Industrial Rubber Flooring for all Commercial Buildings

Our safety matting solutions are constructed from high quality heavy duty, recycled rubber and designed to provide additional surface protection and support in busy, industrial environments.

With a slip resistant surface that minimises trips and falls, our anti fatigue rubber flooring offers comfort and cushioning to the feet and muscles while standing for longer periods of time. With an ultra dense core, our matting supports weighty machinery, industrial vehicles and high traffic, absorbing impact and protecting subflooring from damage.

Our rubber matting is perfect for larger spaces and open-plan factory floors as well as smaller industrial units with irregular shaped areas and tight corners. With easy installation, our safety tiles can be cut to size and fitted with or without adhesive and comes with a customer-friendly Installation Guide for DIY fitting.

Ranges Available

Safety Rubber Roll - 8mm and 10mm

Safety Rubber Tiles - 30mm

Safety Rubber Tiles 40mm

High Traffic Slate Effect Tiles 3.5mm

High Traffic Coin Tiles 3.2mm

High Traffic Speckle Tiles 2.0mm

Industrial rubber flooring has many benefits aside from its high protection and health related advantages.

Cost Effective

As well as delivering optimal protection for users and the surrounding environment, it has a fairly low price per square metre compared to other branded industrial flooring products with specialist names. Affordable and easy to install, rubber products keep after-care and costs down.

Low Maintenance

Industrial rubber flooring tiles are virtually maintenance free. Used widely as gym mats, rubber flooring is renowned for its moisture resistant qualities and easy cleaning. Dirt and dust is easily wiped down and will not create a buildup on the surface. Rubber matting doesn't require regular surface treatments to keep it performing at its best. Simple and inexpensive, repairs can be carried out (if and when necessary) without needing to replace the entire floor.

Ultra Durable

Made from premium SBR recycled rubber, our industrial safety matting has an extended lifespan and will last for years. Ultra tough, extra hardwearing and designed to last, our rubber flooring options can withstand the toughtest of environments.

Suitable for:

  • Manufacturing/Factories

  • Warehouses & Depots

  • Walkways & Corridors

  • Utility and Garage Use

  • Storage & Stock Facilities

Feel free to get in touch if you would like further information on our Industrial Rubber Flooring collection. Contact our Customer Service team who will be happy to answer any product, sale price and stock queries you may have.


Did you Know?

We also supply extra thick Anti Shock Tiles and a complete Acoustic Flooring range.