Shop Engineered Wood Sprung Flooring Systems for Multi Sports Use

We stock a wide range of sports flooring designed and manufacturerd from Boen Sport, one of the market leaders in high performance sports flooring in the UK and Europe.

Area Elastic Sports Flooring

Boen specialise in area elastic sports floor systems which are floor solutions recognised for multi functional excellence in a wide range of sports and leisure applications including sports halls, dance studios and the fitness flooring industry.  Area elastic sports flooring offers greater flexibility, superior durability and shock absorption while delivering comfort and the perfect result in performance.  

Main Features

  • Wide Application - Suitable for Sports Halls, Dance Floors, Dance Studio Flooring, Schools, Universities and Sports Clubs
  • Maximum Shock Absorption and Sound Absorption
  • Specialist Sport Court Systems Available
  • Fast & Secure Installation - all floor system have short installation time
  • Longlife - Optimal durability
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • Heavy Load Capacity
  • Suitable for Retractable Seating
  • Non Slip Surface
  • Variety of Oak Colour Finishes
  • High Layer Protection from Injury or Accidents
  • Suitable for High Impact Sports 
  • Low Maintenance and Easy Cleaning
  • Complete range of Accessories available - Battens, Undercarriage, Bushings, Ramps, Skirting and Cleaner 

If you are looking for a durable sports flooring solution that provides versatility and years of top performance, browse our Boen sports flooring options for the perfect result every time.

Did you Know?

We also provide a range of sprung vinyl point elastic flooring suitable for a range of sports, leisure, dance and multi-purpose activities.

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