As one of the most utilised parts of any gym, it should be a main consideration. Gym mats are walked on, stretched on, and beaten on from high-intensity workouts and weight lifting, and they hold the exercise and storage equipment regularly used in the gym.


One of the best types of flooring for a gym is rubber matting. This type of floor checks the boxes of an adequate gym floor, as it is comfortable and safe for workouts, while also providing durability, and affordability, as well as being a low-maintenance option.


If you’re considering purchasing rubber matting for your gym, read on to find out what you need to know.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Rubber Matting

Rubber is often used in gyms due to its various sizes and thicknesses. These components are perfect for both low-impact and high-impact activities, including HIIT, weight training, and heavy equipment workouts.


As the most common type of gym flooring, rubber flooring is often the go-to choice. It looks good and tends to be an affordable option.



There are multiple advantages to using rubber for your home or commercial gym floor. It is very durable, easy to install, simple to maintain and care for, and more. With all of the advantages of rubber flooring, it’s no wonder that people commonly choose it for their gym.


  • Durability - Rubber flooring is very strong and durable. It can withstand extensively being travelled over, high-intensity workouts, heavy exercise machinery, and more. It will last for an extended period of time without wear or damage. Its durability gives it the perfect balance between strength, compression, and comfort.
  • Easy Installation- Rubber mats are a bit heavier than foam mats, yet they are still very fast and easy to install. Their versatility and design make them simple to install in any gym space.
  • Simple Maintenance - Fluid-resistant rubber makes these mats easy to clean and care for. Sweat, spills, and other fluids can simply be wiped up without the worry of moulds and smells. Caring for rubber mats often involves just sweeping or vacuuming dust and debris as well as wiping fluids.
  • Eco-Friendly - Most rubber mats are made from recycled rubber, often from old tires. This makes them a very environmentally-friendly option for flooring.



While there are many reasons to use rubber mats for your gym floors, there is a down side.


  • Cost - The initial costs of quality rubber matting is often a bit higher than other types of flooring. You’ll be making a larger upfront investment by choosing rubber over PVC for example, however, it is cost-effective as the flooring is so durable and will last for a long time.

Types of Rubber Flooring

Rubber mats for home and commercial gyms typically come in mats, interlocking tiles and rolls. They have similar features and characteristics but have some large differences as well.


Rubber Floor Tiles

Rubber flooring tiles are long-lasting, affordable, and fairly easy to install. They work great for most types of gyms and can fit most any space.  Some option come with hidden insert pieces for linking the tiles together for extra stability like the Konnecta range which comes in both plain Black, Grey, White and coloured fleck options.


  • Rubber is very durable and extremely resilient – it guarantees stability, provides a good grip, and withstands heavy loads and high-impact activity. Rubber tiles are soft and comfortable underfoot. They offer both cushioning and shock absorption.
  • Rubber floor tiles come in a variety of textures and colour options so you can choose the perfect hues and shades to match your gym’s interior design.


Rubber flooring tiles can be made from an organic rubber material, synthetic rubber material, or recycled rubber material. They are often available in squares but can also be cut into different sizes and shapes to perfectly fit your space. Seams are very tight which allows the gym floor to have a sleek and cohesive look with no obvious visible edges.


Rubber floor tiles come in varying thicknesses and densities, with the most common thickness being around 20mm although tiles range from 11mm right up to 60mm. Users determine the thickness they need by the types of activities they are planning to do as well as the heaviness of the weights they use and the sort of gym equipment that will be used in the space.


Options for Rubber Floor Tiles

Here are the best options for rubber floor tiles:


Sprung PRO Range

The Sprung Pro range is a top-rated quality rubber tile that comes in thicknesses ranging from 11mm to 60mm.  Offering superior shock absorption and sub-floor protection, this popular tile collection is designed to suit all types of fitness level and activity.  There are lighter weight options for low impact fitness as well as denser options for heavy weightlifting.  The tiles comes with a 4 year warranty and a user-friendly Installation Guide.


Sprung Konnecta Range

Konnecta is a premium gym tile range with the added benefit of inserts which are hidden underneath the tile.  This makes them really easy to install DIY and also provides extra stability.  The range has special surface options and designs such as Velvet Black, Stone Grey, Snowflake and Fleckz, a series of coloured options.  This range is also available in roll format.

