Full Size Korfball Court with Markings

£28,687.00 £32,989.00 -14% OFF

Full Size Korfball Court with Markings

£28,687.00 £32,989.00 -14% OFF
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For a high performance, ultra durable outdoor playing surface, opt for our Elite Elastic Pro modular court system. 

The simple-fit and low maintenance sports solution allows professionals and leisure users to master their skills in any location whether it be a back garden or community facility.

Our Package

Our Korfball Court package consists of a standard sized Korfball Court for Outdoor or Indoor use complete with Korfball Court Lines which are pre-painted.

The system is easy to assemble with all court pieces marked and labelled for simple installation.

Our design layout options show the complete dimensions of the court and the court markings. (Please note that our court is based on 1 colour - Light Blue).  If you would like a 2-colour design, please contact us directly so we can prepare a custom quotation.

Court Design 
Installed Area: 20m x 40m
Size: 924m2 = 11,550 Tiles
Edges: 40cm x 6.2cm - 160 Pairs
Corners: 6.2cm x 6.2cm - 6

Elite Elastic Pro System

Known for its superior performance in Basketball and Korfball, due to its incredible ball bounce, Elite Elastic Pro has a dual strength support layer for excellent rebound power and elastic shock pads for optimal shock absorption and player protection.

Innovative Design with Simple Installation

It is a high specification polypropylene tile with a patented soft connection suspension system.  The ultra stable cushioned structure with invisible inter-connecting buckles lock together for a seamless finish.  This flexible locking system allows for an easy-fit installation while relieving thermal expansion and cold contraction.

High Durability and Low Maintenance

With a unique perforated surface design, lightly textured for slip and skid resistance, water and debris can easily flow through the floor system keeping it low maintenance and ultra durable in all weather conditions.  The Elite Elastic Pro system is finished with a colour-fast, UV resistant paint treatment for ultimate impact and scratch resistance, allowing for repetitive use and high footfall all year round.

Versatile Use

Portable and versatile, the system can be installed permanently or assembled and stored away for specific events or competitions.  Similarly, an installed court can be used in all seasons despite adverse weather due to its built-in drainage system and anti-slip surface layer.

Top Performance

Qualified by several sports federations including FIBA, the ergonomic surface delivers high comfort, excellent foot traction and fluid movement while delivering maximum player protection.


  • 6 Year Warranty
  • Ultra Stable Hardwearing Construction
  • Frosted Texture for Skid Resistance
  • Self-Draining
  • Conforms to ISO 9001/ISO 14001
  • Qualified and tested by FIBA
  • Easy Fit Interlocking System
  • Excellent Water Permeability & UV Stability
  • Antibacterial 

Product Details

Material: High Performance Polypropylene Copolymer 
Tile Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm x 1.58cm
Tile Colour: Light Blue
Court Marking Colour: White
Installation: Soft Connection Interlocking System
Subfloor Recommendations: Compacted aggregate with a weed control membrane or a rubber subfloor such as PRO 30mm Tiles


As this item is made to order, please allow up to 8 weeks lead time for marking and delivery.

Want to see a sample?  Order FREE SAMPLES here



How do I install my court?

The court system arrives in clearly numbered boxes with complete instructions on how to assemble.  The tiles interlock together using buckles which are hidden once they are fitted together.  It is an easy process which doesn't require specialist assistance.

What colours can I have?

This is for a Light Blue tile court.   If you would prefer other colours or a 2-colour design, feel free to get in touch to discuss your preferences.

How are the court markings painted?

Our tiles are manufactured then assembled into place on site.  The markings are then sectioned off using masking tape then painted using specialist high quality sports paint.  Once dried and treated, the tiles are dismantled and packed.

I have my own dimensions, can I create my own design?

Yes, we can provide bespoke designs.  Just pop us an email (info@gym-flooring.com) with your layout design and instructions and we can prepare a quote.


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