Affordable Quality and shipping


If you are looking for the high-quality gym floor tiles at the most reasonable of rates then check out our collection. We have an extensive collection of commercial gym flooring which means we cover all fitness levels, usage and functions as well as personal design tastes.  For maximum safety and shock absorption, rubber flooring is the best surface solution to withstand repeated impact from weights and protect from injury.  Recognized for it's durability and easy maintenance, rubber gym tiles are a simple, effective solution for personal fitness and commercial use which are available in a variety of colors, designs and thicknesses.  Our wide range accommodates all types of fitness activities to enhance your workout space or facility.


Increased Functionality


Using Gym Tiles to create zones within a Gym facility is a clever way of increasing functionality for your users.  Zones and stations can be created using bold colors or flecked designs to set apart a Free Weights section or separate different Gym activities.  This encourages and motivates gym users to try out new exercises and equipment and allows you to deliver an experience from their arrival to when they complete a workout.


Safety & Sound Reduction


Your client’s safety and enjoyment is key to return visits therefore having optimal safety in terms of flooring is important. Our ranges of rubber tiles have excellent shock absorption and non-slip properties allowing full protection against injury or slips and falls.  Rubber also absorbs noise meaningless disruption to other users and surrounding areas.


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