Sprung Puzzle Tile Range

Perfect for the non-DIYers, the Puzzle tile range is simple to fit as each tile connect together like a jigsaw.  This collection comes in thickness options from 6mm to 12mm and are ideal for light to medium impact activity or to support exercise bikes and other weighty gym equipment.


Pros of Rubber Floor Tiles

Rubber flooring is strong, resilient, easy to care for, great-looking, environmentally friendly, and have both shock and sound absorption. However, there are some unique advantages to rubber tiles that you will want to consider:


  • Resistant to tough workouts and heavy traffic
  • Numerous style options
  • Perfect fit for any space
  • Quick and easy installation either by compression or interlocking inserts
  • No adhesives required
  • Simple to replace only damaged sections
  • Easy to remove, store, and transport to another location


Rubber floor tiles provide a safe, durable, high-performing, easy-to-clean surface that’s suitable for both home and commercial gyms while looking professional and attractive.


Cons of Rubber Floor Tiles

While rubber tiles are a great choice for most gyms, there are some disadvantages that you may want to consider:

  • Some rubber tile options may not have slip-resistance
  • Lower quality rubber tile options may have an odour when first installed


Rubber Floor Rolls

Rubber rolls are the flooring option of choice for most commercial gyms because they are extremely durable and economical. These mats are great for high-traffic areas in large spaces.


Rolled rubber flooring has a seamless appearance and can be matched cohesively with the gym’s interior. Most rubber rolls come with a black base and colour flecks, but you can choose from a variety of custom options for a more unique look.


Rubber rolls come in sheets that have a variety of thicknesses which can best suit each gym’s needs. Thin rubber rolls are great for lighter exercises, rolls with a medium thickness are perfect for regular commercial or home gyms, and thicker rolls are perfect for CrossFit, powerlifting, and other high-impact activities.


Unlike rubber floor tiles, rubber floor rolls are large and heavy. They typically need adhesive for  installation in order to create a safe workout surface. They offer a more permanent flooring option than rubber tiles.


Options for Rubber Matting Rolls

Choosing the right rubber floor rolls for your home or commercial gym is important. There are multiple options to best suit your needs, however it comes down to the thickness of the flooring and the overall design which will help you to decide.


Jet Black Gym Flooring Rubber Mat Roll- 4mm-10mm

Jet Black rubber matting is a premium rubber roll option.  It has a soft, slip-resistant surface and a strong black no-fade design which withstands repetitive use and supports gym machines such as bikes, trainers, treadmills and rowing machines.


Sprung Fleckz Gym Flooring Rubber Mat Rolls -4mm-10mm

A firm favourite for gyms, these rubber fitness rolls are suitable for light impact workouts to heavy use gym equipment and come in black with coloured fleck options.  This means you can use colour to create zones for different activities or match your floor colour with the rest of your gym interior.


Stone Grey Rubber Matting Roll - 4mm to 10mm

In a pale grey flecked design this striking Stone Grey rubber matting is stylish while offering high protection in all areas of your gym space from functional fitness and weights to activities such as HIIT, Crossfit and Circuit training.


Pros of Rubber Floor Rolls

Rubber rolls have the same benefits as all rubber flooring products as well as a few type-specific advantages:

  • Ultra-durable and suitable for high-impact activities
  • Minimises waste when used in larger spaces
  • Seamless appearance


Rubber rolls are safe, strong, and easy to maintain, making them a great choice for busy gyms.


Cons of Rubber Floor Rolls

While they have multiple advantages and are a great option for most commercial gyms, there are some disadvantages you’ll need to consider:

  • Heavier and more difficult to install than rubber tiles
  • Some lower priced products may have an initial odour when first fitted


Other Types of Rubber Matting and Uses

There are many types of rubber matting options that can be used in a variety of places. The types include:


