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Why a Lifting Platform Will Make you an Athlete

Why a Lifting Platform Will Make you an Athlete

Michael Geraghty |

Olympic weight training is not just about strength. There is a lot more involved in the perfect lift that's worth our attention. In this blog we look at how weightlifting platforms can enhance your lifting performance, the many benefits of weightlifting flooring and how a platform can elevate your lifting status from beginner to skilled lifter.

What is Olympic Weight Training?

Olympic lifts are performed using heavier weight plates and an Olympic barbell. It is a popular CrossFit activity as well as for seasoned weightlifters and professional powerlifters. Precision, skill and attention to positioning, footwork and handwork are all part of achieving a good technique.


How do Lifting Platforms Work?

A lifting platform is a rectangular base for performing heavy loaded barbell lifts. It is usually made up of three sections, a middle wood section to stand on and 2 side sections in a heavy duty rubber for resting your weights. This layout makes it easier for lifters to measure their stance against the barbell and adopt the best positioning for taking their lift.

What are the Plus Points of Lifting Platforms?

There are a ton of benefits in investing in a lifting platform in your home gym or commercial studio. Not only do they create a safer space for deadlifts but they are a key piece of kit to master your lifting form and optimise your performance. Let's look at these in more detail.

Increased Safety

With a dedicated area for lifting, a platform carves out the exact space you need for performing lifts to the best of your ability. Free from obstructions and distractions, it allows you to carry out deadlifts in a much safer environment without the risk of accidents. Furthermore, the slip resistant surface and shock absorbent rubber pads minimise slips and falls as well as absorbing impact which could cause injury and discomfort. A lifting platform helps to protect your body as well as safeguarding against damage. With greater piece of mind in terms of safety, a lifter is able to channel all their attention to their performance without distraction.


Sound Reduction

A lifting platform is designed to mimimise noise and vibration from weight drops. This helps to reduce disruption to others if you train in an upper ground space or have neighbours or other gym users in the same viscinity. It also helps with concentration and focus when practicing your movements and polishing up your technique.

Ultra Durable & Low Maintenance

Made from hardwearing steel with heavy duty rubber padding and robust timber, a lifting platform is a tough piece of equipment that will last for years. It is simple to look after, easy to clean and is virtually maintenance-free.

Enhanced Performance

You don't have to google 'weightlifting form' to know that positioning and grip are key in perfecting your lifting technique. A lifting platform creates a solid and level foundation for achieving the correct stance and measuring accuracy in your footwork and hands. Platforms are specially designed to create the exact placement for optimal weightlifting.


Reduces Damage to Gym Equipment & Floor

Gym equipment like weight plates, bumpers and barbells can become cracked and damaged with repetitive impact on hard surfaces like concrete. Likewise, concrete flooring or wood flooring can easily become damaged with excessive weight dropping. Using a platform or extra thick rubber flooring adds an extra layer of protection from hard and heavy impact.

Ideal Surface for a Gym Rig

The perfect layout for a weightlifting gym usually includes a power rack or squat rack for barbells. Racks should be bolted to the floor for maximum stability, however some people may not wish to screw through their existing flooring. A lifting platform allows you to set up your rack permanently by securing it onto the platform base for support.

Adds Flair to your Gym

Adding a durable platform solution to your gym space instantly adds aesthetic appeal and character. It looks professional and sleek and can be customised with adding your own brand or club colours to give it a personalised finish.


Boosts Motivation

When you have a dedicated work station to perform lifts it can elevate your motivation to progress to the next level. Having a commited area to refine your technique can only enhance your workout experience and in turn take your skill level up a notch.

Final Thoughts

Olympic lifting flooring platforms instantly upgrade your barbell workout experience. They offer huge benefits from increased safety and minimised injury risk to the opportunity to fine tune your lifting technique and become an advanced lifter. If you're serious about Olympic lifting, we would highly recommend a weightlifting platform for optimising your overall performance while creating a safe and productive environment to practice and hone your skills.

The UK market has a number of platform options with competitive prices, different designs and setup options available. When you choose to purchase a platform, you don't just pay for a premium workout station that will elevate your lifting performance, you also invest in greater safety and optimal comfort for years of supported training.