Maximise your Gym Functionality with High Quality Sprint Tracks

Suitable for personal use in a Home Gym or incorporated into your commercial Gym design for functional training areas, Sprint Tracks maximise space and functionality in a number of ways.

Sprint tracks can be used for running, interval training as well as other workout types such as plyometric box exercises, rope pulls, lunges, tyre work, sled-pulling etc. For these types of activity you require flooring that gives you optimal grip, shock absorbency and resilience., offering the right balance of comfort and energy return so that you can accomplish your workout sessions with ultimate safety and risk of injury.

Our range of sprint tracks are designed to withstand heavy and repeated impact and are available in basic to bespoke features and markings to suit various levels and activities.

Top Features

Shock Absorption

A Sprint Track provides great shock absorption ensuring that high impact doesn’t cause injury.

Easy Installation

Simple to install requiring no specialist contractor for fitting.


No matter how many hours you spent training, our Sprint Tracks are made from high quality, synthetic fibres designed to withstand the toughest environments, constant use and intense exercise.

Browse our range of sprint tracks to determine what size, design and markings you require.