Foam mats are used widely in fitness and exercise as well as children's play and specialist sports such as Gymnastics and MMA.

With this comprehensive guide, you can make an informed decision and choose the best foam mats to suit your purposes. We will discuss the different types of foam mats, their benefits, and how to choose the right ones for your needs.  Similarly, we will look at gym flooring in general and why it plays such an important role in fitness and sports.


Why It's Important To Have Good Gym Flooring

To understand the importance of gym mats and specifically why you should be interested in foam interlocking mats, you first have to understand why it’s crucial to have high quality gym flooring. Having a good gym floor is essential for a variety of reasons:


  1. A good gym floor will provide a stable and comfortable surface for workouts. This is especially important for exercises that involve a lot of movement, such as running, jumping, and stretching.
  2. A good gym floor will help protect the joints and muscles from the impact of the exercises.
  3. A good gym floor will help to reduce the risk of slipping and falling, which can be dangerous during specific exercises.
  4. A good gym floor will help to absorb the shock of heavyweights, which can help to reduce the risk of injury.
  5. A good gym floor should be easy to maintain and keep clean


Overall, having a good gym floor is essential for any workout, as it will provide a safe and comfortable exercise environment.


Critical Aspects Of A Good Gym Floor

If you’re wondering why it’s essential to focus on something as low key as gym flooring, there’s a few good reasons to remember why this impacts your gym experience. Even more so, it’s essential to know what the critical elements of a good gym floor are so that you can ensure your gym meets these requirements. Let’s look at the top ten critical components of good gym flooring.


  1. Shock absorption is a critical component of good gym flooring, as it helps to reduce the risk of injury and fatigue by cushioning the impact of physical activity.
  2. Slip resistance is also essential, as it helps to prevent slips and falls, which can be dangerous in a gym setting.
  3. Durability is also a critical component, as gym flooring must withstand the wear and tear of regular use.
  4. Low maintenance is also essential, as it ensures that the flooring does not need to be replaced frequently.
  5. Sound absorption is another essential component of good gym flooring, as it helps to reduce the noise levels in the gym.
  6. Cleanability is also vital, ensuring the flooring can be easily cleaned and maintained.
  7. Aesthetics is also essential, as gym flooring should be visually appealing and in line with the overall design of the gym.
  8. Ergonomics is also critical, as gym flooring should be designed to reduce the risk of injury and fatigue.
  9. Eco-friendliness is also a key component of good gym flooring, as it helps reduce its environmental impact.
  10. Cost-effectiveness is also essential, as gym flooring should be affordable and provide good value for money.


Types Of Foam Mats

Now that we have discussed the key elements of an effective gym floor, let’s explore foam mats in more detail.  Knowing the different types of foam mats available and understanding your specific needs when selecting the right one is essential. Foam mats provide different levels of support and comfort, depending on the activity you are using them for. For example, foam matting for a Dojo or Boxing gym would require a texturised surface for traction and a thickness from 20mm upwards.  On the otherhand, a foam mat for young children and babies may not need to have a specialist top layer or require to be as thick.  Let's break down the different types in more detail.


Tatami Textured Foam Mats

Tatami textured foam mats are popular for MMA, Boxing, Gymnastics, and Yoga Studies activities. These foam interlocking mats come in a puzzle design that self-locks, providing extra grip and traction. Different textured patterns are available, allowing users to choose the one that best suits their needs. The thickness of these foam interlocking mats ranges from 20mm to 40mm, providing users with a range of options.


Fitness Foam Mats

Fitness Foam Mats are a great addition to any fitness facility, providing a cushion for light-impact activities. These mats come in various thicknesses, ranging from 20mm up. Although some thicker mats may not support heavy weights, they are still suitable for home gyms and garage spaces. You can ensure a comfortable and safe workout environment with a foam interlocking mat.


Vinyl Covered Combat Foam Mats

Vinyl Covered Combat Foam Mats are more extensive than standard foam mats and are used for various activities such as MMA, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Parkour, and Cheerleading. They have a foam core covered in vinyl, ranging from 40mm up. These mats provide a safe and comfortable surface for athletes to practice and perform their sport.


Foam Play Mats

Foam play mats are a great way to create a safe and fun play space for young children. They come in various colours, patterns, and shapes, so you can easily find one that fits your child's needs. The foam interlocking mats also come in different thicknesses, ranging from 6mm to 20mm, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. With foam play mats, you can create a comfortable and safe environment for your child.


Roll Out Foam Mats

Roll Out Foam Mats are versatile and valuable equipment, mainly used in gymnastics, tumbling studios, and Martial Arts studios. They come in various thicknesses, allowing for different uses and activities. They provide a safe and comfortable surface to practice on, helping to reduce the risk of injury. They are also easy to roll out and store, making them an excellent choice for any gym or studio.


Horse Foam Mats

Horse Foam Mats are heavy-duty, anti-fatigue foam mats designed explicitly for stables although there are some solutions which are multi-purpose and accommodate both sports and stable use. They help cushion falls and provide comfort and good hygiene for horses. These foam interlocking mats are available in thicknesses of 30mm and up and can also be used in animal shelters and pet areas at home. Horse Foam Mats provide a safe and comfortable environment for horses and other animals.


