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We supply a wide range of rubber, foam and vinyl matting suitable for all forms of Yoga practice for both studio and home yoga room use. Whether you are a Studio owner looking for a Yoga Studio solution or something for Yoga practice at home, we've got yoga floor solutions to suit all locations and key uses.

What is the best Yoga flooring option?

The best solution for a Yoga Studio is a soft but resilient material which cushions the body and offers high comfort. Our foam and rubber mats can be used as small singular mats or installed together to create a wide, protective surface over harder surfaces. Other popular floor options are Vinyl Yoga Tiles, engineered wood, reclaimed wood, solid hardwood floors such as Oak and Beech with singular use mats for additional protection.

Hardwood Floor V Soft Floor?

There are benefits of using both hardwood floors and softer surfaces so it is really down to personal preference and the sort of property you intend to use. Hardwood flooring, Vinyl flooring and Rubber are great options for shared use spaces as these materials are multi-functional and can be used for multi activities without having to adapt and disassemble flooring and equipment. Hardwood flooring requires consistent upkeep to keep it performing and looking its best while Vinyl flooring can be costly to replace if a section becomes damaged. Yoga Studio floors installed with contemporary rubber flooring, require less maintenance and are the easiest to repair or replace.

Should I go for Permanent Yoga Studio flooring or Yoga Mat Set-Up

An important factor to consider before choosing your Yoga Studio floor solution is the set-up. This is usually determined by the type of property you have and if the space is used by others. While some Yoga business owners may opt for singular use Yoga mats for their classes, others prefer a more permanent floor material which can be used for a wider range of activity such as fitness, rehabilitation, sports and community activities like Martial Arts and Dance.

Rubber Flooring for a Yoga Studio

Rubber flooring has become increasingly popular as a Yoga studio and Hot Yoga Studio flooring solution. This yoga flooring option, is highly protective, with a slip resistant surface, optimal shock absorption and remains in position no matter how vigorous your workout or moves. For an even softer yoga flooring surface, opt for our Konnecta interlocking rubber flooring range which has a deluxe, velvety finish and is available in various colours and designs. Our rubber tiles and rolls are naturally non-porous and moisture resistant meaning they will not absorb water or sweat and are anti-bacterial.

Rubber Yoga Flooring Features

  • Thickness options from 15mm to 60mm (15mm to 20mm recommended)

  • Interlocking Tile Options

  • 4 Year Warranty

  • Easy Installation - Can be Loose-Laid or permanently glued down

  • Suitable for Home Yoga Studios & Yoga Classes

  • Anti Slip & Anti-Bacterial

  • Low Maintenance

  • Suitable for Hot Yoga Classes

  • Water Resistant - will not absorb moisture or sweat

  • Colour, Size and Thickness Options

Eva Foam Yoga Studio Flooring

Another widely used surface material for Yoga flooring is Eva Foam. This high density foam is super resilient, yet durable and has a soft surface which is kind to bare feet and skin, an essential factor when choosing Yoga flooring. These portable mats can be slotted together like a puzzle and can be loose-laid or permanently set-up for efficient and high comfort Yoga training and Yoga Class activities. Suitable for Hot Yoga Studios, foam tiles resist high temperatures, can tolerate a high humidity level and will not absorb moisture making them anti-bacterial and simple to keep clean. The Tatami textured surface allows for perfect traction and fluid movement for all types of Yoga studio activities.

Eva Foam Yoga Flooring Features

  • Slip Resistant and Moisture Resistant

  • Anti Bacterial and Easy Cleaning

  • Easy Installation

  • Portable

  • 4 Year Warranty

  • Colour, Size and Thickness Options

  • High Protection and Comfort

  • Tatami Texture for traction

Other Yoga Studio Flooring Options

For other Yoga Flooring options, you might want to consider our Jigsaw Rubber Tiles. Made from the same recycled rubber flooring materials as our standard PRO range, these Yoga flooring mats are shaped like a Puzzle for super simple installation. They are popular in Home Gyms for light to moderate fitness and tick all the boxes for Yoga flooring criteria.

  • Moisture & Sweat Resistant - particularly useful for Hot Yoga Studios

  • Simple to Clean & Maintain - Jigsaw Yoga Flooring Mats are easy to keep clean and maintained

  • Ultra Durable - Made from hardwearing rubber designed to last

  • Soft & Comfortable to the Skin - Anti Fatigue and comfortable to perform on

  • Easy Installation - quick and easy fitting

  • 4 Year Warranty

  • Available in colour and thickness options

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