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Our exciting range of playmats are the perfect surface solution for safe and comfortable playtimes.  Whether you're looking for durable and lightweight mats for a Play Room, protective play mats for a Living Room corner or a complete play surface for a Kid's Play Facility, we've got you covered. 

Highly Protective & Anti Fatigue

Constructed from EVA high density foam, our ultra soft mats provide deep cushioning with a non-slip, textured surface for extra traction.  This prevents slips and falls while supporting your child as they tumble, jump and climb.

Waterproof, Anti Bacterial & Easy Clean

Our waterproof foam mats are resistant to bacteria, moisture and mould meaning they are simple to look after and keep sanitary, even for messy kid's play.  Simply wipe the tiles down after use and allow to dry.

Simple Installation

With a Jigsaw profile, our playmats are super easy to fit.  The mats connect together and remain stable even during vigorous play and high impact activities. The mats can be permanently glued to the subfloor or loose-laid for easy removal and storage. Each mat comes with a straight-edge border with the puzzle shape cut into the design.  The edges are easily peeled away to start connecting your tiles and creating your own layout.

4 Year Warranty

All our flooring products come with a 4 Year Warranty against premature wear and colour fading.

7 Colours

Choose from 7 vibrant colours to create an engaging and fun play space.  Get creative and opt for a 2 colour checkerboard design or match your colours with your room interior for real impact.


One of the best things about our 13mm Play Mats is that they are multi-functional.  Not only do they provide safe and comfort for play, they also work well in gyms, Martial Arts studios and garages.  They reduce sound, insulate against draughts and offer excellent shock absorption while shielding your subfloor from weights and heavy equipment such as treadmills and bikes. Likewise, they can also be used outdoors and are resilient to warm and cold temperatures. 

Product Details

Size: 1m x 1m

Thickness: 13mm

Material: EVA Foam

Pattern: Tatami Weave

Installation: Self-locking Puzzle 

Colour(s): Available in Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Grey, Black


  • Shock Absorbent & Anti Fatigue
  • Waterproof and Moisture Resistant
  • Ultra durable, Non-Porous Closed Cell Foam
  • Anti Slip/Non-Skid Surface
  • Antibacterial
  • Toxic Free
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Simple Installation
  • Portable & Compact 
  • Supports furniture and play equipment 
  • 4 Year Warranty


  • Play & Leisure
  • Fitness & Training
  • Sports - Martial Arts, Boxing, Gymnastics
  • Utility Use
  • Stable Matting 


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