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BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) is a grappling martial art that emphasizes ground fighting techniques. When practicing BJJ, it is common to use mats to provide a safe and cushioned surface for training and competition. The thickness of the mats is an important consideration to ensure adequate protection for practitioners during throws, takedowns, and groundwork.

The term "40mm mats" refers to mats with a thickness of 40 millimeters (approximately 1.57 inches). These mats are relatively thick and provide a good amount of cushioning, which can help reduce the risk of impact injuries when training BJJ.

Thicker mats are generally preferred for BJJ to offer sufficient shock absorption, especially during throws and fall. The extra thickness helps to distribute the impact force over a larger area, reducing the risk of injuries to joints and bones.

It's important to note that mat thickness alone is not the sole factor to consider when purchasing mats for BJJ. The quality of the mats, such as their density, durability, and surface texture, also play a significant role in determining their suitability for BJJ training.

When looking for BJJ mats, you may want to consider purchasing mats specifically designed for martial arts or grappling sports. These mats are often made of high-density foam and have a non-slip surface, providing good traction for grappling exchanges.

Additionally, the size of the mats will depend on the available space and the number of practitioners using them. Mats typically come in square or rectangular shapes that can be connected together to cover a larger area.


  • Anti-slip and Anti-bacterial with soft-weave surface
  • Ammonia-free and non-toxic, CE approved fire and toxicity tests
  • Passed BS EN177:2008 Critical Fall Height CFH 1.7m
  • ISO 9001 standard
  • Density: 120kg/m3 Hardness: 41-45 degrees shore C
  • Interlocking feature or straight edge (optional)
  • Can be loose-laid or fixed with adhesive


  • BJJ
  • All Martial Arts 
  • Boxing
  • Moderate Fitness
  • Yoga & Pilates
  • Children's Play Areas
  • Hot Tub Base
  • Stable Matting


Tile Size
100cm x 100cm
Red, Blue, Black, Grey
20mm, 40mm

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