Transforming Spaces: Garage Gym Club, Milton Keynes

In the heart of Milton Keynes lies a hub of fitness and transformation – the Garage Gym Club.  What was once a conventional garage space has now evolved into a dedicated arena for CrossFit and functional fitness enthusiasts. The brainchild of a fitness aficionado, this space has been curated meticulously to embody the essence of a professional gym while retaining the comfort and convenience of home.

Project Details

One of the key components that contributed to the metamorphosis of this garage into a fitness sanctuary was the implementation of Sprung 30mm HD Rubber tiles. Strategically chosen for their durability and noise-reduction capabilities, these tiles were a pivotal element in the gym's design. The location, primarily aimed for CrossFit and functional fitness routines, demanded a robust flooring solution that could endure rigorous workouts while dampening noise levels.

The concrete sub-floor provided a sturdy foundation for the installation. Opting for the 30mm HD Rubber Tiles, the DIY installation method allowed for a seamless integration into the existing space. The loose-laid approach not only facilitated ease of installation but also offered flexibility for potential modifications in the future.


Customer Testimonial

Speaking about the transformation, the owner of Garage Gym Club shared their insights, stating, "Completes the functional fitness look and feel I wanted from the space, means through these tough times I've been able to get into the garage. I went for the 30mm to ensure no damage to the concrete flooring under and allow for less sound issues." This testimonial underscores the importance of selecting the right flooring solution, aligning with the aesthetic and functional requirements of the space.


The choice of the 30mm HD Rubber Tiles not only fulfilled the desired visual appeal but also addressed crucial practical aspects. The reduction in noise levels coupled with the protection of the concrete flooring underneath validated the efficacy of this selection.


The Garage Gym Club in Milton Keynes stands as a testament to the transformative power of purposeful design. By integrating high-quality flooring solutions like the Sprung 30mm HD Rubber Tiles, the space has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis. It not only reflects the dedication to fitness but also showcases how a well-thought-out selection of materials can elevate the functionality and aesthetics of a space.

The evolution of this garage into a fitness haven reaffirms the notion that with the right elements in place, any space can be reimagined and repurposed to suit one's passions and aspirations.

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