Outdoor home gym

DIY Outdoor home Gym Ideas

With the weather heating up and spring on the horizon, it’s the perfect opportunity to build an outdoor home gym. When it comes to building your outdoor gym, there are a few things you need to think about so that you get it right the first time. Create a fitness space that serves a purpose and helps you meet your fitness goals. Keep reading to find out what you need to think about when building your outdoor gym. 

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What is an Outdoor Gym?

Outdoor home gym


Outdoor gyms can be a great way to exercise at home without using a room in the house. If you don’t have the extra space or garage for a home gym, think about your outdoor space. An outdoor gym can be as complex or simple as you like. While some people create an outdoor garden gym to rival the best boutique fitness studio, for others, it’s an outdoor space with some rubber fitness tiles and a few weights. It’s a place to exercise so you can be fit and healthy. 

Outdoor home gym

The main selling points of an outdoor gym are that you have no commute to the gym and can exercise whenever you need. Often, when you create a fitness zone or gym for exercise at home, it can help motivate you to work out and step into your fitness space. 

With an outdoor gym, you need to think about how your equipment will handle the elements. It’s normal to experience rain, sun, and wind sometimes in the same week. There is nothing quite like the freedom of an outdoor gym and exercising in nature. But you want to maintain your outdoor gym and invest in building a space that will last. 

6 Things You Need to Consider to Build Your Outdoor Gym 

When building your outdoor gym, you need to plan and create a space that supports your needs and reason for building it in the first place. Here are six things to think about when creating an outdoor fitness space. 

Covered vs Uncovered

Outdoor home gym

If you want to work out outside in all types of weather, you will need to install a cover. A cover can help create a more private outside gym. You don’t have to worry about a bit of rain and can use your gym more throughout the year. 

Temporary or Permanent

Outdoor home gym

Depending on your situation, you may want to create a temporary outdoor gym. Perhaps you’re in rented accommodation or don’t have the space or budget to install an outdoor building. You can install rubber gym tiles for outdoors and portable gym equipment, and move with it. Or, you can install permanent gym equipment and flooring for a more permanent set up.  

Gym Equipment 

Outdoor home gym


Think about the best gym equipment that helps you to achieve your goals. Since you're outside, you are more limited on choice compared to an indoor gym. Because of moisture and dampness outside, anything electrical should be off-limits. You want to use high-quality steel, plastics, and rubber to withstand elements and avoid rusting quickly. Look for gym mats for outdoor exercise and gym equipment that you can anchor down and is multipurpose. That way, you will need fewer pieces of equipment for a full-body workout. 

Gyms Tiles vs Artificial Grass 

Outdoor home gym
Outdoor home gym

If your garden is lacking greenery, artificial sports grass can help brighten the space up. It requires far less maintenance than regular grass and has a similar look and feel to the real stuff. Another option is to use rubber gym tiles to create a solid foundation for exercise. If you’re looking to use free weights and do a combination of cardio and weight lifting, gym matting for home are an excellent choice. 

Long-Lasting Materials 

Outdoor home gym
Outdoor home gym


It doesn’t matter what you’re buying; you should try to use high-quality and long-lasting materials. When you find pieces designed for the outdoors and built to last, they will likely be more expensive initially. But, over time, they won’t degrade and rust in the same way as cheaper materials. 

Privacy and Noise Levels  

Outdoor home gym


If you’re lifting heavy weights and dropping to the floor, you will need to think about privacy and noise levels. Create a private space for fitness where you can workout freely. Consider adding privacy walls like fences or bamboo walls to add another layer of privacy to your garden. If you can, install your outdoor gym away from neighbours. To bring noise levels down, consider using rubber gym tiles to absorb the sound better than other materials. 

Outdoor home gym


Building an outdoor home gym is an exciting project where you can benefit from outdoor fitness. Avoid the commute and costly gym membership fees by creating your own gym in the garden. Depending on the space you have and your budget, you can build an outdoor gym to fit your needs. From a small collection of weights to a more complex design, craft your outdoor gym around your health and fitness goals.


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