Main Benefits Of Foam Mats

Foam interlocking mats are incredibly versatile and beneficial for anyone looking to improve their exercise routine. Here are just some of the key advantages of foam matting.


Simple Installation

One of the main benefits of foam mats is their simple installation. Many products don't require glue or costly tools, making them DIY friendly. This makes them ideal for those looking to complete a project quickly and easily. Foam mats are also lightweight and easy to transport, making them an excellent option for various applications.


Easy Maintenance

Foam mats are an excellent choice for many applications due to their easy maintenance. They are resistant to moisture and dirt, making them easy to clean and maintain. This makes them an excellent choice for areas that may experience a lot of foot traffic or be exposed to the elements. Additionally, foam mats are lightweight and can be easily moved and stored when needed. These features make foam mats an excellent choice for many different areas.



Foam interlocking mats offer a variety of benefits, particularly in terms of comfort. They are designed to prevent friction and burn and provide a soft underfoot, making them ideal for activities that require standing for long periods. Additionally, foam mats are anti-fatigue, which can help reduce the strain on your feet, legs, and back, making them an excellent choice for any activity requiring standing.



Foam mats provide a variety of safety benefits. They are designed with an anti-slip surface to help prevent falls and slips. Additionally, foam interlocking mats offer shock absorption, which helps protect ligaments, joints, and tendons from injury. This makes foam mats ideal for activities involving physical contact or high-impact movements.


Protection Of Underflooring

Foam mats provide a great benefit to any gym or exercise space. They protect the underflooring from damage and wear while protecting gym equipment from being damaged or scuffed. This helps ensure the gym is safe and in good condition for all users. Foam mats also provide a comfortable surface to exercise on, making the experience more enjoyable.



Foam mats are an incredibly affordable flooring option, especially compared to other mats. They are often much cheaper than different types of mats, and can be easily sourced. They are also lightweight and easy to install, making them an ideal choice for those looking for an inexpensive way to add some extra cushioning and comfort to their home studio. Foam mats are easy to clean and maintain, making them an excellent investment for any budget.


Strong Resilience

Foam mats offer strong resilience and superior traction, making them an ideal surface for sports such as Martial Arts and Boxing. The foam material is highly durable, providing a stable and secure surface for athletes to practice and compete on. The superior traction of the foam mat helps reduce the risk of slipping and falling, which can be a significant safety hazard in these sports. The foam mat's resilience helps absorb the impact of strikes and falls, reducing the risk of injury. Foam mats' strong resilience and superior traction make them an excellent choice for all types of Martial Arts disciplines as well as Boxing.



Foam interlocking mats are a great benefit for any studio, available in various colours and designs. This makes the studio look professional and engaging for users to train on. The mats' aesthetic can help create a more inviting atmosphere and make the studio look more attractive.  


Where Are Foam Mats Used?

Foam mats are often used in various settings, such as home studios, fitness centres, specialist sports gyms and MMA Studios, nurseries and play areas. They are often used as cushioning, providing a comfortable surface to stand, sit, or lay on. For sports such as MMA, they prevent friction burn from floor work and landing due to their soft surface compared to other types of flooring.


Rubber vs Foam Mats

When you’re thinking about foam flooring, there’s no doubt that you’re wondering about the other popular gym mats in comparison, including rubber mats. Rubber and foam interlocking mats are two popular materials used for flooring, particularly for fitness purposes. Rubber floor mats are known for their durability and resistance to water, making them an excellent choice for areas exposed to moisture. They are also easy to clean and maintain and can last many years with proper care. Foam mats, on the other hand, are softer and provide more cushioning. They are also lightweight and easy to install, making them an excellent option for temporary flooring. Both materials offer great benefits including high protection and high performance when utilised in the correct setting.


Average Cost

The cost of foam flooring can vary widely depending on the size, thickness, and type of foam. Generally, a standard 20mm thick foam mat can cost anywhere from £15 to £25, while thicker mats can cost from £30 upwards. For larger mats, such as those used in gymnastics, prices range from £75 +.


What To Consider Before Purchasing Foam Mats

When choosing foam interlocking mats for your gym, it is essential to consider the type of exercises you do and how often you use them. If you are doing activities that involve a lot of jumping or high-impact movements, you will need a thicker and more durable mat. Thicker mats will provide more cushioning and protection for your joints.


You can choose a thinner mat if you are doing exercises involving more low-impact movements, such as yoga or Pilates. It is also essential to consider how often you use your mats. If you are using your mats often, choosing a mat made from a high-quality material that is easy to clean and maintain is best. It is crucial to ensure that the mats fit the size of your gym and provide enough space for your workout. By taking into account the type of exercises you do, how often you use your mats, and the size of your gym, you can find the best foam mats for your needs.


Final Thoughts

Foam matting is a versatile and affordable floor solution for fitness, sports and leisure use.  Perhaps its greatest appeal is that most foam mats are very simple to install without assistance.  With numerous benefits for a number of uses, foam interlocking mats are a wise choice for specific activities and sports and provide the vital protection needed when performing workouts and exercise.


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