Opt for Echelon - Immersive Workouts Like No Other

After a mammoth exercise bike workout, do you want to know Calories burned? Have I improved my speed and performance or the distance travelled? Of course you do.  Naturally, you want to know how far your efforts have got you.

Similarly, you want to tailor your workouts to suit you exactly.

With Echelon Connect bike solutions, Echelon Stride Treadmill and Echelon Row, Echelon's arsenal of signature cardio equipment, you can have everything your way and more.

Echelon workouts to put it simply are about You. Investing in your personal fitness but also enjoying the experience as you work towards your goals. Never before has there been a fitness solution in one piece of kit that covers full body workouts, on demand classes, world-class instruction and everything you need to immerse yourself in the fitness experience.

Echelon Community

With live classes, the Echelon community embrace exercise as part of the everyday routine. The Echelon app is a powerful tool which allows you to integrate all of your personal fitness stats with your preferred workouts and optimise your training to a completely new level. With so many of us working out at home, Echelon has channelled all its efforts into combining tech with premium craftmanship that takes you far from the spare bedroom. It allows you to get out of your comfort zone, engage and compete with others, challenge yourself further, track your progress and achieve results in a motivating and vibrant atmosphere.

Echelon App and Membership

Echelon offer flexible and affordable membership plans which enables access to up to 4 users, 1 year warranty, sync all wellness apps and access to hundreds of on demand classes. There is scenic rides, a virtual leaderboard and world-class instructors on hand to optimise your sessions.

Echelon Connect Bike

Echelon supplies a range of leading exercise bikes with smart features and sleek technology suited to all levels of fitness from absolute beginners to cycling pros. Imagine sweating in a spinning studio or cycling through the rural mountains of Italy, we know where we would rather be. Visit other countries? No problem. Pedal along stunning seascapes throughout Asia or colourful towns in Greece. Use your Echelon bike to train, compete, challenge or unwind, it is all up to you.


  • Integrated Rotating Touch Screen
  • 32-level Magnetic Flywheel
  • Built In Speakers
  • Ergonomic Handlebars and Deluxe Seat
  • Bluetooth Tech 
  • 32 Resistance Levels
  • Adjustable Features
  • Simple Mobility and assembly (easy-move wheels)
  • Maximum User Weight - 136kg

Echelon Row

Echelon Rowers have a foldable design, adjustable ergonomic features for optimal comfort and up to 32 resistance levels for newbies to professional rowers.  Master your Echelon Row form and compete against family and friends, take the scenic waters of Thailand and reboot after a busy working day or sweat it out with in an Echelon class of avid rowers.


  • Rotating Touch Screen (up to 22 inches)
  • Silent Magnetic Resistance
  • Built In Safety Features/Extended Lifecycle
  • Foldable Design
  • Ergonomic and Adjustable features
  • 32 Resistance Levels

Echelon Stride

For ultimate comfort and top performance, discover Echelons dynamic treadmill. Echelon takes running a distance more by using advanced technology and sleek functionality to offer a sprinting experience like no other.


  • Up to 32 Inch Rotating Touch Screen
  • DURO50 Running Deck
  • Auto-fold design
  • Up to 16 Incline levels
  • 15.5mph speeds
  • Simple assembly and storage


On Demand Classes - Why are they so popular? 

The On Demand classes that Echelon offer are led by instructors who have trained internationally and have specialist knowledge of your chosen activity whether it be rowing, running or cycling.  Working out socially keeps you accountable, boosts your motivation and the shared experience makes you come back for more.  One of the best things about Echelons on demand classes is it allows users to explore different activities and sports as well as combining different workout styles such as Strength Training, Cardio and Core, Boxing, Pilates, Yoga and Meditation.  It gives you the chance to try something new without committing to it.

Is Echelon similar to a Peloton Bike?

Echelon Connect Bikes are exactly like Peloton bikes EXCEPT they are not as expensive.  If you are looking for an affordable alternative then Echelon is the way to go.  Gym Flooring offer finance options as well as 45 FREE days subscription when you purchase from us.  Get in touch.

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