Isolate Gym Noise with Noise Reduction Rubber Floor Tiles

Ultimate protection and consistency, Sprung Antishock tiles shield the user against injury while supporting the understructure of your floor and preventing damage from heavy loads. These are the go-to home gym flooring and fitness industry surface option for noise reduction and insulation.

Our noise reducing anti shock rubber tiles range starts from 40mm to a staggering 60mm depending on your chosen weights capacity.  Due to their density and built-in drainage system on the underside, this range is also suitable for outdoor use.

Ultimate Shock Absorption & Protection

Suitable for both home gym flooring as well as commercial facilities, our premium rubber flooring material is constructed from SBR and EPDM recycled rubber designed to withstand the heaviest weights and efficiently absorb impact. This protects users from body injury while carrying out intense workouts and dropping weights while protecting the subfloor form damage.

Sound Isolation

The noise of dropped weights and heavy gym equipment and machines can be super noisy.  Our ultra dense anti-shock rubber tiles isolate sound and vibration and minimise disruption to other gym users or nearby neighbours in home gyms. Sound control is key in a commercial gym space environment as it is important that gym users are able to workout with a degree of comfort and focus. Too much sound from dropping weights, loud music and busy machines, can be sensory overload. A sound-proofing gym surface will help to keep this to a minimum.

Extreme Durability

Our durable rubber products are an excellent choice for gym flooring with a long lifespan and that will tolerate repetitive use, heavy loads and high traffic. Made from high quality, recycled rubber, our anti-shock range will stand the test of time, no matter what you throw at it.  With self-draining to the understructure, these tiles can also withstand outdoor weather conditions and are suitable for exterior use.

Protects Fitness Equipment & Floors

Anti shock rubber floors are an essential investment if you want to make sure your fitness equipment and sub floors are protected from damage. The rubber material creates a buffer when using weights, performing high intensity moves or using weighty machines preventing sub floors from getting scratched, scuffed or cracked. This means you can workout with confidence knowing your environment has suitable protection.

Simple Installation

In terms of installation, our durable rubber tiles are easy to fit DIY. They have deep moisture channels to the underside which create a extremely stable building structure meaning the tiles will be structurally stable and remain in position. Likwise, they are also suitable for outdoor use. Due to their weight, they can be butted together using compression or adhesive without the need for specialist assistance or tools.

Non Slip Anti Fatigue Surface

Not only does our anti shock collection have exceptional shock absorption and superior layers of protection which will reduce noise, they have a slip resistant and anti fatigue surface for high comfort and safety when working out. This means you can train for longer periods without discomfort or muscle fatigue.

Key Features

  • Built In Drainage channels
  • Suitable for Outdoors
  • Superior Shock Absorption

  • Non Slip

  • Moisture Resistant

  • Soundproof - Reduces sound and vibrations

  • Available in 3 Thicknesses

  • Corners & Edges Available

  • Worry-Free Floor Protection

  • Simple Installation

  • Low Maintenance & Easy Cleaning

Similar Products

Our versatile range of rubber products have everything from soundproofing and interlocking tiles to high aesthetic options with design and colour choice for adding character and energy to your gym space. Browse our Konnecta and Fleckz ranges for some inspiration.

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