Looking for a Domestic Outdoor Tiles solution that looks contemporary yet is functional, safe and low maintenance for multi-purpose outdoor use?

It can be quite a challenge nailing down the perfect outdoor surface that suits all your needs. From wood effect, stone effect composites to ceramic, natural stone and synthetic lawn turf, there are so many outdoor surfaces available on the market.

Rubber outdoor tiles are the modern floor solution ticking all the boxes in terms of durability, safety and aesthetic. Traditional outdoor surfaces such as porcelain outdoor tiles and stone slabs which although can look fantastic, are not as durable and hard wearing. Ceramic tiles and similar materials have less durability than rubber tiles and can be high maintenance in terms of repairing cracks, grout cleaning and refilling.

More cost-effective and maintenance friendly, rubber tiles do an excellent job of creating a stable and robust space that looks contemporary and fresh while adding functionality and an added layer of safety.

Let's look at the main features of our rubber outdoor tiles in more detail.

What are Outdoor Tiles made of?

Our oudoor tiles are made from a slip resistant, heavy duty recycled rubber and come in various thickness, size and colour options. The outdoor tiles are non porous meaning they will not absorb moisture and are resistant to water which can cause damage, mould and bacteria buildup. Completely weatherproof, they are designed to withstand all types of weather conditions and varying temperatures.  The tiles also come with a 4 year warranty against premature wear or discolouration.

What can you use Outdoor Tiles for?

All Outdoor Living Spaces

Multi-functional and versatile, our outdoor floor tiles are a great choice for multi-purpose outdoor living and suit a number of domestic outdoor spaces including patio areas, over timber decking, for hot tub support, as well as balconies and verandas, walkways and children's play areas.

Kids Play Areas

Their high protection qualities protect young children when playing and cushions any slips and falls while supporting weighty play equipment such as slides and climbing frames. They are also CFH (Critical Fall Height) approved.

Outdoor Fitness & Sport

The anti fatigue rubber outdoor tiles are also designed for comfort and are the ideal solution for outdoor living areas and walkways where comfort and safety are key. They are also suitable for outdoor gym and sports areas as well as garages and outhouses because they can withstand heavy equipment and machines while supporting the body during exercise.

Do Outdoor Tiles come in different colours/finish or style options?

Available in 3 natural, earthy colours (Red/Green and Black), our outdoor tiles complement any garden space and create a contemporary yet functional aesthetic to your outdoor space. Whatever your personal style, our neutral outdoor tiles blend seamlessly with all garden designs and decor.

Are Outdoor Tiles easy to care for?

Our rubber outdoor tiles are low maintenance. Unlike ceramic tiles or wood products that demand attention on a regular basis , they don't require specialist treatments or costly cleaning to keep them at their best. Wood options in particular need consistent upkeep to keep moss, algae and pests at bay. The non porous, fade resistant rubber can be washed/hosed down regularly without concern of damage or dirt and mould build-up.

How easy is it to install Outdoor Tiles?

The installation process for our outdoor tiles is simple and can be easily done DIY compared to ceramic or outdoor porcelain tiles which may require specialist fitting with grout and other preparatory tools and materials. They can be fitted over all surface types such as concrete, stone slabs, decking and grass. Some of our outdoor tile options have connector pins which interlock each tile together while others can be butted together using a compression method or using adhesive. Please see our full Installation Guidelines for more details.

What is the difference between Rubber Outdoor Tiles & Indoor Tiles?

There are a few distinct differences between our range of outdoor solutions and our indoor tile options. Firstly, for outdoor use, rubber tiles should be at least 30mm thick. Thicker tiles are more robust and due to their weight, will remain 100% stable in outdoor conditions. Our outdoor tiles range from 30mm to 60mm and includes our Anti Shock range which significantly isolates sound. Secondly, our outdoor tile range features a studded understructure which creates drainage channels for moisture, an essential for outdoor use. Thirdly, some of our outdoor solutions come with interlocking pins which hold the tiles together.

Soft V Hard Outdoor Surfaces - What is best?

Hard surface materials such as outdoor porcelain tiles, marble effect or concrete effect composites, natural stone and concrete eventually crack and crumble over time. These traditional garden surfaces look beautiful but they can become costly to repair/replace and are not as safe as softer materials.

For busy, outdoor living where you may have heavy furniture, glassware and small children playing, a softer material like rubber will avoid breakages, spills and potential accidents and injury.

Maintenance is higher and more expensive for hard tile surfaces and wood which require constant upkeep to retain their safety and aesthetic. Soft but durable surfaces such as rubber and high quality synthetic grass are the perfect products for outdoor living as they cover all requirements while remaining low maintenance for busy lifestyles where quality time is key.

Key Features of Outdoor Tiles

  • Built-In Moisture Channels for Self-Drainage

  • Heavy Duty and Robust

  • All Weatherproof - Fade Resistant/Moisture Resistant/Stain Resistant

  • Non Porous

  • Slip Resistant

  • Anti Fatigue & Shock Absorbent

  • 4 Year Warranty

  • Colour & Thickness Options

  • Stylish & Contemporary Aesthetic

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