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Pre-lined Sports Courts - Quick Assembly

Pre-lined Sports Courts - Quick Assembly

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Get your Outdoor Basketball Court with Sports Court Markings Here

Shop our wide range of sports courts with pre-painted sports court markings and playground markings for all your favourite sports from Basketball and Football to Netball, Futsal and Tennis. Suitable for school MUGA's, community leisure spaces, school playground applications and garden sports, the versatile collection offers top quality playing surfaces at affordable costs.

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What are Outdoor Modular Tiles?

Modular sports courts tiles is an interlocking rubber or PVC tile system which can be set-up and assembled in any location. Each tile connects seamlessly with the next making installation and portability simple. The tiles can be open-mesh pattern or closed with a textured surface for different game types suiting the individual performance needs of each sport.

Our sports court solutions are designed to withstand outdoor sports and all types of weather, finished with a protective UV resistant coating as well as built in drainage for moisture to easily pass through. This allows sports teams of all ages, from adult players to children, the chance to practice their skills, hold matches and access sports surfaces all year round, despite adverse weather.

Why should I Invest in an Outdoor Game Court system?

Outdoor sports courts systems have a ton of benefits.

1/ Cost Effective

Sports surfaces such as authentic grass, Astroturf and poured rubber solutions are costly and can be difficult to maintain. Modular tile systems are less expensive with very little maintenance to keep them performing at their best. They are easily washed down after use and there is no preparation time required before they are ready to play on.

2/ Versatile & Multi Purpose

Outdoor sports court solutions can be used for a variety of sports and activities. They can be used for multi-functional sports with various sports court markings painted on one surface or they can be used for Basketball, Football and other playground activities such as athletics, fitness and PE (general physical activity).

3/ Sports Court Markings (pre-painted options)

Opt for our pre-painted sports courts with sports court markings for Multi courts, Basketball, Tennis and Futsal. Save time and reduce overall cost by choosing a pre-painted court which can be assembled and ready to use within hours.

4/ Durable & Low Maintenance

Made from hardwearing, high quality rubber, our modular tiles are designed to tolerate high impact and repetitive use. Resistant to water and UV repellant, our sports court options are low maintenance and will last for years to come.

5/ High Performance

Any game court surface should have the specific features needed for top performance within that particular sports discipline. All our systems have been tested for speed, bounce and fluidity of movement to allow for optimised game play whether you opt for Basketball or Futsal.

6/ Compact & Portable

Lightweight and easy to assemble without specialist assistance, our sports court solutions are perfect for competition use and events where you may need a temporary playing surface. The compact tiles are also simple to store away when not in use without taking up alot of space. For more permanent set-ups, our courts can be installed and secured quickly without costly fitting fees.

7/ Increased Safety

School playground activities and busy sports facilities have their own risk of injury from slips and falls. Our sports court options are shock absorbent, non-slip and comfortable to the underfoot meaning the risk of serious injury or accidents is reduced.

8/ Wide Choice of Colour & Design

Our sport courts come in a variety of colours and designs for different sports. Opt for bold colour and a contemporary aesthetic that can transform a dull playing field or school campus into something unique and dynamic. Children learn and thrive in bright and varied settings, and using colour and texture not only looks fantastic, it feels great to play on.

9/ Options for Playground Markings or Sports Court Markings

Our modular sport courts are suitable for all educational facilities from school playgrounds, muga's and sports campuses. With our pre-lined sports court markings or playground markings, you can instantly maximise use or customise your court to suit a variety of favourite sports, games and play activities.

What Sport & Leisure Applications are Suitable for Modular Courts?

  • Basketball

  • Football

  • Futsal

  • Tennis

  • Pickleball/Padel Ball

  • Netball

  • Volleyball

  • Athletics

  • Educational Games

  • Playground Activities

  • Competition & Event Use

Did you know? We also supply playground rubber flooring for school playgrounds, nursery schools, garden play and games use. Shop the range here.

Need playground markings painted? We have an approved list of flooring installers and court marking service professionals that could help. Drop us a line.

Feel free to contact a member of our team if you have some questions.  We are always available for a chat.

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