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Sprung Premium Rubber Rolls

Sprung Premium Rubber Rolls

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Rubber tiles or gym flooring rolls? This is a common question many of our customers ask when deciding between the most suitable rubber matting format for their gym or studio space. 

Some clients prefer the uniformity of a sheet format and others achieve this through adhesion of rubber tiles or using an interlocking tile system.  Whatever your preference or requirement, we offer both rubber flooring rolls and rubber mats in a number of thicknesses, colours and styles.  Try out as many options as you want with our FREE SAMPLES

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When to Use Rubber Flooring Rolls

Rolls of rubber or sheet format is very cost effective when using over wide, open large spaces.  There is less waste involved and it reduces installation time quite significantly.  The best way of determining whether using a roll of rubber flooring is the most suitable option for you is to consider your space size, the room shape and its intended use.  Rubber rolls tend to start in low thicknesses eg 4mm and range up to approx 12mm at the most dense.  This rubber matting thickness will support heavy equipment but it may not be the best solution for heavy weight training where you might want to consider gym flooring heavy duty tiles that absorb shock much more efficiently.

Common Uses of Gym Rubber Rolls

Many people decide to use rubber flooring rolls.  The most widely used places for installing rubber flooring rolls is in:

  • Spin Studios

  • Cardio Areas

  • Fitness Studios

  • Functional Fitness

  • Fitness Classes

  • Garage Spaces

  • Home Gyms

  • Basement Gyms

  • High Traffic Areas

  • Other uses such as commercial buildings and industrial areas eg Warehouses and factories

Why Use Rubber Matting for a Gym?

Rubber Gym mats or rubber rolls are the most commonly used floor type for functional gyms in the UK and Europe for good reason.  Here are the key benefits of using rubber matting options for a gym space.

  • High Protection
  • Low Maintenance
  • Cost-Effective and Budget Friendly
  • Noise Reduction & Insulation
  • Easy Installation
  • Multi-Functional

Not only does rubber do the best job of protecting the subfloor and the user they also are the most budget and maintenance friendly flooring solution on the market. In terms of protection, a proper slip resistant fitness floor will safeguard against slips and falls, damage to joints and ligaments, head injury and strain on muscles.

Commercial gyms are busy, noisy places with a high level moisture and humidity in the air.  Rubber is naturally water-resistant and anti-porous which means, moisture is easily wiped away and doesn't seep into the material causing smells, damage and mould.  Easy clean rubber rolls and mats are definitely the way to go to keep your gym hygienic and sanitary.

Let's talk about the noise.  With a lot of gym machinery in operation, slamming of gym equipment and music, gyms can be sensory over-drive.  Rubber gym matting minimises noise and helps to insulate sound.  This is great news for home gymers with close-by neighbours. 

Additionally rubber flooring is a fantastic heat insulator.  If you are building a garage gym, workout sheds or summerhouse hub you'll want to reduce draughts as much as possible, especially in colder months.  Our full range of tried and tested rubber gym tiles and rubber rolls significantly improve insulation particularly in outbuildings and unheated home spaces.

How do you install Rubber Rolls? 

Fitting a rubber floor is fairly simple and is made even easier with our user-friendly Installation Guide.  Check out how to install your rolled rubber hassle-free here.  Likewise, we also supply full guidelines on all our rubber gym tile collections.

Many of our customers want to know if our rubber gym tiles and rolls can be used outdoors.  All rubber tiles from 40mm or above are suitable for exterior use.  Also, our Pro 30mm with Anti Shock base can also be installed out of doors.  This is down to the clever in-built drainage channels on the underside of the tile. 

Our rubber flooring tiles and rubber flooring rolls are multi-functional which means they delivers both safety and protection from heavy equipment, light to medium free weights and cardio/strength activities, however, they are also widely used in other applications.

Where else can I use Rubber Gym Flooring?

Due to its durability, ultra protective qualities and excellent sound-reducing features, our heavy duty rubber tiles and rubber rolls can be used in Stables, Garages, Farm Buildings, Industrial spaces such as Factories and Warehouses as well as kids recreational areas.


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