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Versatile and High Performance, our Premium Sprint Track is the perfect addition to any modern fitness facility.

It comes with machine tufted white fibre markings (for ultimate lastability and non-fading) featuring a speed ladder, speed tracks, jump tracks, numbers and a start station for total versatility of use.

Made from short-pile,  non-directional high density fibres, our sprint tracks will not bend or curl under impact and rigourous use meaning it is perfect for sled pulling, tyre dragging and all types of high impact workouts.

For maximum comfort, excellent traction and performance, the Premium Sprint Track increases functionality as well as minimises the risk of injury during intense training sessions.

Our Premium sprint tracks are available in five popular colours, two sizes and come in 1.3m width rolls.  

Did you Know?

We also supply additional shock absorption underlay for all of our tracks and turf - shop foam underlay here

*Please note this is not a stock item and lead time for delivery is approximately 10-14 working days*


  • Full Sports Markings for versatility
  • High Durability
  • 5 Colours
  • Simple Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Easy Installation


  • CrossFit
  • Sprinting/Speed Training
  • Agility
  • Tyre/Sled Pulling
  • Circuit & Interval Training 


Product Details

Dimensions: 10.400 x 1330mm/15.400x 1330mm

Pile Material:  100% Polyethylene

Sizes: 10.4m or 15.4m

Colours: Green, Black, Red, Blue, Grey 

DTEX: 5.500 DTex (±5%)

Manufacturing Method:  Tufted

Backing:  Polypropylene (reinforced backing with fleece)

UV-Stability:  1.000 KLY

Warranty: 2 Years

Technical Specification

Pile Height:  15 mm (±5%)

Pile Weight:  1.850gr/m² (±10%)

Total Weight:  ± 2.665 gr/m2 (±10%)

Gauge:  1/7”

Stitches (m2):  81.900 m² (±10%)


Composition:  Polyurethane

Type:  Scraper application


Can be glued down or stuck with double sided tape



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