Gym Flooring Partnership: Pay in Weekly Installments with LayBuy
Gym Flooring has partnered with payment solution LayBuy to offer customers a new way to pay.   LayBuy splits the cost into six weekly interest-free installments so you can spread out the amount.   Sometimes one big expense can be a lot on your finances.  The new partnership gives our customers increased flexibility and convenience by providing an alternative option.  This article takes you through everything you need to know to use LayBuy the next time you shop with us.


In this article:

  • What is LayBuy?
  • How Does LayBuy Work with Gym Flooring?
  • The Benefits of Using LayBuy 

What is LayBuy?

LayBuy is a payment platform that launched in May 2017.  With LayBuy, shoppers own the items straight away but pay for the product over six weekly interest-free payments.   Some alternative payment options don’t hand over the items until you pay whereas you get to enjoy your items immediately with LayBuy. The difference is that you can split the payment into more affordable chunks. 

There are no signup fees or interest on your payments. You pay the exact cost of the item, just split between six payments.  LayBuy performs a credit check on all new signups to verify your account.  After your account is verified, you can start using LayBuy straight away. Anyone over the age of 18 can sign up to a LayBuy account; you just need the following details:

  • Name 
  • Address
  • Mobile number
  • Debit or credit card details 

We wanted to give our customers more flexibility with their payments and spread out the cost of their items. An alternative payment method to your standard one-off fee helps to spread out the cost and gives you more control over your finances and weekly budget.

How Does LayBuy Work with Gym Flooring?

So, how do you pay using LayBuy on the Gym Flooring website?

The partnership with LayBuy makes the checkout and payment process easy to use.  Here are seven steps to follow when using the LayBuy payment option:-:

  1. Go to the Gym Flooring checkout as usual 
  2. Select LayBuy as your payment method 
  3. Log in and sign up to LayBuy (for free) to complete your order
  4. Choose your payment day and schedule the remaining payments 
  5. Select pay now 
  6. LayBuy will schedule the rest of the payments 
  7. The payments will be taken automatically for the rest of the instalments 

Once you check out and complete the order, Gym Flooring will dispatch and deliver your purchase.  The remaining five payments are processed each week on the same day from your nominated card. You will need to pay for a sixth of the products’ price upfront. After your first payment, you don’t need to do anything. LayBuy handles everything. The remaining five payments will be taken on the day you choose. You can view your payment schedule at any time by logging into your LayBuy account.

The Benefits of Using LayBuy and Gym Flooring 

When choosing LayBuy as your payment method, it’s important to know that the payment days are locked in once you complete the order.   As with any cost, make sure you can make the repayments.  LayBuy takes direct debits, so make sure you know your payment days ahead of time so that you have sufficient funds in your account.  Customers can use LayBuy as a way to stay in the confines of their weekly budget and be more flexible with their finances. 

The major benefit of using LayBuy is that you can spread the cost out over weeks.  Get the item immediately without having to pay for the whole thing straight away.   All payments are entirely interest-free, so there are no extra costs or hidden fees.  It’s just an alternative payment method that gives you more flexibility with your finances. 

If you’re waiting for payday or want to spread out the cost of a large purchase, it’s super useful to have an alternative payment option.  LayBuy is easy to use and set up with clear instructions. The main benefit of the payment solution is to offer Gym Flooring customers more flexibility and convenience. 

The Gym Flooring and LayBuy partnership gives customers another way to pay. LayBuy allows you to budget your finances.  Plan your commercial, garage, or home gym flooring purchases and spread the costs over weeks instead of one upfront payment.  LayBuy is an excellent alternative to a credit card that offers interest-free instalments.  Whether you like to pay traditionally with a one-off cost or have more flexibility with your payments is entirely down to you.  By creating alternative payments options, we hope to make the buying experience easier and much more convenient.

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