Sports Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Flooring Solutions

As a material, rubber and foam are well know for their superior shock absorption, excellent grip and high protection properties. Our range of rubber flooring and foam surfaces are the go-to solutions for physical therapy centers, sports rehabilitation clinics and facilities that focus on recovery after injury.

Our flooring products offer deep cushioning, versatile use, freedom of movement and functionality while preventing further injury when carrying out rehabilitation exercises and fitness treatment programmes.

Main Features of our Rubber Flooring & Foam Mats

High Safety & Shock Absorbent Flooring Solutions

Our PRO rubber flooring series as well as our interlocking options deliver maximum shock absorbency that protect the body and reduce the risk of strain and injury during exercise. Available in various thicknesses that accommodate different uses and levels of weight capacity, our quality options will support all patients needs. Similarly, our EVA foam matting adds high density support and cushioning for all types of recovery plan.

Comfortable Surface

Our collections helps to create a comfortable environment that safeguards and protects against injury or impact damage to under-flooring or equipment. With excellent traction and non slip surface, our rubber flooring and foam systems are the perfect options for comfortable and productive sessions.

High Durability

Made from recycled, ultra tough SBR rubber or EVA foam, our products are designed to withstand deep impact and repetitive use. Resistant to moisture and anti-bacterial, our rubber or foam options will endure years of extensive use with minimal upkeep. Available with a 4 year warranty against premature wear.

Versatile Use

Suitable for Functional Fitness, Strength Exercises and Free Weights as well as supporting machinery and equipment, one of the main advantages of our products are their wide flexibility of use. They can maximise space, protect your subfloor from daily traffic and support a number of sports and fitness activities while providing extra stability and sound control.

Wide Application

Suitable for:

  • Physiotherapy Centres

  • Sports Rehabilitation Facilities

  • Clinic Exercise Rooms & Rehabilitation Areas

  • Physical Therapy Training & Health Centres

Did you know?

As well as Rubber flooring, rolls and foam matting, we also provide artificial turf and tracks which are excellent for specific sports and fitness rehabilitation exercises and equipment. Check it out.