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Sprung Field Hockey Grass

Sprung Field Hockey Grass

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Why Artificial Grass for Field Hockey?

Field hockey, a fast-paced and dynamic sport, demands a playing surface that can match its intensity. As the sport continues to evolve, so does the need for superior playing conditions. Enter artificial grass, a revolutionary solution that has transformed field hockey fields around the world. In this article, we explore the qualities of synthetic grass best suited for field hockey, its benefits over natural turf, and the standards required for competitive matches.

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What's Important for an Artificial Hockey Pitch?

  1. Durability: Field hockey is notorious for its rigorous play, involving constant running, dribbling, and stick handling. Therefore, the field hockey artificial grass used must be durable enough to withstand heavy usage without compromising performance.

  2. Consistency: A uniform playing surface is crucial for field hockey to ensure fair gameplay and player safety. Synthetic grass should offer consistent ball roll and bounce across the entire field as well as high speed allowing players to predict and control their movements effectively.

  3. Traction: Players rely on traction to execute quick turns, accelerations, and stops during the game. The ideal synthetic grass should provide adequate grip without causing excessive friction or slippage, reducing the risk of injuries.

  4. Shock Absorption: Impact injuries are common in field hockey due to the fast-paced nature of the game. Synthetic grass with sufficient shock absorption properties can help minimize the force exerted on players' joints upon landing, reducing the likelihood of injuries.

  5. Low Maintenance: Unlike natural turf, synthetic grass requires minimal maintenance, making it an attractive option for field hockey pitch facility. It eliminates the need for regular watering, mowing, and fertilizing, allowing for more consistent playing conditions year-round.

Who uses Artificial Grass Hockey Pitches?

Hockey turf is suitable for a variety of applications, including:

  1. Stadiums and Arenas: Professional field hockey stadiums can benefit from the durability and consistency offered by synthetic grass, providing elite athletes with a high-quality playing surface for competitive matches.

  2. Training Facilities: Field hockey clubs and academies can install synthetic grass on their training fields to replicate game-like conditions and optimize player development.

  3. Multi-Purpose Facilities: Artificial hockey pitches can be used in multi-purpose sports facilities, allowing field hockey to be played alongside other sports such as Tennis and Hurling without compromising the integrity of the playing surface.

Benefits of an Artificial Grass Hockey Pitch

  1. Weather Resistance: Synthetic grass is unaffected by inclement weather conditions such as rain or snow, ensuring your hockey field has consistent playing conditions regardless of the season.

  2. Longevity: Artificial hockey pitches have a longer lifespan compared to natural turf, reducing the need for frequent replacement and lowering overall maintenance costs.

  3. Environmental Impact: By eliminating the need for pesticides, herbicides, and water-intensive maintenance practices, hockey turf contributes to environmental sustainability.

  4. Versatility: An artificial hockey pitch can be customized to meet specific performance requirements, allowing for greater versatility in field design and construction.

  5. Exceptional Performance: With improved ball control, ball speed and an ultra smooth surface for fluid and faster game play, artificial turf allows players to optimise their game while training.

What Types of Artificial Hockey Pitch are available?

Artificial turf used for hockey typically comes in shorter, denser fibres, approx 13mm pile height and usually form part of a water based system, a sand dressed system or a sand filled system. This refers to the type of infill and sub base used to protect the fibres and increase their lifespan as well as providing players with enhanced protection and better comfort. Artificial hockey pitch solutions are often integrated with a shock pad layer for further enhanced player protection and high performance. Multisport artificial grass systems can also be used for Hockey as well as other sports such as football and athletics, and are widely used in schools and community facilities to accommodate various sports.

In terms of aesthetic, a synthetic hockey pitch can be any colour desired although most hockey pitches tend to be green or blue to allow clear visibility of the ball.

Hockey Pitch Standards and Regulations

For competitive field hockey matches, the pitch surface must meet the standards set by governing bodies such as the International Hockey Federation (FIH). These standards typically include:

  1. FIH Global Performance Standards: Artificial hockey pitches must undergo rigorous testing to ensure compliance with FIH Global Performance Standards, which cover aspects such as ball roll, speed, surface friction, and shock absorption.

  2. Certification: Field hockey facilities must obtain FIH certification to host international and national-level competitions, demonstrating that the synthetic grass meets the required standards for quality and performance.

  3. Regular Maintenance: To maintain FIH certification, field owners must adhere to a maintenance schedule that includes grooming, infill replenishment, and regular inspections to ensure the playing surface remains in optimal condition.

Artificial grass has revolutionized field hockey by providing a durable, consistent, and low-maintenance playing surface that meets the demands of the modern game. With its numerous benefits over natural turf and adherence to the highest standards, synthetic grass continues to elevate the sport of field hockey to new heights.

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