Shop Barbell Training Kit & Accessories for Home Gyms & Commercial Use

Barbells are essential for any workout plan whether you are building strength and endurance or training to develop muscle and speed.

When you get comfortable with your bar you can make some serious gains, building power, size and definition no matter what your fitness goals are.

Our Barbells

We supply a complete collection of premium Barbell options from Olympic Lifting bars, Cross Competition Bars and standard barbells to suit all types and levels of workout. Constructed from high quality steel alloy with knurled high grip handles, our top performing bars are durable, simple to load and able to withstand repeated use and high impact. 

Suitable for CrossFit, Powerlifting, Olympic Weight Lifting.

Weight Plates & Bumper Plates

See our huge range of compatible weight plates and bumpers for use on the barbell or off for free weights workouts.  We stock singular plates and sets suitable for basic training to powerlifting and higher intensity workout programmes.

Storage Options

Check out our collection of clever space-saving storage solutions for keeping your barbell and plates well organised and ready to use. We stock racks, shelving and units for all types of equipment storage, ideal for home gyms and fitness facilities.


We provide all lifting accessories such as collars and gloves to complete your Barbell training kit. 


How much Weight should I lift on a Barbell?

This is really down to your level of training and personal preference.  Some people like to stick to the same weights to maintain their fitness while others are aiming to progress with their training, mastering form and technique as well as advancing to heavier weights. Listen to your own body and avoid lifting loads which cause discomfort or soreness which can result in injury.  There is no point in literally breaking your back and rushing into deeper level training if you are not ready.

You should always ensure you have the correct safety measures and support in place when lifting barbells. Most lifters, if serious about barbell training, will have a squat rack with spotter arms in place for preventing accidents or injury.

Do I need to wear Gloves when lifting a Barbell?

There is no hard and fast rule about wearing gloves while you lift.  Some weight trainers prefer the protection and precision of a glove, people with smaller hands may need the extra padding gloves provide and the material absorbs sweat which can allow for a better grip.  It is really down to what you prefer. 

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