Complete Your Home Gym or Commercial Facility with a Squat Rack or Power Cage Set-Up

No gym is quite complete without a Squat Rack or Power cage to effectively and safely perform Strength Training, the most popular form of workout for home gym training or professional gym sessions. 

From beginners to advanced bodybuilders, power cages and squat rack solutions support all levels of fitness and activity.  Whether you're performing basic barbell training and bench press exercises to a complete Crossfit regime with pull up bars and agility accessories, a rack has the versatility to do it all.

Suitable for home gyms and commercial spaces as well as personal training studios, racks pull all of your fitness equipment pieces together for a greater level of functionality and safety.

Let's look at the main benefits of a Squat Rack or Power Rack.


The versatility offered from a rack is massive.  Both rack types allow for a huge amount of workout options as well as attachments such as safety bars for heavy weights lifting, dip bars, pull up bars and storage accessories for stacking weight plates and barbells.

Space Saving

We provide a wide range of Free Standing and Wall Mounted rack options which free up floor space while creating the perfect dedicated area for all your favourite workouts.

Extra Safety

Racks allow barbell lifters to perform their lifting workouts without fear of injury or accidents.  They have spotters arms available for extra piece of mind which allows users to focus on form and technique minimising the risk of accidents.  Made from ultra durable powder coated steel, power racks and squat racks are designed to withstand heavy loads and repeated use.  Weight capacities vary over different models.

Suitable for all Levels

Racks are beginner friendly and simple to assemble and use.  They also accommodate the individuals needs of advanced lifters and allows them to personalise their workout regime and apparatus to their exact preference.

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