Gym flooring company

Are you creating a home gym or maybe you’re a gym owner looking to redecorate?   Whatever your situation, gym flooring is an integral part of your facility.  It helps to develop the look and feel of your gym while providing a safe foundation for exercise. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your gym or find the right flooring for your needs, we’ve got you covered.  Whether you want high-quality rubber flooring, a sprint track, or maybe rubber tiles for your free weights area, you can find what you need.   Keep reading to find out why you should choose Gym Flooring for your next purchase and what our incredible customers have to say about us. 

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  • Gym Flooring: Rubber rolls, Tiles, Sprint Tracks, and More 
  • 7 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Gym Flooring

Gym Flooring: Rubber rolls, Tiles, Sprint Tracks and More

Gym flooring company

Gym Flooring is a premium supplier of commercial and home gym flooring.  From rubber fitness rolls to Antishock anti fatigue tiles and sprint tracks, you can find something to suit your needs.  You can even stock up on Olympic rubber bumper plates made from premium rubber for the heaviest of lifting sessions.

Bumper plates - can’t fault the quality and price of these. While other companies were exploiting the lockdown and raising prices it was nice to find a company which offered a full 100kg set not priced as if they were made from moon rock.” - Neil

Gym flooring company

Choosing the right gym flooring can energise your workout space and really impact the look and feel of your gym. Although home gyms and commercials have slightly different needs, they both require premium quality flooring that will boost performance, reduce noise, and protect the sub floor, equipment, and user.  While a commercial gym may experience more foot traffic, there’s a lot of overlap.  Whether you’re creating the home gym of your dreams or a commercial fitness facility, the flooring will possess similar qualities and characteristics. 

A good gym has to have quality flooring.  It’s an essential part of a safe and high-performing fitness space.  It needs to be resilient for weightlifting and provide enough shock absorption for workouts.   When searching for gym flooring, look out for these top qualities:


  • Durable and resilient to wear and tear 
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • High density 
  • Reduce noise and vibration 
  • Good cushioning and energy return 
  • Non-slip and shock absorbent
  • Odour-resistant

7 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Gym Flooring

The flooring is often the most utilised part of a gym, yet it’s easy to forget about.  But the flooring sets the foundation for safe and high-performance exercise. Flooring is the one piece of equipment that’s used in more training sessions than anything else in the gym.   Whether you’re standing, jumping, squatting, running, or lifting, your gym flooring takes a lot of heat.   If you’re ready to step up your gym layout, here are seven reasons why our customers love Gym Flooring. 

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and that is what you can expect from every step of the process. Simply choose the right equipment for your gym, complete the order, and we will handle the rest. Expect regular email updates on your order so you know what is happening and that you are receiving your purchase as promised. 

Fast Delivery

We ship throughout the UK and Ireland.  As most products tend to be in stock, you can expect your delivery in about four to five working days. This takes into account approximately three days for shipping and one to two days for delivery. The majority of our customers receive their shipment speedily.

Home gym flooring - quick delivery, straight cuts and look great. Only tried weights up to 100kg at the moment and all good.” - Andrew

Fantastic Quality

Gym flooring company

You will notice that all our products use high-quality premium materials. They are built to last and to perform well in the gym environment. With our rubber flooring, you don’t need to worry about dropping your bar or free weights; they can take it.  All products have a great quality look and feel to them at an affordable price. 

Gym flooring - a great product for my garage gym, it has surpassed my expectations in functionality and looks great. I would recommend to anyone thinking of creating a home gym.” - Michael

Gym flooring company

Heavy Weight and Easy to Install

Gym flooring company

The flooring has a heavy-duty thickness to protect flooring from weights, and other equipment dropped repeatedly. With simple innovation and design, flooring is easy to install and creates a seamless look. Rubber tiles and rolls are a fantastic option for your gym flooring and priced competitively. If you’re looking for something uber easy to install, try our Konnecta tiles. The tiles feature a unique self-locking design for simple assembly. 

Excellent service - I needed information before buying, and the team responded fast, and then I got the flooring delivered quickly! Good product and good prices!” - Sabrina

Sturdy and Robust Products

Gym flooring company

Gym Flooring’s products are robust and sturdy. The gym environment tends to have a lot of foot traffic, heavy machines, large equipment, and repeated movement in the same areas. Rubber flooring is resilient to wear and tear, easy to maintain and durable. When buying flooring, you want to invest in a product that will last and is built for purpose. 

Perfect for our gym - we have been wanting to change our flooring for quite a while but never managed to find the right product for the right price...then we found Gym Flooring. So delighted with the flooring, it has really transformed our modest gym giving it a much more professional look.” - James 

Hassle-Free Purchase

Gym flooring company

From your initial browse to delivery, expect a hassle-free purchase. With regular updates, fast delivery, and excellent customer service, we help to create an easy and effortless experience. If you need advice when choosing the right flooring, we can help with that too.   With high-quality flooring options and superior service, you can rest assured that you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. 

Hassle-free purchase - Richard was super helpful, helped me find the right product quickly. Delivery was fast, the product is as described and perfect for my garden gym. Recommended.” - Mark

Quick Communication and Support

Gym flooring company

A crucial part of great customer service is quick communication and ongoing support. We respond quickly to all messages so that we can help you choose the best product for you and your circumstances. If you have any enquiries or need assistance, we can support you throughout the whole buying process.  Many of our customers recommend our products and services due to the superior quality of our products and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Gym flooring company


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