When you’re shifting from side to side, you want the body to move freely. By using flooring with optimal surface friction, the player can focus all their efforts on the game. When you’re searching for flooring for specific sports, it’s a good idea to find solutions that have been designed with that sport or type of movement in mind. For example, wooden sprung flooring is great for fitness and dance environments, but you wouldn’t use it for a free weights area. Table tennis flooring has specific requirements, so you need to take these into account when finding the best solution for your project. 

Does Table Tennis Flooring Have Other Applications?

Table tennis flooring


With table tennis, the body moves side to side swiftly and rapidly changes direction during the game. Because of this, table tennis flooring has other applications that it’s well suited to. The vinyl sports flooring is ideal for sports like badminton and even martial arts and fencing. Although red vinyl flooring is better suited to table tennis, the flooring is available in other colours. Depending on your activity, you can adjust the colour accordingly to match your facility and general design. 


If you’re looking for badminton court flooring, our vinyl sports flooring solution comes in green. This is perfect for a sports hall or dedicated badminton facility. With badminton, your body moves quickly and you change direction throughout the game. If you watch a badminton match, you can see how swift the footing looks. This means you need plenty of traction and shock absorption. 

Table tennis flooring


Table tennis flooring can also accommodate non-sporting events. If your event requires tables and chairs, you will be able to use vinyl sports flooring without using a protective layer. This is because the floor is already designed to handle heavy gym equipment. So, you don’t have to worry about indents and scratches from objects such as tables and chairs. Creating a versatile space is incredibly useful, especially in facilities like a school sports hall or leisure centre.  

Table tennis flooring


Your table tennis flooring is vital for the longevity of your facility and your players’ performance. As a player who moves quickly and rapidly changes direction, your flooring should support that activity. If you’re considering upgrading your flooring or looking to create a brand new facility, vinyl sports flooring should be at the top of your list. 


As always, it’s vital that you match your needs to your flooring. Think about how busy the space will be, the type of movement you will be doing, and your overall goals. If you want to create a fitness facility that provides comfort and promotes optimal performance, then getting the right flooring is the first step to success. 


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