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How to Add Sprint Track Training to Your Workout

Margaret-Anne Leckie |

Sprint track training

Often, the best way to see fitness results and stay motivated is to add variety to your workout. When you introduce more variety to your workout regime, you challenge multiple muscle groups to increase strength and flexibility in various areas. One way to add variety to your workout routine is to add a sprint track and take your fitness to a new level.  

In this article: 

  • The Benefits of Sprint Tracks 
  • What Exercises Can You Do On Sprint Tracks
  • 3 Top Sprint Tracks to Enhance Your Training 
Sprint track training

The Benefits of Sprint Tracks 

Sprint tracks are a strip of artificial grass that you can use for indoor or outdoor fitness. On the track, you can perform a range of exercises. The benefits of the sprint track are that it provides optimal traction, shock absorption, and resilience to add variety to your workouts. 


One of the type of exercises you can perform on sprint tracks are plyometric movements. These involve quick, powerful, and jumping movements. They are designed to increase power, muscular strength, and dynamic gains.


As a commercial gym, sprint tracks not only give your members more versatility but also attract personal trainers to your gym. Trainers can then use your gym for clients, which in turn adds another stream of income. 

What Exercises Can You Do On Sprint Tracks

Sprint track training


Indoor sprint track workouts are ideal for training all year-round. There are several types of exercises you can try on sprint tracks. You can adapt exercises to your own fitness levels and abilities. 

Plyometric Exercises 

Sprint track training

Plyometric training supports sprint track training. These types of exercises can help to develop speed and explosive strength that you use for sprinting. Examples of plyometric movements include: 


  • Box jumps 
  • Tuck jumps 
  • Burpees 
  • Scissor jumps 

Sled Pulling and Tyre Work 

Sprint track training


Sled pushing and pulling requires explosive movement and strength in quick bursts. You can also load a sled with additional weight to keep building muscle and strength. Push the sled or attach a harness and pull behind you. Tyre work is another exercise that requires explosive movement and is great for adding versatility to your workout. 

Sprint and Running 

Sprint track training


Sprinting is a total body workout that requires explosive movement. It targets multiple muscle groups, including the buttocks, thighs, abs, quads, calves, and hamstrings. Adding sprinting to your workout routine can help to create long, lean muscles. 

3 Top Sprint Tracks to Enhance Your Training 

Sprint track training


Sprint tracks are easy to install and are ideal for enhancing your gym. Create another layer of versatility in fitness and training by adding a sprint track to your home or fitness facility. Here are three of the top sprint tracks to elevate your gym.

1. Custom Sprint Track 

Sprint track training


For gyms that want to put their own branding and marking on their sports turf, our range of custom sprint tracks are ideal. The tracks are specifically made for functional training and sled workouts. They feature short pile artificial turf that’s super resilient and durable.

2. Sprung Gym Grass

Sprint track training


You can use Sprung gym grass or artificial grass gym flooring in the gym or even in outdoor living areas. It’s plain artificial grass that comes in a range of colours, including red, blue, white, green, and red. Available in four sizes, you can make an impact with a bold colour or keep it simple with a basic green turf. 

3. Sprung Essential Sprint Track

Sprint track training


The Sprung Essential Sprint Track features markings of one to ten to create a new layer of versatility. This track is similar to the custom print track but comes with standard markings. If you want to track your distance, then this sprint track with markings is a great solution. 


Switching up your workouts and adding more versatility can help to challenge different muscle groups and reach your fitness goals. By adding sprint track training to your workout, you can perform explosive movements with speed to create long, lean muscles and hit new personal bests.

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