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Create a Gym Soundproofing Platform 

Keep your workout sessions focussed and noise-free with our ultra dense 43mm thick Acoustic Gym Tiles, specifically designed to isolate sound and vibrations from the heavy impact of Free Weights and machine operated apparatus such as Treadmills, Bikes and Rowers.

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Optimal Soundproofing

As well as protecting your subfloor from damage, Acoustic Gym flooring significantly reduces noise from heavy weight drops and busy workout machines.  The high-density rubber acts as a sound barrier by minimizing noise and reverberation allowing for a less disruptive environment.

It removes the worry of disturbing neighbours with noisy training sessions or disrupting family life with impact noise and sound vibrations from Home Gym workouts while also creating the perfect performance space for exercise.

Home & Commercial Gym Acoustic Solutions

Suitable for both Commercial Fitness Facilities and Home style Gyms, our Acoustic Gym Tiles are the perfect surface solution for minimizing noise while getting the most out of those explosive workout sessions.

Product Details

Composition: 92% SBR rubber + 8% PU adhesive
Dimensions: 100cm x 100cm 
Thickness: 43mm
Colour: Black
Sound Reduction: NBN EN ISO 17025:2005 
Impact Rating: 25dB
Bulk Density: 1050 KG/M3
Fitting: See Fitting Guidelines
Warranty: 4 Years

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Product Highlights

Superior Protection

Constructed from HD premium high-density recycled rubber, our 43mm Acoustic Gym Tiles are ideal for those looking to use Free Weights with up to a Maximum Weight Drop of 250kg.  The extra thick top layer with cushioned core and studded underside, absorbs heavy impact and delivers superior shock absorption lowering the risk of body injury and preventing damage to your subfloor and equipment.

Top Quality Finish

With a sleek finish and professional, bevelled edge profile, these extra durable tiles not only dampen excessive impact noise and rank high on performance, they complete your gym aesthetic perfectly, supporting your workouts for years to come.

Suitable For:

  • Olympic Weightlifting

  • Bodybuilding

  • CrossFit

  • Plyometric Workouts

  • High Intensity Strength Training Workouts


  • Home Gyms

  • Fitness Centres & Commercial Gyms

  • Personal Training Areas/PT Studios

  • Free Weight Areas/Cardiovascular Studios/Functional Fitness Areas

  • Outdoor Gyms

Need a Thicker Tile?

Opt for our 53mm and 63mm Tiles also available in our Decibel Collection

Dimensions 1000mm x 1000mm
Thickness 43mm
Shape Square
Profile Bevel Edge with Stud Underside
Maximum Weight Drop 250kg
Applications Functional Training, Free Weights up to 250kg, Cardio & Strength, CrossFit
Properties Tough Elastic, High Compression Resistance and Impact Strength
Composition Recycled SBR Rubber granules from 70% truck tyres, bonded with PU
Technical Specification
Width +/-2%
Length +/-2%
Thickness +/-5%
Dry Conditions ≤ 105PTV | PN -EN 13036-
Wet Conditions ≤ 75PTV | 4:2004
Abrasion Resistance, mg ≤ 560 | PN - EN ISO 5470-1:2001
Tensile Strength, MPA ≥ 0.65
Elongation At Break ≥ 40 | PN - EN 12230:2005
Hardness 55 up to 75 | PN - ISO 868 PN-93/C-04206
Density 950 to 1,000kg/m3 | OTP 1168 PN-EN ISO 845 - 2010
Fire Classification Efl S1


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