  • Anti-fatigue matting - Anti-fatigue matting is a specific type of rubber roll or tiles designed for comfort. These mats are usually made from a mixture of rubber and foam material that compresses and rebounds to help cushion the feet and disperse weight evenly over the feet, relieving pressure from standing for long periods of time. The anti-fatigue properties of these mats can help reduce stress in the feet and legs, improving posture and a better sense of well-being.
  • Shock Absorbent Rubber Matting - This type of rubber matting is widely used in Gyms and Sports Centres to protect users while exercising.  It protects against injury from high-impact movements and protects the floor and gym equipment from damage.
  • Slip-resistant rolls - Slip-resistant rubber matting roll is especially important in businesses with wet conditions, such as restaurants, commercial kitchens, and bars as well as areas with heavy foot traffic and high operations such as factories and warehouses.  The rubber material which most commonly has a textured surface acts like a cushion for the feet, providing ample traction for employees working in slippery spaces. It also helps prevent slips and falls due to its anti-slip properties.
  • Drainage mats - Drainage mats are made from rubber and are designed to provide a slip-resistant surface while allowing water to drain away. They can be used in any environment prone to wetness or moisture from horse stables to residential bathrooms and utility spaces. These mats have tiny holes throughout their structure that allows the water to run through quickly and easily, making them ideal for areas where proper drainage is important.
  • Grease-proof mats - Grease-proof mats provide a safe surface for working in areas prone to spilled oil and grease. Rubber matting roll is the perfect solution for creating a slip-resistant, grease-proof work area. It helps protect workers from slipping on slippery surfaces and keeps accidents to a minimum. It also stops oils and other liquids from spreading around an area and contaminating other surfaces.


Rubber Mats & Rolls for Sports & Leisure

Rubber Gym mats are commonly used in specialist sports studios as well as kid's recreation areas because of their high cushioning and protective qualities.  Boxing Gyms, Gymnastics Centres and children's Play Centres need ultra shock absorbent and slip resistant surfaces to protect against falls which protecting the body from injury.


These places also tend to have a lot of noise and activity. Rubber mats help to reduce noise and insulate sound. Rubber gym matting minimises noise and helps to insulate sound.


Similarly, rubber tiles are often used in children’s outdoor playgrounds for the same reasons.  They provide a slip-resistant surface for playing on while protecting young people from hard falls.

Utility Rubber Flooring for Factories and Warehouses

Rubber Matting rolls and tiles provide traction and cushioning, making them an ideal choice for areas where people will be using heavy machinery, walking, and standing for extended periods of time. Utility rubber matting also helps protect the subfloor from damage caused by heavy loads, weight drops, accidental falls, and spillages.


Rubber matting for utility use is made from vulcanised rubber. It has been treated with high heat and pressure to form a strong and durable material that is perfect for use in industrial areas such as factories and warehouses.  They come in surface designs with texture such as grooves, coin and cross hatch which offer excellent grip and stability.


Rubber matting can protect floors and surfaces, reduce vibrations and noise, provide insulation against heat and cold, guard against electrical shocks, and even stop static electricity buildup. It is also resistant to abrasion and chemicals and has a long lifespan.


Rubber matting can be used in any business or commercial space. They help to keep floors safe from slips and trips while offering cushioning for foot traffic and can extend the lifespan of the flooring surface. A rubber matting roll or tile is a great choice to protect industrial floors from damage and wear.


Safety Rubber Flooring

Designed specifically for high volume, heavy load areas, industrial rubber mats deliver 100% protection to users and your subflooring under the structure.  They come in simple, neutral designs and colours, creating a uniform, functional space that adds comfort, support, and slip resistance in places of high traffic or heavy equipment usage in domestic or commercial properties. Safety rubber flooring can be used in many areas, including:


  • Public walkways, Corridors, Stairs, Landings
  • Hospitals
  • Garages, Workshops, Sheds
  • Changing Rooms/Cloakrooms
  • Waiting Rooms, Receptions, Offices
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Factories, Depots, Warehouses


These rubber floor tiles are sustainable and reliable rubber flooring that provides the perfect safety solution for high-traffic areas that will stand up to the demands of populated indoor spaces.  



There are a variety of rubber matting options on the market suitable for multiple uses.  Super versatile and ultra durable, rubber matting is a popular choice for gyms, fitness centres, sports studios as well as kid’s play spaces.  Rubber matting is also widely used in industrial and utility applications from factories and warehouses to retail and garages because they minimise accidents and reduce fatigue.  Providing safety, protection while enhancing performance, rubber matting is the go-to floor choice for many uses and industries.

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